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As the weather gradually warmed, unknowingly we were getting closer to the rainy season.

Whenever the rainy season, we walk on the street with an umbrella, people coming and going, some of them are in a hurry, and some of them are slow. People in the rain seem to be amplified.


Speaking of this umbrella, there are many styles of style on the market now. Xiaobian belongs to patients who choose a phobia. It is also a big deal to choose an umbrella.


Every time I watched Japanese dramas or on the streets of Japan, Xiaobian found that most Japanese people like to use transparent umbrellas.

In Japan’s transparent umbrella, the first thing to talk about is a company that specializes in making rain gear, called ホ

ワ イ ト ロ ー ロ

In fact

White Rose


That is the meaning of white roses.

White rose, this name is really emotional. Although the company’s name is foreign, a company with a long history was founded in 1721 and became a special rainware company in 1825.


Of course, this is also a family business.

The company created the world’s first transparent umbrella in 1955.

Transparent, milky white.

It looks crystal clear, and there is never such a strange umbrella in the world.

The luck is also very good. This umbrella that depends on “selling the face” has no special features, and can always attract the attention of others as soon as possible.

Later, white roses transformed the transparent umbrella, not only a variety of colors, but also printed patterns and patterns on plastic.

These different styles are becoming popular in Ginza.

Ginza is the popularity of Japan’s popularity. Many happy products start from Ginza.

Therefore, the popularity of transparent umbrellas caught the eyes of the media at once, and began to report that “Ginza’s popular transparent umbrella” was so good! Intersection

Suddenly, the transparent umbrella suddenly became a popular vane, and there were countless transparent umbrella producers in Japan.

Of course, at this time, the transparent umbrella has also been popularized to Japan.

The transparent umbrella is really a pretty strange thing in Japanese society.

The streets and alleys are sold. It is very convenient to buy an emergency at any time when it rains. The price is generally 500 to 600 yen (RMB 30). Compared with 3,000 and 4,000 yen (more than 200 yuan) in the mall, it starts. Ordinary umbrellas are much cheap.

Xiaobian remembers that on the streets of rainy days, there will also be small merchants who sell a lot of transparent umbrellas to passers -by for emergency. The price is 10 ~ 15 yuan.

Well, Xiaobian doesn’t entangle what kind of umbrellas to buy. Buy transparent economic benefits, or use clothes, haha.