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Legend has it that there is a first love in Louis XIV, and this girl has won the purest love of the Sun King. Not mixed with political considerations, and there is no lust, that is, the love of simple boys and girls. Is it very romantic? Seeing one of Louis XIV who loves one has this “black history”? So today we will tell the story of this first love and her sisters.

Louis XIV

Their cricket is Ma Zharan

Julio Lemonado Masarino was referred to as Confucian Massin, and some translated translations were translated into Mazaran.

He was the successor of the first bishop of Richeli, the Cardinal of Louis XIV, who had assisted the Empress Dowager’s politicians and diplomats in the 14th year of Louis. In the legend, he may have an unspeakable emotion with Anne, Austria’s Austria, and even rumors that they have been married, but today, we have no direct evidence to prove this.

Ma Zharan

Ma Zaran was an Italian. In his early years, he entered the Jesus School of Rome and later entered the University of Madrid to study laws. In his 20s, he participated in the Monfirarto war. During the war, his diplomatic talent was gradually excavated. I have to say that he has revealed his political talent for a long time, first favored the Pope Urban VIII, and then won the favor of Richelie. After leaving Urban VIII, he successfully entered the French politics and became a rising star in the French political circles. The bishop of the Red Clothing brought him to the king Louis XIII. The king was very satisfied with him. After a speech, he promoted him as the bishop of Red.

After Ricai’s death, he not only inherited Ricai’s political assets, but also inherited a large amount of property and became the Cardinal of France.


During the Empress Dowager’s Austrian Annie’s regulation, Ma Zaran continued to help the queen queen consolidate the dominant position. The relationship between the two was very close, and Annie’s attitude towards him was very close, so that there was rumors that he accused him of being the queen mother’s lover and the two broke through the two of them. Ethical norms have been secretly married.

Queen Mother’s Austria’s Annie

I don’t know if this is true, because the feelings of Annie and Louis XIII are really not very good. If there is a man with a good relationship, it is not a bad thing. But this may also be a conspiracy for political opponents. Because this rumor seriously damaged the prestige of the Queen Mother and Ma Zharan. Because of the subsequent casting party movement, the civil strife due to the strong civilian ministers severely weakened the national strength of France, which also caused confusion in French society.

As for his political talents,

Voltais hinted that he was a mediocrity, judging smart and lucky, while Dazhong Ma believed that Ma Zaran was cunning and hypocritical.

The evaluation of later generations does not seem to be so important. He may be greedy for money and incompetence. But a talent who can be seen by the Pope and Richeli will not be bad. In addition, he was another power of the end after Richeli. Before he died, he had always been a high weight in the French politics before his death.

Sister Mancini

As a bishop in red, Ma Zaran couldn’t get married, and naturally there was no marriage child. His sister Girolama Mazaran married into the Roman Mandari family and gave birth to ten children, and one of the five men and five women grew up. After the death of her husband, Girorama took the children to France to rely on his brother. This is a win -win situation, because Ma Zharan is full of body and needs to be accompanied by relatives and friends. On the other hand, the nephew and nephew raised by them can marry with the nobles of France, not only finding a good marriage for them, but also creating a relationship network for themselves.

So the five sisters of Mancini and the daughter of another relative Martinqino were also known as “Mazarinetes. Because these seven sisters are all good -faced and slender Italian beauties, each has exotic exhibition Style, a beautiful landscape was formed in the French court.

Mary Manchini and Heldis Manchini

The most famous of these beauties are the third old Mary Manchini and the fourth Hourdis Mancini.

Mary Manchini is the girl who is known as the true love of Louis XIV, and Heldis Manchini almost married King Charles II

After that, he became the mistress of Fa King and British King. Even her five of her great -granddaughter have been the mistress of Louis XIV, the lovers of Louis XIV.

Beautiful girl Mary’s tragic fate

After the death of his father, Anna Mary Mancini followed her mother Girorama Mazaran to go to Paris to go to Paris to go to Madar Ran Cardinal. Here, her name was turned into “Marie” by French, so everyone called her Mary Manchini.

Mary Manchini

Louis 14 was 4 years old. At the age of 10, he broke out of stone movement. Louis XIV escaped from his mother out of Paris. Five years later, the rebellion ended under the suppression of Prince of the Cousin Da Kong. Louis XIV returned to Paris with her mother, and lived a relatively stable life. Within a few years, he met Mary Manchini, who was going to his uncle. This girl is different from her blonde -eyed pale and delicate French girl. She has black hair and beautiful vitality. In addition, she is also very talented and loves art and literature. Two people talk about the world, and this beautiful girl always has unique insights on each topic. Confidence and elegance, the generous and decent manners fascinated her, so she proposed to her mother to marry Mary as a wife.

Louis II De Bo Bourbon (Prince of Da Kong)

This is definitely a innocent Plato -style love. Louis XIV’s performance was completely different from his romantic rewarding, and constantly looking for stimulus behavior was completely different. Because it is rumored to be a virgin when she married, even her newly married husband couldn’t believe this.

