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Suites are very popular this year, both men, women, and children can match the shape you want. The four little flowers in the entertainment industry have changed the session after the end, and Xiao Song Jia no longer “small”, and after the age of 40, it seems that the state is even better. Three -piece suit wearing a gray suit will not only look dull and monotonous, but also wear a full sense of high -level and deduct. With simple jewelry and clean makeup, the eyes are sharp and domineering.

Because there was a senior in the entertainment industry, the same name was Song Jia, so most media called her “Xiao Song Jia” in order to distinguish the two. Song Jia graduated from the Department of Performance of the Shanghai Academy of Drama, and made his debut on the screen with the 2006 movie “Curiosity Killing Cat”. It was well known to the audience with a CCTV’s year’s opening drama “Breakthrough”.


Later, after winning the Best Actress Actor of the TV Series and White Magnolia, it can be said to be a Grand Slam. Later, “Lu Yan Zhi Zhi Li”, “The Great Industry of the Army”, “The Clouds of Rain in the Wind” or “My and My Motherland” and other movie works, Song Jia’s performance in it was very good.

By the way, Song Jia is still a famous singer.

In 2019, he also sang “Sky Star” with Rap singer Tizzy T.

Of course, there are various singles and EPs she had produced by herself, and in February this year, she sang the theme of the literary and artistic anti -epidemic theme MV “Finding Love Will Win”.


In a group of photos released by Song Jia’s studio, it can be seen that the 40 -year -old Song Jia was very good. The three -piece suit of gray suit was full of explicitity, and his eyes were sharp and domineering. The strength of such excellent works is very low -key in other aspects except the acting. In fact, Song Jia has become more and more mature in recent years. Not only does it pay more attention to his temperament, but he can also maintain a very good figure management and state.


Xiaobian found some Song Jia’s dressing styles. Today, let’s take a look at the highlights of Song Jia’s wear.

Suites are very popular this year, both men, women, and children can match the shape you want. With a variety of different styles of inside or single items, you will wear different feelings. Song Jia chose a dark gray suit shorts. The design of the shoulder position was very fluffy, making the whole person look very upright.


I chose a apricot shirt stacked in an orange inside. The apricot color and orange match made the shape very layered. Stepping on a pair of small white shoes with coffee socks, the main color of the overall shape is gray and black brown. The bright place is very grabbing, the overall is very personal and good.

Comb the hair into an adult, clean and neat.

Or this skirt and black suit jacket, sexy and intellectual, who said that women after 40 are not sexy? The design of deep V -neck with lace is very sexy and shows graceful figure. Irregular skirts and high splits make a pair of long legs perfectly displayed.

With a black suit jacket, adding some intellectual temperament in addition to sexy, making this set of styles feel more rich, and it will not fall into the vulgar set. Stepping on the diamond cross -binding black high heels, thin and tall, luxurious and low -key.


The 40 -year -old Song Jia’s figure management is still very strict, and the graceful figure of the front and back of the ups and downs is sexy. It can be seen that the complexion is very rosy.


And private clothes are very small women, it is difficult to see that she is 40 years old. Song Jia’s top is wearing a green bubble sleeve printed T -shirt, with a high -cut denim skirt, and a black thick -soled high -heeled shoes, full of fashion. The bubble sleeves can have a good effect of covering the meat, and the design of the middle sleeve is not afraid of the arms line.

The waist part of this skirt is very good, showing the slenderness of the waist well, and the high split is very sexy. Black high heel shoes are different from ordinary, and choose thick bottoms. Most of the thick -bottomed high heels are wearing models such as models, but the daily thick bottom + thick heel combination can be high and fashionable, so more and more people start choosing.

Young girls may not like thick -bottomed high -heeled shoes. At this time, you can consider choosing a thick -bottomed Martin boots with a half skirt, which not only achieves an increased effect. It is also very fashionable. Martin boots are also four this year.


One of the items of the fire.

Song Jia’s smile looks like the eldest girl of Fang Ling 18, who is next to her, is likely.


And this afternoon, starring Song Jia, the sister of “Little Happy”, starred in Song Jia, who is looking forward to what kind of sparks of Song Jia, Wu Dawei, Jiang Xin and Li Jiahang can collide.

After reading Song Jia’s shape, let’s look forward to what surprises can “Xiaolong” and Song Jia can give us.

Pay attention to me and take you to enjoy different beauty.