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Gezan: These lessons and lessons tell you that the traction rope must bring

It took 7 days to spend 7 days on the night of the West Third Ring Road (around Kunming Road) on the over 7 o’clock night (around Kunming Road)


Essence If you walk on the bridge, you ca n’t go up and down. The traversed cars are rolled to death. There is a gray -black transmission with the neck ring on the neck of the cat. Looking forward to the owner of the pet, tie the dog tightly,


After the loss, all kinds of risks are likely to be produced at any time. In addition, I also look forward to cat slaves as soon as possible

Pet dog

Bring back.

Let’s talk about it today [


Things of traction rope], the specific content includes:

Necessity of traction band

How to choose a traction band

1. The necessity of traction band

Most cat slaves will have this kind of psychological state when walking cats and dogs:

Puppy knows the community environment, it is not easy to lose

It’s not long, not far away, it’s okay

Many people do not tie the rope or have never seen something wrong

The puppy is obedient, and it is not easy to bite people randomly

Therefore, cat slaves do not like to traction bands for cats because of their laziness and psychological state in their mobility. But I do n’t know that the owner ’s laziness will cause the puppy to lose, sick, disabled, and even lose their lives for a minute. And the dog owner’s family has to spend a lot of vitality, time, and money to fill it. The first paralysis may usually lead to the pain and adverse effects that cannot be retained.

1. Avoid the puppy away

One of the most important effects of the traction belt is to be able to manipulate puppy anytime, anywhere to avoid losing the cats. In particular, there are more people in areas where there are more people or sparse areas. This kind of situation is more likely to occur. Many dog ​​owners are likely to take a puppy to go to the wild because of the good weather. Under such conditions, it is very likely that cat slaves have not noticed that they are chatting with others, because there are countless cases of negligence that make dogs lose, and they can not find it. There is no religious situation.

2. Avoid accidents

Gua Ma had seen a puppy before being hit by a battery car that he did not cure his death after being injured. It is because the cat slave did not pull the cat’s traction belt, and the puppy was too excited to rush forward when going out. As a result, the battery car was injured by the battery car. Although he was immediately taken to the hospital clinic, he died in the end. The news report I saw today is also. If the puppy is used to live a traction belt to reduce and prevent this kind of unfortunate occurrence.

3. Maintain the safety of others

In some cases, the cats are likely to feel that other puppies have infringed their land because they feel that they like the same little bitch and other bite. For a moment, I was anxious, and there were some people who blamed others. In this case, the pet dog was immediately opened, and it was immediately avoided by people who could hurt other people.

4. Avoid killing and killing each other in the middle

Walking cats and dogs in the same residential community, many owners’ homes and puppies understand each other. The puppies that they know with each other are very easy to get in touch with fun, but once new residents are moved in, some rusty little small little small little small small small small small small small small little small little small little small little small small small little small small little small small little small small little small small little small little small little small little small little small little small little small small little small small little small small little small small little small small little small small little small small little small small little small little small little small small little small little small little small little small small little small little small little small little small little small little small little small small little small little small little Dogs, there will be a very likely to arouse the puppy’s land concept, which is very easy to cause puppy’s competition, tearing, fighting and fighting. If the cat slaves are tied to a traction belt for the cats, they can manipulate the dog’s personal behavior reasonably and reduce the emergence of such things.

5. Avoid pollution and swallow poisoning by mistake

The cats always like to run into the grass. Although the property management sprays and spray insects on time, although it is low toxic, it is generally not very harmful to the puppy for small ants, bugs, and mosquitoes. It is also the probability of poisoning.

Many puppies love to roll and run crazy. It is very easy to stick to grass, dust, other puppy feces, and even feel cracked heads and skin diseases. If the puppy touches other cats who have infected diseases, it will be very easy to pollute each other, and it will even seriously endanger life.

Frequent consumer medicines are often placed in the small area, and the traction band can reasonably avoid the dog’s erroneous food. Prevent the results that cannot be made up after taking mouse medicine.

2. How to choose the exclusive traction belt of the cat

Cat slaves can be classified according to the application of traction bands to better screen out the traction band suitable for their dogs!

Circular ring: Generally, the neck circle traction zone planning is stronger, targeting China

Large dog

Under a large number of cases, choosing the neck circle, the tightening of the neck circle can cause the puppy’s neck to bend, and it can manipulate the cats very reasonably.

Chest straps: Little dogs generally choose a back -to -back traction band, so that the puppy’s exclusion will be smaller, and a stronger maintenance for puppies will also have stronger maintenance.

Elastic traction band: Smaller dogs can choose a detachable traction band, and can manipulate the length of the traction band according to the button on the hand. It can not only give the puppy a certain theme activity indoor space, but also manipulate the puppy action category very well.

Want to be safe and healthy? Direction band, don’t forget!

For cat slaves, it is likely that the traction zone is likely to consider the uncertainty of the previous idea. But for the cat, it is likely to be losing or safety. Therefore, everyone must remember to tie a traction band for pet dogs when they go out! In addition, some puppies are likely to be more resistant to traction bands. Cat slaves must adhere to the bottom line. They do not have to make up for the result of the unhappy of the cat!

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