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Speaking of film shrinking, this is a strange thing for the golfers. Why do some rubber paste the second paste? Why does it shrink? What rubber will shrink? Under what circumstances will shrink? How long will it shrink? How to prevent it from shrinking? …… The ball of the country to answer the country to answer one by one.

The picture is slightly exaggerated, but if you do n’t pay attention to the prevention of contraction, the discomfort of the rubber is too small and the naked surface of the plate is very crazy! Intersection

First of all, when it comes to contraction, you have to know what is called irrigation.

1. What is “irrigation”?

The sponge of ping -pong glue is “sponge”, which is actually a foam rubber product, and its essence is rubber.

Organic glue or bottoming oil that needs to be irrigated now is not controlled. In fact, some small molecule organic solvents are actually played.

The process of irrigation and oiling is the bloating effect of rubber. Simple is that the small molecule organic solvents enter the gap of the rubber structure, and the rubber will swell. Increasing the elasticity of the glue, the permeability and the ball will be stronger (because the sponge swells, the spacing of the glue surface is larger, and the local pressure of the ball is large, so the ball is deep).

I said so much about it, and you do n’t understand what you do n’t know. In fact, you want to say that irrigation can cause the rubber to become larger. Of course, this bigger is temporary. When the organic solvent in the sponge is volatilized or precipitated, the rubber will return to the original size.

2. Why does it “shrink”?

So why can it shrink? Everyone knows that the glue can cause the glue to swell. In fact, it is very simple. After you brush the glue and the expansion of the glue, stick it and cut it. The shape of the recovery is naturally smaller than the noodles.

In addition, rolling forward with a roller stick will cause the rubber to pull long. After this cut, it will shrink when it is revealed.

At this time, some people will ask, “I didn’t fill the glue either, why did I shrink?”, I want to say that you must use a coat. And most of the cases are organic adhesive jackets. Because the sponge of the coat is more powerful, it is more sensitive to organic glue. Even if you only brush the rubber once, it will still swell (and the coat restoration of the original size is much longer than the domestic rubber such as Crazy 3, especially the cake jacket, so it is very very very very very, so it is very very very very very, so it is very very very very very, so it is very very very very, so it is very very very very, so it ’s very very very. It is easy to cause you to shrink the tragedy).

At this time, someone would ask, “I use inorganic, why is it still shrinking?” In fact, the internal can glue, regardless of domestic and jackets, mostly expanded. With a long effect increases energy oil, when the oil is precipitated or has been volatilized for a long time, the rubber will shrink a little bit (this is mainly the decline of the rubber performance, basically it will not shrink too seriously, the glue life is almost the same, it can be irrigated. Oil or organic glue allows it to rejuvenate again).

There is another reason for brushing inorganic glue film. The inorganic glue layer is equivalent to a rubber layer that does not contain oil. Naturally, it will shrink. (So ​​for the internal energy set, it is best not to be pasted repeatedly)

Summary of Guoqiu Huijun:

When the rubber is expanded, it will be smaller than the surface of the surface when it restores the natural shape! Intersection

——— I can flex and stretch, shrink and swollen.

3. Tips to prevent contraction:


Do not roll the rubber for a long time. You should gently rolling the rubber with a rolling stick to completely fit the rubber on the board, and then roll it tightly.

Do not brush the glue and energy increase agent with expansion effects before cutting new glue. It is best to use inorganic glue to paste, the effect of irrigation can not cause glue to swell.


For the inner capacity, it is as little as possible, unless it is turned on or the bottom plate is needed, it does not need to be unnecessary when it is necessary.

If it is a patient with severe obsessives such as Guoqiu Huijun, you can consider placing the glue for a few hours and wait for the shape of the rubber to stabilize and then paste it. In this way, the adhesive rubber can be perfectly matched with the edge of the bottom plate.

You can also draw a good line on the sponge first, cut it before cutting.

If the glue that has been shrinking, you must apply the plate to the surface, you can swipe some enlarged agents to expand the glue, but in this way, the feel will change, it will soften and turmoil, depending on personal needs.

(For non -internal capacity such as Crazy 3, there is no need to consider the contraction of glue.

New skills get! Intersection I can play happily again.

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