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What is your underwear?

Is the triangular panties, but the pants or high waist shaped pants?

Most girls choose underwear, usually look at the value first, look at the size, and finally watch the fabric.


The size is the easiest, according to its own waist, hip, thigh, etc. can be selected. But your style and fabrics do you know how to choose? Ding pants is healthier or more unhealthy than high wagles? Is cotton underwear or polyester fiber underwear?

Take a small bench, pick up the panties class ~


Although the underwear is in the clothes, the girls who love beauty have a great value for TA’s value, let’s talk from the value ~


Ding pants

First, the least materials of materials. The previous style is the same as ordinary underwear, but only a sleeper is only a “Ding” word.

In fact, as long as you don’t choose too tight, it is entirely available. The advantage of wearing tantgins is to avoid visible underwear lines, especially when the fart is part, is a good choice, but some people will be inseparable.

In short sentence,

A good underwear is that you can’t feel it.

If it is uncomfortable, then this hairy or other styles are not worth buying again.


This panties can be packaged in more butt pants, the waist line is not high, the leg opening is large. Similar to the bikini underwear. If you want the underwear to wear a cool, you can choose this style.

Low waist pants

This low waist is just on your hip, slightly lower than your waist circumference, more fabric around the buttocks, wider fabric. Compared to bikini pants, the opening of the leg will be smaller. Wear low waist jeans, or when you need to kneel, you don’t want to expose the side of the underwear, you can choose this low waise.


Pingpeng shorts

Female flat-shell panties, its rectangular shapes in all types of ladies underwear, the leg coverage is the highest, when wearing a casual or loose skirt, you can choose this flat-strand underwear, similar to the functions of the leggings. Because the skirt is accidentally flying, the squid looks like the intersection between underwear and shorts, it is not easy.

High waise pants

Almost every girl is unsatisfactory, so many people will have a feeling of carding abdomen even if they wear no trace trousers. At this time, the high waist pants can provide the greatest comfort, so although they will reveal the underwear lines, but Many people still prefer high waist pants. When autumn and winter, high waist pants are a good choice.

High waist shaping underwear

It is high than the waist of high waist pants, and it is a high waist shaping underwear.

Such underwear allows your waist lines to be better, usually above the navel, or extend to the brawlet, some even bra and underwear. When wearing a night dress, I can choose, but this shaping underwear is not suitable for daily daily.


There are many styles in underwear, and there are many materials.

Natural material


: Cotton, silk, hemp

Chemical synthetic material


Regeneration fiber: artificial cotton, modal, ice silk, bamboo fiber

Synthetic fiber: Leka, polyester, nylon

In accordance with healthy methods, cotton underwear is the best, especially those who are more sensitive to the skin itself. but

Cotton underwear also has a disadvantage

The higher the cotton content, the sharper the fabric, the worse the gas permeability. For girls who love sweat in privacy, it is more likely to spend the occurrence of inflammation because they are not breathable, not suitable for summer hot.

In the summer, it is more recommended to wear hemp and silk pants, and the texture is thin, but it is generally relative.


In fact, underwear is not necessarily completely natural, with the progress of technology, many fabric can be both comfortable and beautiful.


Plant base fabric

People silk (ice silk underwear), modal fiber (also known as modal cotton), bamboo fiber underwear

Although they are made of plants, although they are chemically treated, they do not belong to natural products from the technical level. However, these fabrics are super soft and overwhelmed, usually with moisture absorption, so their drying speed is faster than cotton.

For example, in the summer, the underwear shop sells ice silk underwear, is it a cold? This kind of ice silk is comfortable and soft, and the fabric is thin, suitable for summer wearing.

Moore underwear, raw materials from eucalyptus and spruce, after making a wood pulp, then the spinning process. Modal products are soft as cotton, and there is a gloss and smoothness of silk products, and feel comfortable.

Bamboo fiber underwear, this material is a raw material by Zhuqing as a raw material. After high temperature and cooking, extract the re-made bamboo fiber material. Generally, this bamboo fiber fabric has antibacterial, antibacterial function, good water absorption, and is also relatively environmentally friendly.

2. Performance Fiber

Synthetic fibers (such as polyester and nylon) are common in sportswear because they absorb well and dry quickly. For the same reason, these fibers are also used in underwear, especially when exercising. Lace underwear and usually made of synthetic fibers. Just remember to clean after sweating, it can avoid infection and stimulation in the underwear area.


3. Silk

Silk is not common, expensive, but silk is a natural fiber, luxurious feel, and has inherent temperature adjustment and humidity management characteristics. Tu Hao does not mind, you can consider it.

There are still many underwear of synthetic fibers, such as spandex, polyester, etc.


If your skin is sensitive, it is recommended not to choose this type of fabric, it may cause itching skin, red; but if your skin is not sensitive, the underwear wearing this type of underwear is not uncomfortable, you can match the underwear of other materials. Put on. But we recommend it more

Choosing the crotch is 100% cotton underwear

As for the fabric of other parts of underwear, it can be selected according to the beauty of the style.

After bought back underwear, remember to do these things:


1. The newly bought underwear should be cleaned and then wear.

Underwear is generally the production line, and the worker is hand-made. When you buy underwear, you will also see that many people will use their hands when buying underwear. It is recommended that underwear bought home.

After drying with a washing machine or hand washing, wear it in the sun.

2. Try not to choose dark underwear


On the one hand, dark underwear needs to experience more dyeing procedures than light colored underwear, with a bad dark underwear with fading risks, which is unfavorable. Second, if the body has abnormal bleeding or vaginal abnormalities, light pants can find it early, we recommend


Especially 40 years old + women, preferred light pants.

3. Underwater is transferred

Take the underwear every day, change the underwear to clean it, and dry it in the sun, don’t take the panties of a worship, then wash it together, bacteria will be slowly breed. In addition to daily cleaning, underwear for 3 to 4 months, it is recommended to replace new and avoid bacteria breeding.

How to choose underwear, summarize:

1. According to your own waist, hip circumference, the thigh is selected, and if the style is too tight, it may be scratched, rash and irritating skin.

2. If the overall material of the underwear is synthetic fiber, it is recommended that the first-hand underwear is a 100% cotton product.

3. Whether you like bikini, high waist panties or dip pants, ideal underwear is a whole day you can’t feel it existed.

Be the same as bamboo,

Further, you have to make a summary.