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与往年相比,我们的选择更多更好了 2021国内外主流激光与LED光源家用投影机攻略(连载2)

Compared with previous years, our choices are more and better.

Select the above key points about laser and LED light source home theater projector

Regardless of whether it is a new friend or an old player, many new light sources such as laser and LED are given priority when choosing home theater projectors. When asked about the reasons why they chose this type of projector, the main considerations include long life, no need to worry about the post -light bulb replacement, high brightness, bright color, and so on. In fact, do laser and LED light source home theater projector really have this advantage? I’m afraid not necessarily.

Long service life, but the replacement cost is not low

与往年相比,我们的选择更多更好了 2021国内外主流激光与LED光源家用投影机攻略(连载2)

The long service life of light sources is an important consideration for our selection of laser and LED light source home theater projector. It should be noted that in the event of an emergency burning in the process of laser and LED light sources, the replacement cost will be much higher than the ordinary high -pressure mercury lamp. High -pressure mercury lamps have developed in the field of home projectors for many years. It is relatively mature and stable in technology, but the service life is relatively short, but the cost of replacing the bulb is relatively low. Therefore, when we choose this type of solid -state new light source projector, it is best to first understand the price of the manufacturer to change the price of the light source and the warranty period of the light source. In addition Work with low temperature environment.

How to view the balance between brightness and color

In the past, the home projector brand did not pay attention to color parameters, but in recent years we found that many home projector brands will propose the color gamut coverage of the projector in the parameters, mainly with BT.709 and DCI-P3 Standard comparison, for example, nearly 100%DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. In principle, the larger the color gamut coverage, the higher the color of the projector can show the color that is higher. BT.709 refers to the color gamut standard of the HD era, and DCI-P3 is the color gamut standard in digital cinemas. The DCI-P3 color gamut is much larger than BT.709, and it enters the 4K or 8K ultra-high-definition era. There is a BT.2020 standard with larger color gamut coverage.

The advantage of brightness and color is another main reason we are selecting laser and LED solid -state new light source home theater projector. But in fact, often the brightness and color are not a complementary relationship. Many projectors of high-gloss output brightness of 4,000 lumens are not satisfactory in color. In contrast, many of them have DCI-P3 wide color gamuties The projector with color coverage capabilities often only stays in about 2000 lumens. This is inseparable from the “native” color gamut space that the light source itself can achieve. When the light source itself already has a DCI-P3, or even the ultra-high color gamut coverage of BT.2020, it does not need to be added through the way of wide color gamut wheel or wide color gamut filter to sacrifice part of the brightness to enhance the picture of the picture to enhance the picture of the picture In color performance, at this time we can get a bright, picture color and bright picture.

Some models that use high -pressure mercury lamps, although the color gamut coverage of the light sources itself is not wide, often only about BT.709, but through the method of wide color gamut wheel and wide color gamut filter, reducing brightness can also be reduced. Realize the wide color gamut of DCI-P3.

Laser and LED light sources, especially the type of RGB triple-base structure, have a very good wide color gamut coverage in the light source. The way of brightness is achieved. But we need to pay special attention. At this stage, the mainstream laser home theater projector in the market has not yet adopted the structure of RGB triple -color. It can only reach about DCI-P3. Although the LED light source part, although basically belongs to the RGB triple -based structure, because the LED itself is not as good as laser, even the popular HLD high brightness LED light source is now prevailing. Essence

与往年相比,我们的选择更多更好了 2021国内外主流激光与LED光源家用投影机攻略(连载2)

One thing that must be emphasized is that the understanding of color space cannot only stay in the “triangle range” of the planes of BT.709, DCI-P3, and BT.2020. Color space is a three -dimensional space, and the color gamut is equal to the plane composed of X axis and Y axis. It contains a variety of different colors and different saturation elements. Different color elements of various colors. Therefore, even if two projectors that also reach DCI-P3 wide color gamut coverage, the distribution of each color is not the same, that is, the color brightness is different. As a result, we may be very good at actual viewing. It is easy to see that they are different in color presentation. Due to the technical structure, the color brightness of the laser light source is often higher than the ordinary high -pressure mercury lamp, especially in some high saturation colors. The Shang is particularly obvious, which makes us feel that the colors they can present are very bright, rich and full. In addition, with a three -piece chip structure, the color brightness will be higher than the single -chip chip model. When showing some pictures with rich colors or high saturation colors, the overall brightness of the screen will be higher.

The higher brightness output will inevitably increase the size of the body

Finally, let’s talk about the problems that the high brightness laser home theater projector needs to be considered in terms of installation. In fact, it is not difficult to find that when the brightness of a home theater projector reaches 5,000 or more, the volume of the fuselage will inevitably increase to install a larger and more effective cooling system in the fuselage. Therefore, when we want to choose this large -sized laser home theater projector, we need to consider whether it is suitable for ordinary lifting, or to set up an additional project room like a movie screening hall. In addition, we need to fully consider the problem of noise interference in heat dissipation and projector.

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