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If the boots are versatile in autumn and winter, the anti -fleece boots can be regarded as the leader of the wild. It comes with the luxurious sense of elegance, which is unmatched by other leather boots.


viplander tall silk light anti -velvete Chelsea

It’s just that the anti -fleece boots are so beautiful, and want to keep it as new for a long time. Pay attention to maintenance and care is crucial.

viplander high -silk anti -fleece desert boots

How to take care of:

1. First use a soft brush or clean sponge to brush the boots of oil stains. Do not use a particularly rough brush to avoid damage to the upper. When brushing, you should follow the direction, because it can be cleaned in the direction of the direction, which can bring out dirty stains.

2. Pour the detergent in the bowl, because the detergent is a mild neutral washing agent, which can effectively remove oil and stain without harming the upper.

3. Put in an appropriate amount of white vinegar, because white vinegar can not only sterilize disinfection, but the acetic acid can neutralize and alkaline detergent products, which can eliminate color and odor.

4. Wipe the surface of the boots with a sponge with a cleaning solution, and gently erase the oil from the upper until the upper is cleaned.

5. After cleaning, use a hair dryer to dry the upper and air dry in a ventilated place. Do not place it under the sun.

VIPLANDER imported waterproof cosmetic boots


1. Spray the cleaning shoes on the maintenance spray, which can not only make the shoes natural, but also effectively prevent and waterproof.

2. Put the paper balls into the shoes and place it in the cool vent and ventilation area for about 15 minutes.


3. For boots that are not worn, you can use shoes cover, then put the paper towels or shoes in the shoes, and then install it with a clean box.


viplander high -silk anti -fleece Pipon boots