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After entering the spring, everyone’s choices in clothing are more beautiful and fashionable, especially all kinds of skirts are the hearts of beautiful girls.

The cake skirt that is particularly reduced in the skirt will be silent in early spring this year.



Compared with the traditional single -layer skirt, this kind of Ougen yarn has a princess skirt with elegance and nobleness. In addition, it is not very picky, who is a good -looking skirt item.

The characteristic of the cake skirt is

The skirt is like a cake, with a variety of folds. Through the folds of each section of the skirt, this layered wave effect is produced

, So it is also called a tower skirt.


In addition, most of it uses European roots as a material, so the skirt is more fluffy and has a European retro feeling. It is loved by young girls now.

The cake skirt is

Layer through fold

For this kind of folds, but the more fluffy style is the style of a dress. Many high -definition dresses have used this element to design a stylish and classic cake dress skirt.


This fold level has more levels, but it is not particularly gorgeous. Instead, the folds are very open. One layer one after another, it is a more daily style. Ordinary people are very beautiful to wear.


This kind of skirt also extends the fold element of the cake skirt, but replaced the folds with this wide fungus, so most of the skirts made of the bodies are more daily than the cake skirt above. Extension of elements.


Selection details of cake skirts

So how do we choose a skirt that suits us everyday, it is actually very simple. Just pay attention to these details, because the style is not very picky.

1. Don’t choose a style with more folds

A lot of fold means that the skirt is wider and fluffy, but everyone knows,


We wear skirts every day to consider beauty and solidity. Too many folds make the whole skirt look very inflated, but not beautiful enough

Such a simple three -layer skirt can maintain the layering of the cake skirt without appearing, but it has a lively and age -reducing effect.


2. Choose a cake skirt with yarn fabric


Why do the skirts of gauze fabric look more beautiful than other skirts? We still have to start with the fluffy feeling of the skirt.

The gauze skirt is light and breathable, and the multi -layered superposition will not look awkward

Compared with other fabrics, it is lighter to ensure the lightness of the cake skirt itself well, and it will not make the skirt look bulky.


3. Choose a long cake skirt

Why don’t choose the length of the length, isn’t the shorter more cute? One thing to say here is,

The cake skirt itself rely on layered fabric superimposed beauty. Basically, the longer the skirt, the more folds, and the more highlighting the beauty of the cake skirt

If your skirt itself is short, it will be designed closer on the basis of maintaining the cake skirt, but there is no elegance of the cake skirt.

Cake skirt with demonstration

One -word shoulder top with white cake skirt

This is a mixed -matching style. The matching of the top of the shoulder wood ear and the white cake skirt. This kind of combination is very small, fresh and daily. It is all thin models in the style. It can weaken the fluffy feeling of the cake skirt itself, but it seems that the matching of the top and the skirt is perfect.

Hanging neck cake skirt

The skirt of the hanging neck is really a very sexy one in the skirt. She is characterized by a support point. The rest of the fabric naturally sags, and there will be no waist design. This is also the same. The fresh and elegant sky blue. The whole skirt is particularly elegant because of the layers of the fabric, so it really has no requirements for the figure.

Tips cake skirt

Everyone knows that dressing is simple and simple, or simple and down. The cake skirt belongs to the latter. Because the skirt itself gives the skirt as a whole, the design of the upper body must be simple. Therefore, everyone sees the high cake skirt, which is basically the style of this suspender, plus a little embroidery to create a simple and complicated effect below.

One word shoulder cake dress

This kind of skirt is the short cake skirt, from shoulders to skirts with layered folds. This kind of skirt is more suitable for small girls to wear, and it will not press a person, but it looks long. If your shoulder lines are better, the skirt with a word should be set off this advantage. However, this kind of skirt is not suitable for girls who slipped shoulders. Pay attention to this.


There are many styles of cake skirts, but the classic ones are those models. You can follow the selection styles summarized above. If you pay attention to the details, you can choose the suitable cake skirt to make yourself beautiful in spring and summer!

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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