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Is the hair mask the same as the conditioner? This is what I have received the most consulted by netizens. If the two effects are the same, the product is not necessary to distribute the membrane and conditioner, so it is not only the difference between the two, but also the difference is very large. Do not use it wrong. Not only does it have no effect, it is a waste of time.


What is the difference between hair mask and conditioner? Let’s take a look at the following three points, and then I will explain it in detail, the role of hair mask and conditioner, and correct usage.


1. The hair mask is a special care product for damaged hair quality. It has the functions of filling the internal empty hole inside the hair and filling the head to publish the epithelial bumps.

2. The conditioner is a supporting product of shampoo. It can only play a role in increasing smoothness. It does not have the function of nursing hair;


3. The hair mask can improve the damage state of the hair, and the hair can only increase the lubrication of the hair. This is the difference.

From these three points, it can be seen that for the damaged hair quality, the role of the hair mask is large, which can improve the condition of the hair quality, and it also has the effect of increasing smoothness and gloss. The conditioner can only increase the smoothness of the hair after shampooing, that’s all.


Expand knowledge:

In order to let everyone understand the difference between the hair mask and the conditioner, I will explain it in detail for these two products, and finally share the correct use of the hair mask and conditioner. After reading it, you will understand Essence

1. The role of the hair mask:

The hair mask has a very strong penetration and wrapping effect. Nutrition can enter the cortical layer of the hair, fill in the empty hole formed by injury, lock the nutrients in the hair, replace natural nutrients to nourish the hair. At the same time, the epidermis layer of the hair will be wrapped tightly and tightly, increasing the smoothness and gloss of the hair, and can also prevent the loss of nutrients and the evaporation of moisture.


The molecular structure of the hair mask is very small and has a strong penetration. It will use the expansion of the hair to enter the hair cortex layer with the dampness of the hair when used. Lock nutrition for a long time.

The hair mask also contains a keratin material of macromolecules. After use, it will be wrapped in a layer of membrane on the surface of the hair, which can make the hair more shiny and smooth, and also extend the effect of the hair mask.

However, the nutritional ingredients in the hair will be slowly lost during shampooing, because the nutrients in the hair mask belong to the artificial substance. Although they can replace the nutrients in the hair Take some nutrients, and once the nutrients are lost, the hair will return to the dry state before the care.

Therefore, the hair mask needs to be done at least once a week to ensure that the nutrients in the hair are accumulated in a saturated state, and the hair will be improved, and the elasticity and toughness will be restored.

2. The role of skin care:


The conditioner is a partner product of shampoo. The main component is the cedic surfactant. It can neutralize the surfactant of the aef ionic anion of the shampoo. At the same time Essence

The molecular structure of the conditioner is relatively large and cannot enter the inside of the hair. It can only be accumulated and wrapped in the epidermis layer of the hair. Therefore, the effect of conditioner is limited to lubrication, and does not have the true hair care effect.

Therefore, do not expect conditioner to improve your damaged hair quality. The damage to the hair is irreversible. You can only use the nutrients in the hair mask to temporarily repair the hair. The conditioner can neither improve the hair, nor repair the hair, but when shampoo, prevent the hair from wound and lubricate the hair.

3. The correct way to use hair mask and skin care:

Understanding the role of hair mask and conditioner, let me introduce the use of these two products.

How to use the hair mask


After shampooing, wipe the degree of dripping with a towel, take out an appropriate amount of hair mask, and apply it gradually from the tip of the hair.

After applying evenly, gently rub the hair with your palms to help the hair absorb the nutrients in the hair mask. After rubbing for 3 to 5 minutes, use a bath hat to wrap the hair, use the electric heating film or other heating equipment, heated 30 heating 30 30 minute.


After the heating is over, turn on the shower cap to cool the natural temperature of the hair, rinse the hair mask on the hair with warm water. When rinse, do not use shampoo, let alone conditioner. Because the hair mask itself has a strong hair effect, using shampoo will affect the effect, and the conditioner is also used.

After shampoo, blow dry hair with a hair dryer. The process of hair dryer is to help the hair mask wrap the surface of the hair, so it must be dried. If it does not blow, the effect will be greatly reduced.

How to use conditioner

Dry and frizzy, damaged severe hair, wet your hair before shampooing, you can use conditioner. Apply the conditioner to the damaged part, rub and insert it with your fingers into the hair repeatedly, or comb the hair with wide tooth comb, and stop it naturally for 5 minutes.

When shampoo, clean the conditioner on the hair first, then wash the hair according to the normal shampoo, and finally apply a little conditioner to the hair tip. Washing it can play a lubrication effect.

When shampooing normally, wash the hair with shampoo, and then use the conditioner to lubricate treatment. This washed the hair is smoother and shiny.

The above is the difference between hair mask and conditioner, as well as the use of two products. Seeing this, have you already understood the difference between the two products?

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