This requirement not only made the queen queen angry, but also did not accept Ma Zaran. Because at this time the state chaos was just over, the Prince Louis II, Prince Louis II, who made a huge contribution in civil strife did not like Ma Zharan. If you are proposed to get Louis XIV with his niece, it is likely that the Prince of the Dacong will think that Ma Zharan will control the government in all, and the country will not be able to get the country again. Therefore, although Louis XIV is the golden turtle in the golden turtle, Ma Zaran does not want to take the danger.

This relationship ended with Mary’s return to Italy. Louis XIV obeyed his mother and the godfather and married his Spanish cousin Maria Teresa as his wife. Mary Manchini was married to the Italian noble Lorenzo Ornfurio Cologne.

Although Mary is a big beauty, the goddess of fate does not seem to favors her. After birth with her husband’s third son Carlo, the relationship between Mary and her husband gradually deteriorated. Another saying is that the Lorraine Cavaliers were exiled to Rome and had a close dense with this beautiful lady, causing her husband to be mad.

Lorrine Knight

In 1672, Maria left Rome accompanied by her sister Heldis Manchini because she was worried about her husband. Five years later, in order to support herself, Maria began to write memoirs to maintain her livelihood. It wasn’t until her husband died that she returned to Italy and was finally buried in the Church of the Bisheng Tomb.

Holtart, the younger sister of fate

We said that the sisters of Mancini are all beautiful, and my sister fascinated the French King Louis XIV, and her sister Holtan also fascinated another king, that is, King Charles II.

Holtan Sikini

Of course, at this time he was not called Charlie II. His father Charlie I was chopped by Cromwell. The poor prince was forced to exile abroad. He has been in exile in European countries for 8 years. The beautiful girl, named Heldesic Mancini. At this time, Charlie II, as Louis XIV’s cousin, was living in the French court with her sister Henry Eita Anne Stuart. The year of Hultti was stunned and beautiful. After the two lived each other, Charlie II went to Ma Zharan, but did not expect Ma Zharan to think again and again, and rejected him.

Charles II

Ma Zaran is a savvy politician. What he thinks is nothing more than the maximum political interest, so a poor relative of exile overseas? Forget it, Charles II seems not to be worth investing.

As a result, a few months later, Charlie II was returned to England by the British Parliament. Eventually, at the age of 30, he ascended to the throne in Westminster’s Cathedral.

At this time, even if Ma Zha regretted it, it was useless. He chose an extremely rich niece. When he was 15 years old, he married the officer Almand Charlie De La Potter Deed. ยท La Meyerre. The marriage with Hustus gave him the duke’s title and entered the noble class in one fell swoop.

Almand Charlie De La Potter De La Meyerre

If so, it is not a tragedy. Unfortunately, after Mazaran’s death, Almand showed his jealousy face. He is a man with a strong desire to control. Because of the beauty of Holtin, he is always worried that his wife is looking for a lover with him, so he forced her to pray, move away from Paris to the countryside, and then forcibly put his wife’s dowry income In their own pockets … 5 years of marriage, they have had three daughters and one son, but Alman’s suspicion has never diminished, and even began to abuse his wife in spirit.

Duke Hede

During the 5 years of marriage, they had three daughters and one son. However, after two years of birth, Holtin finally couldn’t continue to endure Alman’s abuse and left the son and daughter to run away. With the help of his brother Philip, he fled to Rome, and Heldis received her sister Mary (the first love of Louis XIV).

Unfortunately, the relationship between sister Mary and her husband was unhappy. The two left Rome, and their livelihoods became difficult. As a result, under the persuasion of the Ambassador to France in France, Holtan became a mistress of Charles II.

Holtan Schikini, Jacob Fernando Fort 1675 paintings

From his heart to the “Italian slut” that everyone was abused, Heldri was difficult. She wandered in various countries, from the wealthy flowers of the palace, fell to the king’s mistress. The woman on the sharp heart of Charles II becomes a lover who can be replaced at any time.

Holtin Schiqini, Jacob Fernando Fort paintings

Hultti, her sister Mary Manchini and the legendary female “Matgoge” are the earliest women in French history. The marriage between Queen Marga and Henry IV was a tragedy, and the sisters of Mancini were abused by her husband. These beauties prematurely withered, making the world so lonely.

In 1699, Holtin died, and there were rumors that she committed suicide. When she was alive, she had asked divorce countless times, but her lunatic husband had never agreed, even if she died, she would occupy the name of her husband. After her death, her husband Almeng was even more mad. He put Hust’s body in the carriage and traveled to France with him. After being criticized, he eventually buried her beside the tomb of Mada Ma Zharan.

If Hustein has a spirit in heaven, I don’t know if she should thank her biggest protection of God Ma Zharan, or want to stay away from this relative who causes her unfortunate fate.

Destiny will always push the beauty in different directions, and most of the time will not be involved. Beauty is not a weapon for customs clearance. Perhaps personality and ability can change a person’s destiny. Catherine Detiqi laughed at the end with a forbearance. After her husband died, it became a thorn in the hearts of the French. Woman Yekaterina II simply killed a bloody road in the Russian Palace, ascending the throne as the emperor … But more beauties, they are duckweed. As the water waves flutter, they are unreliable. Follow the waves.

Ma Zharan

Sister Mancini

Mary Manchini

Mary Manchini

Holtan Sikini