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On November 25, Bosideng launched 100%of the original Chinese top with down jackets -climbing Peak 2.0 series, which achieved breakthroughs in the aspects of down, fabrics, auxiliary materials, and craftsmanship. The field of clothing shows a strong “China Intellectual Manufacturing”.

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Technology increase independently research and development to achieve true original Chinese original

Product quality is not only the basis of “Chinese original”, but also the foundation of self -confidence in national culture. Once the climbing 2.0 series is launched, it is closely combined with cutting -edge technology, achieving the peak breakthrough of technology leading the down jacket manufacturing process.

It is understood that the materials and processes used in the climbing 2.0 series use the authentic “Chinese formula”: the golden down with a rare goose down from 43 ° north latitude, the intelligent temperature adjustment material used by Chinese aviation (PCM intelligent temperature adjustment), and the Chinese aviation (PCM intelligent temperature adjustment), and the Chinese aviation (PCM intelligent temperature adjustment), and the Chinese aviation, and The multi -layer stereo velvet structure and the inner heat storage double -color fabrics independently developed have realized four -temperature control technology. In addition, Dengfeng 2.0 series uses 3S fabrics jointly created with the China Aviation Industry Cultural Center, and creatively use the China Beidou positioning system, realizing the first application of the “China Beidou Satellite Navigation System” in the down jacket field.

With the initial mission of “warm the world”, these “100%Chinese original” industry top -equipped process has greatly improved the climbing 2.0 series warming index and windproof and anti -bacteria, so that the world can feel the “warm strength from China “”.

Continue climbing to help the Chinese climbing team for 20 years

The design of the climbing series is inspired by Bosideng twice to help the Chinese mountaineering team ascended Mount Everest. Since the first time in 1998, it has successfully helped the Chinese mountaineering team to the top of Mount Everest. Bosideng has worked with the Chinese mountaineering team for 23 years. The spirit of “not afraid of hardships, stubborn hard work, unity and cooperation, and climbing the peak” is deeply carved in the process of exploration of Bosideng’s brand.

In recent years, Bosho has actively upgraded the brand renovation. While improving the quality of professionalism, he uses the spirit of the artisan to empower the spirit of the great powers, integrates professional, fashion, warmth and other characteristics, and is committed to becoming a “climber” in the field of down jacket manufacturing. Essence Under the guidance of the spirit of climbing, Bo Siden launched the Peak 1.0 series for the first time in 2019, and once again helped the Chinese mountaineering team to reach Everest.

Climbing more than the end. After two years of research and development innovation, Bosideng created a new peak 2.0 series, integrating cutting -edge technical materials with independent research and development strength, fully demonstrating the global professional leadership of Chinese quality, and once again explained the challenging “peak spirit spirit spirit spirit. “”.


Warm heartwarming and persisting in forty -five years without fear of wind and snow, moving forward

The rise of the new era of ethnic brands has not happened overnight. Since its establishment in 1976, Boshi has always focused on down jackets, continuously breaking through innovation in design, quality, and craftsmanship, and gradually building industry barriers. Through the technological and professional explorations, while achieving the advanced strength, Bosideng continued to break the monopoly of foreign brand and set a benchmark for Chinese clothing to the world.

Under the sound of “Chinese original design”, domestic brands have risen strongly. From the renewal of national brands to the outbreak of new consumer brands to the era of “China Intelligent Manufacturing”, “China Original” has long been limited to independent research and development design, and it is also a comprehensive innovation of the Chinese national culture and the scientific and technological power of the great country. This continuous advanced wave also has a wide and profound impact on the clothing industry, and technology, innovation, and culture have become a new upgrade point for clothing brands.

As a domestic brand that has cultivated down jackets for many years, Bosideng continued to innovate down jacket manufacturing technology in the process of completing the brand renewal, and steadily became the “technical flow” in “Chinese original”.

In addition to successfully helping the Chinese mountaineering team to the top of Mount Everest, and escorting the 36th and 37th Antarctic scientific examination tasks for the Chinese Antarctic Sciences Team, Bosideng also continued to polish its new business cards in China. Since 2018, Bosideng has appeared in New York, Milan, and London Fashion Week for three consecutive years, and has cooperated with well -known domestic and foreign designers many times to achieve comprehensive visual upgrades and brand reshaping.

From the “well -known in the country” to “the world’s leading”, Poson has adhered to a new business card made in China as a national brand in the down jacket industry as a national brand and quickly grew into a new business card made in China when the “Chinese brand” rises. The release of Dengfeng 2.0 series is another breakthrough innovation of Poserden. I believe that more Chinese brands will interpret the “China Intelligent Manufacturing” to the world like Bosideng.


Source: China News Network

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