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The mini -priced mini 65W nitrogen nitrogen 镓 fast charging, disassemble to see how the materials work work


With the continuous popularization of the USB-C interface and PD fast charging on mobile phones and computers, the charger develops from a single-mouth to a multi-mouth, and uses nitrogen to reduce the volume to further shrink. Increased efficiency, supporting multiple devices at the same time, and various advantages to make nitride a multi -port chargers become consumers’ hearts.

Mado launched a new generation of GAN5 mini three -port nitride charger, which is upgraded in an all -rounder. The PI nitride -nitride seal chip is used, which has higher integration, the power density is also increased simultaneously, and the volume is more mini. The following charging head network disassembles this comprehensive upgraded nitrogen nitrogen fast charging to see how the interior is designed.

Macando GAN5 mini65W nitrogen nitride charger opens out

The top of the packaging box has a hook, with the front of the MCDODO brand, the appearance of the charger, the name and the three selling points.

The back is printed with a charger, close -ups, and parameter information.

Packaging connotation charger and logo manual.

The charger is designed with the mainstream long strip -shaped shape, the body shell is made of PC flame retardant, and the surface is matte.

Close to the input -end area bright face design, this side also has a MCDODO brand.

The other side is printed with 65W power words.

Enter the charger parameter printed on the end case

Product name: GAN5 mini fast charge travel charger

Model: CH-152

Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.5A


USB-C1/C2: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3.35A 67W MAX

USB-A: 4.5V5A, 5V4.5A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A, 20V1.5A, 30W MAX.

USB-C1+USB-C2: 45W+20W

USB-C1+USB-A: 45W+18W

USB-C1+(USB-C2+USB-A): 45W+18W

USB-C2+USB-A: 5V3.6A

The charger has passed CCC certification and ROHS certification.

The charger is equipped with a foldable country target, which is easy to carry and does not scratch other equipment in the package.

The output top surface is concave and the bright surface design. In addition, with three interfaces of 2C1A, all orange -red glue cores.

The height of the charger’s body is 60.61mm.

The width is 32.13mm.

The thickness is 37.37mm.

Intuted the size of the hand.

The net weight is about 109g.

Use ChargerLab Power-Z KT002 to measure the USB-C1 port to support Apple2.4A, Samsung 5V2A, DCP protocol, and QC2.0/3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE2.0, PD3.0, PPS fast charge protocol.

The PDO packet shows that the C1 port has five fixed voltage gears of 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, and 20V3.35A, and a set of PPS voltage gears of 3.3-20.3V3.3A.

The USB-C2 port supports PD3.0 and PPS fast charge protocols.

And have five sets of fixed voltage gears of 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3.35A, and a set of PPS voltage gears of 3.3-20.3V3.3A.

The USB-A port supports Apple2.4A, Samsung 5V2A, DCP protocol, and QC2.0/3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE2.0 fast charge protocol.

Macando GAN5 mini65W nitrogen nitrogen olfactory charger disassemble

After a basic understanding of the Macando mini 65W nitride charger, the following continues to disassemble it to see how the materials work.

First, pry the charger housing along the seams, and the folding pin is connected to the PCBA module through the wire welding. On both sides of the PCBA module, there are heat -conducting pads to assist heat dissipation.

With the PCBA module of the charger, you can see that the interior is composed of multiple small plate welding to improve the internal space utilization rate.

The folding socket wire is welded to the vertical plate to power the power, and the welding joint is fixed.

A large area of ​​heat conduction pads are also pasted on the back for heat dissipation.

The length of the PCBA module was measured by a rigid card ulnar.

The width of the PCBA module is about 31.69mm.

The thickness of the PCBA module is about 24.68mm.

Remove the thermal pads of the PCBA module and welded the two transformers on the front of the module. It can be seen that it is composed of two independent switching power supplies. During the output of the single -port, the dual -road power supply is connected together to output. Independent distribution of power.

The bottom of the transformer is fixed to prevent the product falling and damage.

The back is the power chip and rectifier bridge of two PIs.

The PCBA module is upside down, which is similar to the common three -stage structure. The top is a high -voltage filter capacitor. The middle is a large and one small switch transformer. Inserting the Mara tablet between the transformer and the secondary small board for insulation.

The PCBA module is welded on the back of the flow bridge. The two PI high -integrated power chips and the corresponding synchronous rectifier are welded in the middle of the two power chips.

By observing the front and back of the PCBA module, the Macando 65W charger has two anti -grate switch power supply, the wide voltage range output, and the output voltage is controlled by the protocol chip to achieve the double -port independent fast charging output. When there is only one interface output, the two -way power supply is connected in parallel to meet the high -power output requirements. Below we start to understand the information of each device from the input end.

The AC input wire is welded on the vertical plate, the welding fuse is welded on the small board, and the NTC waves inhibit the resistance and the co -modular inductance.

The input terminal delay fuse specification is 3.15A 250V.

Green NTC heat -sensitive resistance is used to suppress the surging current during power -on.

The co -mold inductance uses yellow and red lacquer bags.

Welded X capacitor discharge resistor on the back of the small board.

The security X2 capacitance comes from KYET Ca Ya Electronics, with a specification of 0.1 μF.

Enter the two rectifier bridges, the wire printing MSB40JL, and the two semi -bridge connections are hot.

