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Fuzhou News Network August 27 (Fuzhou Daily reporter Lin Yiting) On the 26th, the donation ceremony of the cultural relics of the Fujian Revolutionary Military Pavilion was held in the former site of the New Fourth Army Office in the New Fourth Army in the Anmin Lane of Sanfang Qixiang. Representatives and individuals of 19 donated units came to the scene and donated more than 300 cultural relics (excluding electronic photos).

The donations from the scene were all family members of the revolutionary soldiers. Among them, Lin Xiangqiang, the grandson of Lin Xiangqian, the “pioneer of the worker movement”, the grandson of Liao Haitao Liao Haitao’s grandson, and the daughter of Huang Wei, the daughter of the “two bombs and one star” hero, Donated cultural relics include military rice tickets during the War of Resistance Against Japan, historical relics of historical materials of East China Military and Political University.

Chen Qiaoyu, the sister of the heroine Chen Xiangrong, also came to the donation site. In June last year, in order to protect the border of my country, Chen Xiangrong sacrificed strongly in the conflict of the Galwan Valley. At the age of 19, he was only 19 years old. This time, Chen Qiaoyi donated 66 relics such as table tennis rackets and sand mirrors to the Fujian Revolutionary Military History Museum, which was under construction.

It is understood that the preparations of the military hall have been fully launched, and the outline of the exhibition is initially completed. The site selection of the venue has made significant progress. It is planned to start the main project construction of the main project before the end of next year. At present, more than 1,800 cultural relics are collected by the military hall, and will be collected for a long time to the public.

The Fujian Revolutionary Military Pavilion has long collected revolutionary military cultural relics for the public for a long time, mainly including cultural relics and historical materials reflecting military activities related to ancient, modern, modern, and Fujian. Cultural relics and related clues with the construction of the army, participating in local economic construction and double -embodolizing cultural relics.

The willing donor can contact the officer of Wang, contact the phone number 0591-24950378, 15260659089. Email: Mailing address: Fujian Revolutionary Military Museum, No. 478 Tongpan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou City, collected the Capital Office (Zip Code 350003).

[Editor in charge: Ma Chunlin]

Source: Fuzhou News Network Author: Lin Yiting