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I have seen the biggest Mongolian wedding in this life, which is very shocking!

“Most of our young people now go to the hotel to get married,

Such a wedding may not be seen in a few years,

Thank you for recording it. “

At the shooting site, a post -80s of Bridge told us.

Inner Mongolia, Hulunbuir grassland,

Bridge, a Mongolian.

A bold Mongolian wedding is ongoing.

A meal, I have been eating until it is dark,

500 guests, killed 1,000 catties of beef mutton and pastries.

The preparation of this wedding banquet takes 2 days,

Relatives at home, far away and close relatives, nearly a hundred people are in the battle together,

Prepare vegetables, slaughter, fried …

This is the groom Ba Yin, the bride’s wooden grid.

The grassland of the wedding banquet is the grassland of the groom’s own!

Such a Mongolian wedding, just like our rural wedding,

First, you need to have a large venue that can be opened at home,

Second, the help of many relatives and friends need to help,

Now, more and more young people of Britt have lived in the city.

There are naturally fewer and fewer weddings on their own grasslands.

Two or three days ago by the wedding,

Relatives ride a motorcycle one after another to help,

The old people want to sew the traditional Mongolian robe worn by the newcomers,

Middle -aged women are responsible for making noodles,

Men are responsible for slaughtering cattle and sheep.

Sewing a robe,

Need 30 sheep sheepskin,

Several skilled old people,

A little bit, sew it for several days.

How many sheep slaughtering are the symbol of wealth of the family,

The family we shot killed 14 sheep and 1 cow,

It belongs to the well -being of the Bridge.

This is what the wedding should look like,

In contrast, the wedding banquet of our 2 hours is just a dinner …

Click the video to watch a shocking Mongolian wedding banquet.

The red part in the figure is the place where we shoot a wedding banquet.

The Bridge came from Russia in the last century,

There are only 8,000 people in China,

Always live on both sides of the Sini River, which has always lived in Hulunbuir Owenk Autonomous Banner.

Hulunbuir City, prefecture -level city under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia,

The area is equivalent to the sum of the two provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu!

On July and August of each year, the water grass is rich and beautiful, and the cattle and sheep are fat.

It is the best time to host grassland weddings.

Before getting married, the bride will be very busy and busy,

To accept the invitation of different relatives,

Go to their Mongolian bags or hotel private rooms, drink tea and eat,

Accept blessings and congratulations.

2 days before the wedding,

The bride will host a farewell to a single ball,

Now I also run in the dance hall in the city,

There is a special director of the Eye.

However, not only the bride’s girlfriend participated,

Relatives and elders come, and the groom also attended,

Singing and dancing, always making trouble until the early morning,

The excitement is no less than the wedding itself.

At the preparation of the wedding banquet,

The work of slaughtering beef and mutton was done by men.

Preparation of meat, starting the afternoon before the wedding,

To ensure that you eat fresh hands on the day of the wedding.

When the Britt people kill the sheep,

Sheep’s head must face north, limbs facing the sky,

Cut a mouth on the chest,

You can reach the hook artery, and the whole process is clean.

Sheep’s head and sheep hoof because of more fur,

Burns with fire first, and then scrape it.

Sheepskin and lamb will be moved into the shed,

There are some people cut the division according to the part, and the code is neat.

Treatment of fine jobs such as launching and enema,

Completed by women.

There are a lot of enema patterns of the Brid

There are blood, intestines, and delicate intestines made.

No internal organs will appear on the banquet table,

The remaining miscellaneous beef and mutton,

Will be made into sun cakes or buns,

As a meal for relatives and men’s guests.

Bone bones and large rows in the evening will be added to the pot,

14 sheep and 1 cow need to be cooked overnight,

Only to keep up with the rhythm of the banquet the next day.

Nomads are very direct to eat meat,

Because cattle and sheep are fat and fresh,

Use only white water to boil without any seasoning,

Hold the meat in your hand, cut a small piece with a knife,

So it is very vividly called handle meat.

For a few days of preparation,

It was finally on the day of the wedding banquet.

Milk tea is a daily drink of Mongolians,

Naturally at the wedding.

The British milk tea looks light compared to other Mongolians,

They like to heat fresh milk directly,

Pour in the brewed brick tea,

You can get out of the pot a few times, not even salt.

In order to ask for a good color, the dishes at the wedding banquet are paired.

There are two staple foods, cold dishes, and hot soup,

The Bridge people have both the traditional Mongolian characteristics,

It is also deeply influenced by Russian culture.

For example, Liba,

It is Russia’s staple bread.

There are also potato salads and grilled chicken rolls,

Crimina, white onion and tomato sauce red vegetable soup.

White food noodles are generally prepared two days in advance,

The female relatives of the groom’s house came to help.

Mainly fried fruits,

It is also an important food in the daily life of Mongolia,

Eat it with milk at any time, and he is very hungry.

Another important traditional food on the wedding banquet -Babao Rice, Babao Rice,

It uses a wild fruit called a stinky plum to make fruit sauce,

Mix with dry milk, Liba, oil cakes, red dates, raisins and other foods,

The meaning of the newlywed life is happy and rich.

Women began to assemble the white food platter,

The handle of the hand is performed by men.

The food is first moved to the wooden board in the center of the venue for easy food.

There will be a huge circular tent two days before the wedding,

Follow the different tables of men and women in traditional banquets,

Also follow the seat arrangement inside the Mongolian bag,

In the middle is a respect,

On the left is the position of the male, and the right is a woman.

Like sheep back, waiting for some good meat,


Back to the girl who came to the wedding in the wedding.

And every guest will be given by the host’s gift,

Most male guests are Hada or towels, and female guests are gauze.

At noon,

Friends and friends are dressed in Mongolian robes to attend the wedding,

The elders present a good blessing to the newcomer,

Singing auspicious songs together.

The bride in the girl’s clothes, the wooden grid (medium),

To complete the traditional installation ceremony in the new house:

The hair combed into two braids,

Put on the black Toyba braid jewelry,

The Mongolian robe was also replaced with a robe with folds and put on the vest,

Complete the transformation from girls to married women.

On the packet -like banquet, the Mongolian bag,

The Britt people drank milk tea happily, eating and handle the meat,

The wedding for about a week, slowly approaching the end,

The happy life belonging to the young couple has just begun …

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