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After the age of 40, if there is no shortage of money, buy these 4 jewelry is almost the same, fashionable and advanced

Some friends asked me some time ago to share the jewelry, do not always share wearing, so in this article to meet everyone’s needs and introduce the popular jewelry this year.

Especially for 40 -year -old women, you can start these 4 models for yourself. The advantage of each one is obvious. The key is to look at the versatile.

First: How to choose the right jewelry for yourself?

① Look at the skin color

Due to the material and workmanship, the color is also different, so when we choose, we must choose the appropriate accessories according to our own skin.

For women with white skin, most of you are more suitable for gold, light golden or rose golden colors. These colors can enhance your complexion, and superimposed with your own white skin, it will also look more cold.

If you are yellow skin or dark yellow skin, then your skin’s gloss may be a little bit, and it will feel dull

In the plain state, it is more suitable for rendering your skin tone with platinum or silver jewelry to avoid matching accessories that are close to the complexion. For example, gold may easily cause the skin’s dullness to expose, and it will make the accessories look less prominent.

② Look at the face shape

How to choose the right accessories based on your face shape? First of all, what kind of personal face shape belongs to? If you are an awl face,

Then you should avoid jewelry near the face, like that short necklace is not suitable for you, it is easy to cause the upper half face to look inconsistent.

If you are a goose egg face, then you are a standard face shape. This face shape can be said to be able to control any accessories. As long as it matches your own temperament, you will not step on the mine.

Female friends with round faces are suitable for wearing some accessories with contour or three -dimensional sense, which is not suitable for accessories near the face.

For example, short necklaces or thick necklaces and earrings need to be avoided, otherwise it is easy to expose your fleshy face.

Women with square faces need to avoid straight lines. Whether it is earrings, hats, or necklaces, try to avoid too wired styles. You can wear soft arc necklaces of lines.

③ Look at the height

Selecting jewelry according to height is also part of everyone needs to understand. Most of the tall women’s controlled jewelry has a strong sense of weight.

When a petite woman chooses accessories, it should be exquisite and small. If the jewelry is too exaggerated or too design, it may look very heavy, and it is difficult to control.

Second: What jewelry is popular this year?

01. Metal necklace

This year’s fashion circle is very popular in metal necklaces. The material of the metal looks very high -level, and this metal is also a symbol of expensive sense.

Most young girls will look old -fashioned because they wear gold jewelry, but for mature women, it is an excellent artifact that highlights the good temperament.

In autumn and winter, you can wear exaggerated metal necklaces, and in spring and summer, you can choose a delicate and small necklace, which will look more delicate.

02. Pearl brain

In addition, everyone needs to wear pearl necklaces. The pearl is full of noble sense, and it gives a sense of pure and flawless. When choosing pearls

Pay attention to its luster must be strong enough, and pay attention to its shape must be round and full.

And for mature women, the pearl necklace can indeed have the effect of icing on the cake. On the one hand, it is not picky.

On the other hand, we can help us create a retro charm, which will not be old -fashioned, but there will be no suspicion of being tender.

When selecting the necklace, everyone should pay attention to the size of the pearl. Generally speaking, the daily mix is ​​mainly as small as small pearls.

The little pearls will look more refined, and the large pearls are more exaggerated.

More suitable for participating in important activities or attending some banquets.

03. Diamond earrings

As the saying goes, the diamonds are long -lasting, and one will spread forever,

Diamonds are really synonymous with expensiveness. They are full of noble sense. Everyone can choose the earrings of diamonds to show a sense of delicateness and high -level.

Diamond earrings are very high -level and full of exquisite daily matching. Compared with other accessories, it is more temperamental, and mature women can highlight your elegant and charming temperament after wearing it.

04. Emerald accessories

Emerald’s jewelry is definitely necessary for mature women, and it is also exclusive to mature women. Young girls are not enough because of their temperament or precipitation.

Therefore, controlling these accessories is a bit contrary to, but for older women, jadeite is indeed worth starting.

When choosing emerald accessories,

Be sure to pay attention to its color. Really good emerald. It must be very translucent, so it will be fair skin on the body, which will make you a well -deserved focus.

However, the emerald jewelry is relatively stable. You should not wear too casual daily matching. If you want to create an elegant sense, you can match the jadeite accessories when wearing a suit or dress.

Third: avoid these misunderstandings when choosing jewelry

Tips1, jewelry is not more exaggerated, the better, minimalist talent is advanced

Many people have some misunderstandings about choosing jewelry, especially some middle -aged women, they will feel that personal charm is not outstanding enough,

When choosing a jewelry, the more exaggerated the better, but this will only cause our own temperament to be pulled down. Choosing jewelry is not the more complicated, the more exaggerated, the more you can reflect the sense of fashion

On the contrary, we should try more classic basic models in usual.

TIPS2, avoid style against style, try to uniformly wear as much as possible


Note that the jewelry we match and our wear style must be unified. Many people wear cute but matching jewelry.

This will definitely not work, so you must echo the color or style on the jewelry when you match it.

If you do n’t lack money, you can start the jewelry introduced above this year. Whether it is daily matching or dating to go to work, we all need the blessing of accessories to reflect the sense of exquisiteness. Ordinary women can also refer to the blogger’s demonstration. If you want to become beautiful, you can Continue to follow us and take you advanced as a goddess!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Fashion jewelry, hope it can help you.