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The world’s strongest glue, only 3 grams can raise 17.5 tons of trucks, what else is it that it cannot stick to

Glossal is a kind of thing that many people will use. It is widely used in people’s lives. There are many types of glue. In general, it can be divided into two types: solid and liquid. When it comes to 502, the brothers are good but glue, no matter what kind of glue, in people’s impression, it can only be used to paste some small objects, but today the glue is very powerful.

This kind of glue is the world’s strongest glue in the world. On July 12, 2019, this glue raised a large truck weighing 17.5 tons, and the truck was hung in the air for an hour. At the same time, they also Creed a new record of Guinness World Records. This glue comes from a small industrial adhesive manufacturing company in Germany. The name of this glue is called Lottite.

The process of creating this Guinness World Record is that they use 4 aluminum cylinders, drip a few drops of high -temperature resistant glue on the lid with a diameter of 3.5 cm in the cylinder, stick to the tires of the truck, and then hang the cylinder with a crane to eventually create to create it. New Guinness World Record.

The previous world record was generated by a 16.09 -ton truck that was “hanged” by the German Aerospace Center in 2013, and only 9 drops weighed and 3 grams of glue used in this Guinness World Record. In addition, they also used 3 grams of This kind of glue has a 208 -ton train, and there is no problem in soaking for an hour. From here, we can see how strong the glue is.

The main component of this super glue is thermal curing epoxy resin, which is usually used in the field of automotive manufacturing and mechanical engineering. This type of adhesive is also indispensable in the process of electric vehicle motor manufacturing. The 502 glue in our lives is used. It is also a kind of component, but the composition of thermal curing epoxy resin is more powerful.

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