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One week’s international picture news essence (2018.2.26-3.4)

On February 28, local time, Britain ushered in strong snowfall, and the Royal Cavalry patrolled snow in London. Recently, due to the cold air from Siberia, Britain ushered in “the coldest week in the past five years”, and some areas have suffered snowfall attacks, and travel transportation has been affected.

On February 25, local time, the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was held.

On February 25th, the 32nd Robo-ONE two-footed robot confrontation championship was held in Tokyo, Japan. During the game, the robot launched a fierce fight under the control of the contestants, and the move was very good. Picture source: Visual China

Recently, six Israeli scientists walked out of the “space cabin” located in the Gatf Desert in the local area, ending the four -day Mars simulation life. According to reports, this “space cabin” in the desert is a Mars simulation base established with the support of the Israeli Astronauty Agency, located in the hinterland of a desert in southern Israel. Here, the four men and two female “astronauts” took 4 days to conduct scientific tests in an environment similar to Mars to explore how humans survived in Mars. This is also the first time that Israel has conducted Mars Desert trials. This simulation Mars life is the first similar plan for Israel to launch a similar plan, the purpose is to study all aspects of Mars adventure, including satellite communication, psychological effects from the world, radiation dosage, and how to find signs of life in the soil. Text Source: Xinhuanet

33 -year -old photographer Claudius Schulze was from Hamburg, Germany. He and his friends built a boat house. The two sailed from Hamburg to Paris. The wooden shipbuilding sailing in the European Straits and River, taking them to meet all kinds of like -minded friends, and also have the opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled beauty. This boat house has huge glass windows, allowing people to enjoy the charming scenery in the house. At the same time, it also has a balcony. It can not only raise flowers and plants on the balcony, but also placed a suspension to bask in the sun. The flash ball and a soap bubble machine will hold the Disco ball in the boat house. Picture source: Dongfang IC copyright work, please do not reprint

Recently, the UK announced a series of award -winning works in the 2017 EPSRC Science Photography Contest. Among them, David Nadlinger from the University of Oxford won the first place of the championship and the “Equipment and Facilities” group with a photo called “Single atom in an Ion Trap”. The work was shot by the David Nadlinger of Oxford University. The photo captured a atom between two metal electrodes of about 2 mm distance. The photographer took this photo with the SLR camera with an extension tube and two flash. Picture source: Dongfang IC copyright work, please do not reprint

A few days ago, the central and eastern regions of the United States suffered extreme weather. Torrential rain, floods, tornado and other swept the United States in the Middle and East of the United States, Tennessee, and Ohio, causing casualties and property losses.

According to the National Meteorological Administration of Meteorological, most areas of Kentucky have undergone the invasion of rainstorms in the past week. The Ohio River reached the highest water level 18.3 meters since 1997. Affected by this, multiple roads in central Ohio were forced to close. The picture shows the rivers flowing from the Ohio River on February 26, raging in Louisville, Kentucky, and the local people drove their boats.

Beginning on February 26, a strong cold air from Siberia swept Europe, causing the temperature in many countries to drop below zero, and some areas set the lowest record since winter. Although the rapid decline in the temperature brought inconvenience to the people of European countries, the beauty of the “frozen people” also appeared. The picture shows the frozen beauty of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Switzerland, and the seagulls flew over the ice.

Recently, India has ushered in the Huli Festival. The picture shows a temple in the NANDGAON village of North India. The local people carnival celebrate the Huri Festival.

On February 26th, local time, the global seed library on the Norwegian Wallbart Islands announced that it had collected more than 1 million kinds of seeds on the 10th anniversary of its establishment. The Swalbart Islands Global Seed Library stores “backup” from plant seeds from all over the world, so it is called “Doomson Grain” and “Plant Noah’s Ark”. Establishing the Swarbat Islands World Seed Library is to preserve world crop seed samples to prevent the loss of biodiversity on the earth.

On February 28th, local time, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic mascot was announced in Tokyo, Japan. The futuristic robot mascot scheme with the Olympic emblem pattern obtained the highest votes.

On February 28, in Russia’s New Siberia, an uncle’s magic modification was worshiped by netizens. He converted his Dala car into a Mercedes -Benz Grand G. The body of this car is completely made of 6 tons of ice cubes. This car is not only cool, but also can be carried on the road. It is really a wind on the road. Picture source: Visual China

On February 27th, local time, the 2018 Lawrence World Sports Awards were announced in Monaco. The Swiss tennis player Federer’s trophy who won the Best Male Athlete Award and the Best Award of the Year.

On February 28, local time, the “5G Robot” appeared at the Spanish Barcelona World Mobile Conference. It can use 5G technology to achieve synchronized movements with the controller, complete calligraphy writing, and follow the staff to do the same imitation action.

On February 28, local time, two trains collided near the Kom Hamadah village in Buhara Province, Egypt, causing dozens of casualties. According to reports, the two cars of a passenger train were derailed at the time of the accident and collided with a freight train next to it.

The 17 -year -old Zayd Menks came from Zimbabwe. It took more than 3 months to build a mini Manhattan city with abandoned computer components. The construction of this “city” uses a total of 263 hot -melt rubber rods, 11 central processors, 27 motherboards, 15 batteries, 2 minutes, 4 tables, 3 hard disks, 4 sound cards, 7 power supply, 7 power supply Supply and 13 soft drives. The “skyscrapers” of these Manhattan cities are all reduced according to the ratio of 0.0635: 100. Picture source: Oriental IC

According to the news on March 1, the scientific authority magazine “Nature” announced two rendering drawings, showing that astronomers found evidence of formation of the first star after the Big Bang, which was only 180 million years before the Big Bang. At the same time, another group of scientists also found that the temperature of the universe was twice as cold as expected at this time. Researchers have shown that it is likely to be the result of dark matter interaction.

According to the Big Bang theory, about 13.8 billion years ago, the Big Bang had occurred, from a tight, hot and hot point to the present state. Shortly after the birth of the universe, it fell into a dark period, and light was hidden in chaos (neutral hydrogen atoms blocked light) until the material began to gather, and compressed into the core of nuclear integration under high pressure. Start flashing.

The astronomer used a very small radio antenna spectrometer “EDGES” in the Australian desert to detect the faint signal sent by the star. This signal comes from the earliest star in the universe -only 180 million years before the Big Bang, which is 13.6 billion years ago. Peter Kurczynski, director of the Astronomical Sciences Department of the National Science Foundation, described it that this difficulty is like you want to listen to the sound of hummingbird wings in the hurricane. The picture shows the concept map of the first star drawn by the artist.

On February 28, the UAE Dubai Highway and Transportation Administration (RTA) put into use the world’s first unmanned taxi (automatic pod). Unmanned taxis is also known as “automatic pods”. It can carry up to ten passengers at a time, and can even be combined or separated, depending on the destination and passengers. This move is also to support the “Dubai Smart Autonomous Driving Action Strategy” initiated by the UAE Vice President Mohammed Ben Rashid Almaktum: that is, by 2030, unmanned driving will cover 25%of the traffic itinerary of Dubai Essence Picture source: Visual China

On March 2nd, local time, scientists found a breeding place with 1.5 million Adeli penguins on Heroina Islands on the Dangerous Islands of Antarctica. Picture source: Visual China

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