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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Author: fattree

I have been in contact with Aunt Zhang for a while. At first, I did n’t know what was going on to connect an EDC post when I was on the Internet. It looked like a pocket. Look. Then look at the more links below. The online search only knows what EDC is. In fact, what is “Aunt Zhang” has been searched on the Internet for a long time …

Originally, it was for the title “Eight -tier cities …”, “poor single dogs …”, “Ordinary overseas students …”, “Those who are in the right to go to the industry …”, want to console in my heart, after all, we are also first -tier cities in Northwest China. Teacher of regular undergraduate colleges. Who knows that the more you look, the more angry, you are deceiving the audience! I originally thought I was a very tasteful and mood. After reading it, I found that I was the real DS. I used a 70 -dollar wallet for 8 years. You bought a wallet in 3,000. I still remember to see a small staff who had just entered the society. I used a card bag, which was pretty delicate. I also wanted to see 2,000 yuan and vomit blood. I still remember that the EDC written by my brother constantly appeared words such as “affordable” and “cost -effectiveness”.

I also want to write EDC, but I am really embarrassed to put things often. I do n’t have more than 300 yuan except the watch and mobile phone I bought when I get married. It’s shameful …

In addition to changing the watches, I wrote an EDC for this!

I look at a lot of friends to write EDC, and I do n’t know if it ’s true. I carry my notebook, iPad, and Kindle every day. Do you have time to use it at work? It must be driving. Do n’t walk like me? I wrote my back every day. These things, I feel that it is the upper limit of the consumption level of two ordinary college teachers like me like me. Now I use new things every day. What brand of use, after I changed the package, a colleague saw at least 10 times. During a meal, did you change the package? Then, there is nothing and then.

For Aunt Zhang, I hate my hypocrisy. Of course, these things I bought are also carefully selected, and I like it within the scope. Let me give you a reference. Let’s talk about the watch first.

Mido watch Bearlen Sai series automatic mechanical men’s watch m010.408.16.033.20 …

The watch was bought when I got married. It took four or five years. The number, I didn’t care much later. Every time I adjust it a little bit, I can master the time in class.

The zipper wallet and the backpack are newly bought. They are a overseas purchasing agent found by the daughter -in -law. The United States mails it. The wallet is more than 900, the backpack is more than 800, which is much cheaper than the milk tea house. Before looking at Aunt Zhang, I don’t know that there are tens of thousands of wallets, thinking that Pilkan is the world’s top brand. At a glance, I glanced at Burberry’s smoky grid long wallet. cost more than 2,000. He hesitated again and again. Forget it, it was too expensive. Later, my wife said that your situation is this situation. In the next ten years, the top of the top is the grade of Coach, so Coach bought by the bags and wallets picks the relatively cheap styles inside. Later, I learned that these products are called discounts. Tryz and genuine are not a design and production line. Still not getting rid of a discount. Essence Essence Let’s put two links of Jingdong.

Coach men’s brown leather lychee pattern messenger shoulder bag 71723 SAD (F71723 SAD) … Coach men’s dark coffee color PVC long wallet cash clip 75000 mA/br (F75000 mA/br) …

I bought the small wallet when I first worked. It took 70 yuan. It took 8 years. It may be that I have too little opportunity to use my wallet. The protection is still good. The quality is also a bar. Forgive my happy new and hate the old.

The key bag and the car key package were bought on At that time, it was just 100 at the time of 199, and the two were added to 106 yuan. The key bag was still very convenient. Come to install the U disk, the size of the four or five U disks is just right, and it is convenient to pick it up.

Heisenmel horsemen male and female head layer cowhide zipper key bag casual practical kraft coordinating coward bag … BoPAI business key bag men’s leather zipper lock head layer cowhide men’s large capacity car …

This Swiss military knife also looked at Aunt Zhang and bought it. It was small and convenient, and it was a key chain. It was good. In the past, there were two pencil knives in the bag.

Wipe the lens cloth. This thing was given by people when I ate Haidilao. I only know that there is such a thing. It is very convenient. You can wipe your eyes at any time. The second time I eat Haidilao, I call the little girl to get a few more. This time, I bought a large bag to write EDC, 230 pieces and 80 pieces, but this disadvantage is too wet. Essence

[Jingdong Delivery] Yi Meng glasses paper German technology lens cleaning paper wipes the wet towel and wipes the mirror paper one -time …

Lipsticks, the wind and sand in the northwest are big. Every spring and winter lips cracked, and the pain of laughter was painful, so I bought a mint lipstick. After seeing my wife, I contemplated, “I found that I do n’t know more and less. is you…” .

Mentholatum (Mentholatum) mint lip balm 3.5g (sunscreen SPF15 moisturizing hydrating lipstick) …

The headset is the most luxurious thing in my newly purchased things. I used to use my mobile phone with my own headphones. In fact, I am really a music enthusiast. When I was in college, I played folk and electric piano. Corner practice, alas. Full of a cabinet mouth discs and bands, I feel more and more vulgar and impetuous after work. I have less and less time to listen to music. After I know Aunt Zhang, I see the headphones I bought, reinsert my music for music. Love, a ruthless heart, I took off the 12th stage in Now I walk on get off work every day. The noise reduction effect is very good. The key to the sound quality has not heard of good headphones. I think it is already very good.

Bose QuietComfort25 Affordable noise-saving headset-black QC25

Just these things, the newly bought bags can’t be put anymore. Please forgive my hypocrisy and understand the truth I show.