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1. Legal ADJ. The law is legal, law; (The law of the relationship between this word and the law only refers to the law of the country, and there are specific provisions of the law)


a lem adviceer legal consultant

a lem document legal file

Legal Fermalities Legal Program (The Course of Legal Proceedings)

The lem fee litigation fee

Legal Act legal act

Legal Assistance judicial assistance

Legal agent legal agent

Legal address statutory address

Legal Entity legal person

Legal Estate statutory property


Legal Profession legal occupation

The lem propactory/system

Legal Professional / System

To take/seek legg advice

Listen / seek legal consultation

lem Costs

Lawyers’ expenses (also refer to litigation costs)

The Driver was more than three times over the leftal limit

The driver’s alcohol content exceeded three times the limit of law.

Should Euthanasia Be Made Legal?

Should euthanasia be legal?

be leggally resid

Has a legal responsibility for someone / something

Gambling is left in the same of nevada. Gambling is legal in Nevada.

Is it lem to marry One ’s Cousin? Is it legal to marry the cousin and cousin?

Prisoners have leggal rights, but in prACTICE These Rights are not alway that.

Although prisoners have legal rights, these rights are often not respected.

Banning Cigarette Advertising Would Be unconstitutional, sincelling cigarettes is legal.

Since the sale of cigarettes is legal, it is unconstitutional to ban cigarette advertisements.

He is considering taking legal action aginst the hostal.

He is considering suing the hospital.

It is interesting to controlish legal system with the American one.

It is interesting to compare British legal system with the United States.

We’ll look at the problem from a strictly lent of view.

We will only look at this issue only from a legal perspective.

The Judge’s Decision Became a Legal Talking Point.

The judge’s judgment became the center of the legal community.

He had to mortgage his hous to pay his lem counts.

He had to mortgage the house out to pay the litigation fee.

She finilly won the left battle for compensation.


She finally won the legal struggle for compensation.

He’s always using fancy legal words.

He always uses abnormal complicated legal words.

You want to avoid countly leadings if you can.

If you can, you want to avoid expensive legal lawsuits.

They we traveling at a speed that was double the legoal limit.

They are driving at a speed limit speed at a speed limit.

They decided aging taking legal action.

They decided not to file a lawsuit.

The letter was a back statement of our lem position.

That letter is a straightforward statement on our legal position.

He is unlikely to event recover his lem counts.

He is unlikely to recover his litigation costs.

Legal Costs Had Eaten up all the savings she had.

The cost of litigation consumed all her savings.


Their legal system paralls our own.

Their legal system is similar to us.

Stronger leads are needed to protrly the consumer.

More powerful legal measures are needed to protect consumers.

The Contract has no lem Standing.

That copy is not binding in law.

The company was almost bankbankrupted by legal costs.

This company is almost bankrupt for lawyers’ expenses.

HOLDING COPYRIGHT PROVIDES the only leggy aginst unauthorized Copying.

Holding copyright is the only legal means to stop piracy.

The party was fenied legal status.

That party did not get a legal status.

2. LAWFUL, reasonable and legal, in line with or not violated the national law, the church’s precepts or moral standards


This word means: “conforming to national laws” means that the meaning of Legal is overlapping. As for which word choice is generally related to the convention method

Legal marriage, often says Lawful Marriage, LAWFUL WEDLOCK

Legal to make a living, often say Lawful Living

Law management, often says Lawful Business

Law wife, often says Lawful Wife

Legal behavior, often says of Lawful Act

Legal age, often says Lawful Age

Legal political parties often say Lawful Party

Law property, often saying Lawful Property

Law seats, often saying Lawful Seat

Legal defense, legitimate defense often says LegitImate Defence

Legal income, often saying LegitImate Income

Legal and legitimate freedom often says Legitilate Freedom

Legal religious activities, often said that LegitImate Religious Activities

Legal income, legitimate income, from this talk

To some people gambling is never lawful, although it may be legal in some places.

In some people’s opinion, gambling is always illegal, although gambling in some places is allowed to be allowed.

Divorce is LAWFUL But Subject to Various LEGAL Requirements BeFore Taking Final Effect.

Divorce is legal, but it must be fulfilled after all kinds of legal procedures to last effective.

The above two cases are taken from Zhao Zhencai’s “Common English Questions Answers Dictionary” P757

His lawful heir

His legal heir

It was lawful for the Doctors to Treat Her in WHATEVER WAY CONEY CONSIDERED W

Doctors use the most favorable way they think for her to treat her.

Hunting is a lawful activity.

Hunting is a legal activity.

It is our task to convince the multitudes that we are pursuing a lawful hobby in a lawful way.

Our task is to convince the public that we are engaged in a legal hobby in a legal way.

Children Born Out of Wedlock Enjoy the Same Right of Inheritance As Children Born In



Non -married children have the same inheritance right as children of marriage.

It is not lawful to kill or injure a pet animal.

Killing or hurting pets are illegal.