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At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, it is a good day for marriage, and for women, wearing white and beautiful wedding dresses is a beautiful dream. In addition to getting married and wearing a wedding dress, toasting is also very important. So, what dress is good and convenient when the bride wore when toasting? Next, I recommend a few models for you, I hope to bring you a reference ~

Marriage is very sweet, wearing a white wedding dress, walking into the hall with his own love. On the day of marriage, of course, toasting, the bride will change the dress again. The bride when you are toast wearing high heels, walking in a lot of people, and still reaching out to get red envelopes and wine glasses, so when you are toasting, the dress is preferably convenient and beautiful, otherwise you can easily step on the dress, or others accidentally step on it. arrive.

So, next, I will introduce a few fried chicken -looking and convenient bride toasting dresses ~

——Fat fat, fat girl bride toasting dress

【1】 Improved version of Chinese Wind Wood and Wan -respects


Today, the bride’s toasting dresses introduced by you are divided into two styles of fat girls and slim girls. You must know that everyone’s figure is fat and thin. Fat fat and fat girl bride, you can choose this elegant Chinese toasting dress. It is absolutely beautiful and convenient to wear. The skirt that does not mop can be so beautiful! Make you the most beautiful bride!

[2] Classical Chinese Wind Woodening Dress


This toasting dress is super classical, it feels like a costume bride suit! The obese bride with her lower body is very suitable for wearing this, covering the defect perfect! On such a festive day of marriage, dresses are generally red. This dress comes toasting, generous, beautiful and convenient. Basically, there is no need to worry about the situation of stepping on.

[3] Wanfing and Wind toasting Dress

The bride’s dress worn when toasting is very comfortable. This is unlikely. It is still troublesome to want beauty. You can only choose the style of not mopping. This red skirt is very graceful and luxurious to wear, and the fat girls will look particularly beautiful when they wear. The no -mop skirt brings great convenience to you in the toasting process. The high waistline looks particularly slender!

——The taller, slim bride toasting dresses


[4] Wrapped slim -fitting dressing dresses


And the slim or tall bride, naturally don’t miss this slim long dress, it will definitely be super focus when wearing it. The wine -red dress is super sexy charm and advanced, plus the shawl design, adding a sense of luxury. The fishtail skirt that is not mopped can also be so good. The short bride can wear high heels, or shorten the length of the dress ~ This kind of toasting dress is super figure. If you have a good figure, you must show up confidently and boldly!

[5] Mi -white lace slim -fitting long -term toasting dress

Although the wedding days are red, they all like red. However, since the wedding dress is white, white represents innocence and beauty, then the toasting dress can also be gentle rice white. This rice -white lace sliman fishtail long dress is super suitable for the bride toast. The right fishtail skirt sketch the perfect curve, showing elegance, and the dress with moderate length brings you more convenience and lightweight.


[6] Mid -sleeved high -waisted long -term slim -fitting dress

This dark red mid -sleeved high -waisted long -standing long -standing toasting dress gives people sexy and generous. Although it is slightly simpler compared to other dresses, the effect of the upper body is perfect and temperament. When the bride is toasting, she should choose this beautiful and convenient dress. Not only can you be greasy and greasy, it will not cause trouble and inconvenience to you! As long as the girl with a slim body is suitable for wearing a dress, the short girls will be more highly temperamental ~

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Women are the most important days on the day of marriage. For such a beautiful day, they must make them beautiful ~ Whether it is a wedding or toasting dress, you must choose the one that suits you best! The six good -looking and convenient toasting dresses introduced above were carefully selected by the editor. I hope everyone likes it ~

Well, this is the content of the bride’s toasting dress today. I hope to bring you a reference. Thank you very much for your reading and your support!