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In front of the room, “planting” candy American housewives help children to help children safely ask for sugar

On November 1st every year is Halloween Western Halloween. This year, due to the new crown epidemic, people find ways to maintain a social distance when sugar. A housewife in the United States “plant” candy on the grassland in front of his door, so that the children can take it by themselves.

The housewife is named Wendi Riers Winter and lives in Denver. The photos released by the UK “Metropolis Daily” on the 25th show that Wimble’s decorations such as pumpkin lamps, ghost dolls such as pumpkin lamps, ghost dolls, and colorful candy on the grass, sticking lollipop such as lollipop, like lollipoping, like lollipoping, just like Flowers are blooming on the grass. In this way, children nearby can take it by themselves when asking for candy.

She put her “masterpiece” on a social platform Facebook and wrote: “This year I tested the sticky candy stick … You can use any short sticks. Ice cream sticks are best used, and plastic spoons, rubber sticks, plastic straws, etc. Yes. “She kept the distance when she inserted her stick to facilitate the children to get candy at the same time.

She intends to stay in the room to see the children taking sugar on the eve of Halloween, because “it is interesting to see the children experience new things.”

(According to Xinhua News Agency, Qiao Ying)

Source: Hohhot Daily

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