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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

At this time last year, I was also very anxious, because it was said that there was no degree certificate (as if it was deceiving), and I did n’t study well.

Diction didn’t know what to say at the time of the exam, and I was tired when I read it after reading it … I thought about it next time I came again, I just do n’t leave blank. Smile.


Later, the results were surprised, and it was good to have a good lazy worm like me.


Now a year has passed, and there is no impression of the four, because it has passed. In fact, there is no gold content in the four certificates, and it is the eight!

But here is a little suggestion for students who need it.

Listening, you must listen seriously during class. The teacher should do some special training for CET4. Less than a month before the exam, what VOA is listening, BBC should be useless, listen to the model test.

Vocabulary, when you see English words very helpless, there is no choice and Close. Last year, I started the reform. There were not so many or difficult to choose the grammatical grammar alone. Now they pay more attention to words, but the common professional terms about grammar still have to be memorized. Recent synonyms in the vocabulary are really stupid, and seven points rely on hard work!


Reading, the three articles are different, and the questions and answers are added. One or two of the five questions and answers are difficult, but don’t leave empty or more than ten words. When you start to read an article, don’t think about other things, focus on attention! The length of the article is scanning first, and then skimming, look at the question to find the answer … brush the question!


Composition, find a tall sentence before the test (too common to do not need it). If you want to use some sentences that look at it, but not sure, then don’t write it, keep the bottom correctly. Words are also very important, impressive, smile!

In fact, people who are facing a test are the same, and they are worried if they have no bottom,

But our concerns should be in our hearts, what we have to do is to formulate a feasible plan and complete it!