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The cool autumn is most suitable for playing. The CP of “Skirt+Pants” here has not yet faded up. The combination of “skirt+skirt” is strong. The good -looking way to wear really attracted a lot of fashion love beans.

I do n’t believe you, the recent female star activity photos basically use this dressing. Reba uses a shirt skirt with a denim skirt to simply unlock the buttons under the skirt to expose the shirt skirt. The sense of fashion has soared instantly.

Reba’s fellow Naza has also fell in love with this dress recently. The floral chiffon dress with a suspender dress with a skirt with a romantic and eye -catching vacation atmosphere, literary and fashionable.

Lin Zhiling also started Follow’s trend. Made Gold strapd denim jackets with white letters T -shirts, and denim skirts with light tulle skirts, which made this neutral shape more charming instantly.

Do you know what is “stacking”? Kangkang Tongyao’s interpretation, a white shirt inside the striped shirt skirt, and the A -line skirt outside the shirt skirt, it looks very complicated, but it is actually very layered. The key is that she is beautiful and thin. It is not bloated, but the temperament is highlighted.

Speaking of which, this way of wearing is not only the popularity of people, but even the fashion week has a variety of skirts to wear skirts. The most common is the skirts of shirts and skirts. JUUN J uses white long shirt skirts. Wearing a striped slit skirt, the cool and handsome neutral shape combines the aesthetics of the slit skirt, it should be one of the most wearing wearing in early autumn.

When Burberry combined the shirt skirt and lace perspective skirt, the mother MAN balanced.

There is also a long T -shirt skirt+half skirt look. It is carried forward on the show of Michael Kors, looks more practical, and has a sense of elegance.

However, because of the unconventional matching of skirts+skirts, many girls paper, especially pear -shaped and apple -shaped figures, should be resisted at first glance, right? After all, it may highlight the body BUG alone. Isn’t it more bloated by stacking?

Do n’t worry, do you find the effect of the two groups of comparison in the following groups of Kangkang, and have the effect of stacking skirts in skirts. It looks better than wearing it, and the imagination of fatter and bloated does not appear, but the proportion is better.

So, this is the magic of skirts+skirts. Not only is it actually wearing but also suitable for daily life, you can wear the ideal effect of 1+1> 2. Then, the girls may still ask, what is the skirt, how to wear a skirt with a fashionable beauty? Miss Lin summarizes several ways to match, which will definitely make you beautiful and fashionable!

Look1: shirt skirt+slit skirt

Sometimes it is the most time -saving and convenient to copy the catwalk. You do n’t need to adjust any details. As long as the two items are cut enough, the texture is clean enough, there is no complicated and fancy design, and the solid shirt skirt is matched with matching. The elegant sexy slit skirt is very suitable for our daily travel casual style.

It is recommended to unbutton the buttons of the inner shirt skirt and double -layer slit, which creates the sexy of Double.

You can also use different colors and different materials to create a sense of hierarchy. Visually “stitching” is a very advanced method of wearing.

Of course, there is no need to start with a slit skirt. Everyone’s closure skirt is available in the wardrobe, unbutton the buttons under the denim skirt, expose the inner shirt skirt, and create a sense of layering. Yixin wear is also good -looking.

Xu Jiaying with a slightly fat body chose the middle and long models, covering the calf slightly, and the original skirt+skirt can also hide meat.

And there is no restriction on age, and a 40+ sister like Yan Ni is also very eye -catching, and the goddess Fan is full.

Look2: shirt skirt+leather skirt

The stacking effect of shirt skirts and leather skirts shows a soft and accumulated mixing Feel, and if it is properly matched, this method is very practical. The office workers look very capable in daily wear. Fashionable, and because of the MIX of different materials, the mixing and matching layers are stronger. Pay attention to the leather skirt than a short -shirt skirt.

The same color look is tall and thin, and the girl with a low child can try to wear a shirt skirt with the same color and leather skirt. The tide Faner’s high -end OL dress is done.

It is more advanced, like Chai Biyun, choose irregular leather skirts, with shirts to increase handsome and avant -garde, blue and white contrasting color is also very fresh.

If you want to be more distinctive, you can also play some tricks on the shirt skirt. Like Zhang Liangying, choose the length of the ankle, unlock the buttons, and the scattered skirts and slim leather skirts form a contrast. Fashionable atmosphere.

LOOK3: Dress+gauze skirt

The hottest this season is of course the fairy and beautiful yarn skirt, but it is easy to make life tired, and the perspective design of the gauze skirt will make the slightly conservative sister paper embarrassing. What should I do?

Simple! Inside a dress with different materials, maybe wearing no highlights, but a thin and thin see -through gauze skirt is completely different. The light texture and vertical sense brought the sense of layering in minutes. The whole shape is alive. After, you can double the risk of romance and avoid the risk of lighting. You can choose a tulle skirt first in the initial stage, which not only eliminates the problem that needs to be referred to the waistline. The special design is also excellent.

Like Sun Yi and Jessica Alba, they chose to play with a blue -and -white vertical striped shirt skirt with a see -through gauze skirt, which made a new height.

With a stronger sister paper, try the combination of dresses and sling skirts. Both the color matching and jumping color make the shape more three -dimensional. Rich levels.

The higher level is the opposite, using the sloppy skirt as the outside, and the inside chooses an ordinary skirt. The perspective of the yarn skirt creates a sense of layering. It is simple and eye -catching, but it is also very daily.

Even Zhang Ziyi attended the event with this style, and the effect of thin whitening was full of points! A layer of yarn is put on the common dress to add a lot to the immortal value.

You can even use your imagination to stack the two tulle dresses together, which is extremely beautiful!


Dress+super short skirt

Outside the dress, a mini skirt is very suitable for girls with strong skills. The mini skirt easily moves the waistline while outlines the A4 small waist. Who will not love such a thin and high match?

Yang Zi wore a shirt skirt and a high -waist -side denim skirt, and stacked with a black skirt as a waist seal. This tide from Unravel was full of youthful vitality.

Qi Wei wore a T -shirt skirt, and a denim beam was also added to her waist, which not only pulled the waist and made the shape exquisite, avoiding the “bucket” lighting area.

For this kind of combination, it is recommended to distinguish the best color parts from the inside, which can achieve a multi -layered effect. Tough temperament.

LOOK5: Long half skirt+short skirt

Baltic skirt+skirt can also collide with different fashionable sparks. Like Yang Mi wearing denim skirts outside Xianxian’s white gauze skirt, although many people can’t understand, denim skirts are still worn upside down, but it is just wearing it. There is a personality that can remember at a glance.

Tan Songyun is much simpler. The denim skirt and lace gauze skirt are stacked, and the playful and sweet youthful and beautiful.

Want to avoid monotonous and casual white shirt with a half skirt? The trick of fashionable people is that a short skirt outside makes the elegant style become a street personality.

Don’t want to be so complicated, don’t have more than three colors. The sweater with green bubble sleeves is paired with a pleated skirt, and the white skirt is decorated as a waist seal. The pointed shoes on the feet echo.

Of course, if you are very good at matching, you can arrange various colors as “well -organized” like the master below. I believe that the dress+skirt will not be able to put you!

The boom of the skirts has passed, and hurry up and welcome the skirt CP!