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In the autumn and winter season, if a 40 or 50 -year -old woman wants to wear elegant and stylish, warm and comfortable, it is absolutely inseparable from a coat in the wardrobe. Choose a simple and generous coat style, and you can also contract your sense of fashion from autumn to the beginning of spring. Needless to say, practicality.

Especially with a coat with short boots, it has become the standard of many fashionable women’s outlets. The concave shape is not suitable. This time, let’s take a look at a set of “coat+short boots” matching demonstration. It has temperature and style. It is worth learning from 40 or 50 years old women!

1. How to choose a coat?

The coat is a single product with a high utilization rate in autumn and winter. This not only refers to it can be competent in various occasions, but also refers to it can shape different styles by adjusting the method. Select the right coat style.


1. The coat is simple and not wearing

The most secure and high -level choice when choosing a coat is the simple and generous classic coat. These coats do not have extra designs. They rely on their own tailoring, materials and workmanship to highlight the outstanding taste of the wearer, and the practicality is also very powerful. Regardless of the matching, regardless of the matching Jeans, trousers, or casual pants will not make an error.

It should be noted that the classic coat collar is also very rich. If you take a gentle and atmospheric route, it is recommended to choose a collarless coat, and the large lapel coat is relatively eye -catching and more aura.

2. Neutral color coat

Different coats are different from white T and white shirts. Like T -shirts and shirts, wearing one or two quarters may be eliminated, but the coat can accompany us for many years. And difficult to outdated neutral color is the ideal choice.

Such as black and white gray, hidden blue, camel, khaki, brown, or caramel coat, which is difficult to be outdated, and in line with the temperament of women in his forties and 50s.

2. How to choose short boots?

In the combination of “coat+short boots”, short boots are often the finishing touch in the shape, which determines the fashion of the overall look.

1. Ankle boots

Elegant and fashionable, feminine, this is the impression of ankle boots. It is used to match long coats in autumn. In addition to further extending the calf lines and creating long legs, it can also create a full one. Mature women.

In addition, the shape of the ankle boots is very thin. In addition to the thin legs, the bloated feeling of the coat itself can also be resolved.


2, patent leather short boots

Compared with matte -based short boots, patent leather short boots emit a sense of luster, making it easier to create highlights for the shape, and the sense of fashion is also very strong. When it is used to match long leather or dark coats in autumn, you may wish to use it to act as the finishing touch. Pen.


Such as wine red patent leather boots, black patent leather short boots or military green patent leather boots, fashionable without losing gas field.


3, square boots

The main advantage of pointed short boots is that it can modify the shape and extend the calf lines, while the square -headed short boots are more modern and fashionable. It is the first choice for many fashionables to go out on the street.

In addition to the common black, military green, and earth colors, square -headed boots that are superimposed with snake pattern elements are also suitable for autumn.

3. Improve the practical skills of clothing products


When using a coat with short boots, 40 or 50 -year -old women can improve the grade of dressing by choosing a coat and boots that suits them, and can also be achieved with some techniques.

1. Open -through method

The coat is rich in wearing, but the open style can best create a high -end aura, which is very suitable for street occasions.

It should be noted that when using an open method, it is best to coordinate naturally with the color transition of the coat.

2. Skill

The simpler, the more advanced. This is the principle of color matching that will not be outdated anymore. It is no exception to use the “coat+short boots”.

For example, the coat and the lower dress are used in the same color, or the bottom and short boots are used in the same color system. It is simple and generous, but also enhances the sense of depth, creating a long -legged dressing effect.

3. Mix match


Mixing and matching is a high -quality dressing skills in autumn, and it is also an effective way to get rid of the sense of basic modeling. When wearing coats+short boots in autumn, with striped jeans, you can inject a full leisure and fashionable sense of styling.

However, jeans types need to be nine -point straight, nine -point cone, or small foot models.

4, stacking

Use a coat to wear a shirt and a bottoming shirt, or to decorate the coat with a knitted shawl, which can move the center of gravity of the clothes. In addition to enriching the upper body level, this method can also echo the short boots. Further strengthen the sense of visual vertical depth.

The above is the autumn and winter coat shared by a 40 -year -old woman this time. If you want to wear a good temperament, then try to match the short boots!

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