The input high -voltage filter electrolytic capacitance comes from Kaize Xin, the specifications are 27 μF 400V, and four parallels are used, and the total capacity is 108 μF.

Differential inductance uses the engine magnetic core, and the coat heat shrinkage tube insulation.

Macando 65W nitride -nitride charger’s main control chip uses Pi Inn3378C, uses Powigan technology, built -in PWM controller, high -voltage MOS, synchronous rectifier controller, etc. The integration is very high, and the digital bus is controlled. Under the wide voltage range conditions, 55W power can be output in the closed shell, and the amount can be used.

According to the official data of PI, Inn3378C belongs to the Innoswitch3-PRO family. It uses PI’s exclusive Powigan technology, that is, the built-in GAN nitride power device, which can output more power than traditional MOSFETs.

Another main-controlled chip model is Inn3365C, which is also the Innoswitch3-PRO series. It supports 22W wide voltage application in the adapter. Two main control chips combined with one large transformer to form two independent switching power supply.

Two electrocomputers are used to power the primary control chip, from Junkang, with a specification of 10 μF 50V.

A larger transformer corresponds to the Inn3378C chip.

A smaller transformer corresponds to the Inn3365C chip.

Patch Y capacitance comes from Sichuan Terry Technology Co., Ltd., which has the characteristics of small size and light weight. It is very suitable for application of high -density power products such as nitride and fast -charging. The material number is TMY1222M.

Terrace focuses on the research and development, production and sales of passive components, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. There are two types of independent capacitors: SMD TRX and DIP TY capacitors. TRX will be dedicated to the research of ceramic materials to expand more category applications and provide customers with more solutions.

The charging head network learned that in addition to being certified by Qualcomm QC5 to certify 100W nitrogen, Macando 100W nitrogen, OPPO 65W super flash charger nitrogen charger, Lenovo 90W nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen 镓Dozens of high -power chargers such as fast charge, Nubia 65W nitrogen nitrogen charger, Bisi 120W nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen 化+silicon carbide PD fast charger can also be applied to Hailu Tong, First Guard, Bellkin When the brand 20W mini fast charging, performance is unanimously recognized by customers.

Corresponding to the synchronous rectifier of the Inn3378C nitrogen nitrogen 镓 镓 The main control chip comes from the AGMSEMI core control source, the model AGM1010, the DFN5*6 package is used.

The other road is synchronized with the same model.

At the list of output side, the two output filter capacitors between the space between the USB-C and the USB-A parent seat are different according to the output power, and the two capacitors are different.

The output filter capacitance corresponding to INN3378C comes from Ruilong with a specification of 820 μF 25V.

The filter capacitor corresponding to INN3365C comes from Shengyang, Yangzhou, with a specification of 470 μF 25V.

A small board welded a protocol chip, the USB-A port, the two USB-C interfaces, and the corresponding VBUS switch tube.

Welded with two currents on the back of the small board to take sample resistance and resistance components.

The protocol chip uses the British core IP2738, and the two interface outputs are controlled by it. IP2738 is a dual-road protocol chip, which supports the double-port 18-140W fast charge application. It has independent feedback control and has an independent USB PD control, which is equivalent to two IP2736 integration inside a chip. The fast charge specifications are the same as IP2736 as IP2736 Essence Support USB PD3.1 28V EPR gear, and support rich and comprehensive fast charging protocols such as PD3.0/PPS, which are very compatible.

The British IP2738 built -in four -way independent NMOS driver can be used for multiple interface output control, controlling multiple VBUS switch tubes for output port switching, and two power supply parallel control, and supports dual -road independent overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit Protection to ensure safety.

The charging head network learned that the other series of fast -charging chips of Yingjibang have been used by products such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung, and the performance and quality have been highly recognized by customers.

The VBUS switching tube of the USB-A port and the USB-C port is close to the AGMSEMI core control source. The model is AGM306A, NMOS, 30V resistance, and the obstruction is 5.8MΩ.

The other four are the same model.

USB-C1 and USB-C2 are close-up, and the orange glue core is not revealed.

USB-A mother seat orange glue core, positive and negative widely designed.

After all the disassembly was dismantled, come to Zhang Quanjia portrait.

Summary of charging head network disassembly

Macando GAN5 mini three -port nitride charger adopts a long bar -shaped shape, with folding inserted, small and portable. The charger has three output interfaces of 2C1A, supports 67W PD fast charging and 3.3-20.3V3.3A PPS fast charging, USB-A port supports SCP fast charge protocol, and the fast charge support for notebooks and Android phones is very good.

Through disassembly, the charging head network learned that the Macdoro charger has a built -in two PI -high -integrated main control chips with a large and one small transformer to form two -way switching power supply. The output protocol chip uses the British core IP2738 to control the three -mouth protocol, and use the AGMSEMI core control source to perform two -way switching power output parallel and interface control. It is more flexible than the previous secondary antihypertensive scheme.

The charger uses Kaize High -voltage electrolytic capacitors with Ryron and Shengyang solid -state capacitors for filtering. The rectifier bridge and power chip and transformers are covered with heat sinks for heat dissipation. The overall design and materials are reliable.

Guangdong Chuangge Packaging Co., LTD, For paper box, we are using art paper laminated with greyboard For paper bag, custom electronics packaging box as well as other colors For notebook, we are using high-quality art paper for inner page, hard art paper for the cover.