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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Steel tie tie buckets have the characteristics of large conversion, small volume, low power consumption, stable and reliable operation, long service life and other characteristics. Its structure is simple, the area is small, the power consumption is low, and the transportation capacity is large. It is widely used in the spread of scattered materials such as power, building materials, metallurgy, cement, and mines. During use, the tension of the wire tape will occur. Today we will summarize the factors that affect the tension of the wire tape.

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1. Degrees of the length of the wire tape


After the vertical increase of the steel wire tape is fixed with the connection with the increase in the box, if the length of the steel tape is inconsistent and there is a loose and loose, the elasticity is different. Increasing, the tension of the wire tape is unbalanced.

2. The creep of the wire tape

The peristaltic is caused by the tensile force difference and elastic deformation of the steel wire rope on both sides of the friction wheel. The wire rope and the lining are deformed. The relative sliding on the friction arc is peristals. The stiffness of the cushion and the wire rope decreases, which has nothing to do with the speed of improvement. The direction of peristalsis points to the side of the tension. Therefore, when the ropes of the vertical increase of the rope are allocated, the steel wire rope with a large tensile force will be greater than other steel wire ropes.

3. Digestive deviation of the diameter of the rope groove

The deviation of the effective diameter of each rope groove of the friction wheel, resulting in the effective period of each rope effective perimeter. The diameter of the 6 rope grooves of the rubbing wheels is inconsistent, so that the tape tape during the operation is different, so that the actual load of each steel wire tape is different, and the tension of the rope rope with shallow steel wire is increased. The calculation shows that the diameter of the vertical improvement machine rope groove is 1 mm, and the running process is run (566 m), and the length of the tape tape is 323.5 mm. During the process, there will be a large difference in the stroke of the wire tape.

4. The deviation of the rigidity of the wire tape

Because the material and processing accuracy of the steel wire tape cannot be absolutely the same, the elastic modulus and cross -sectional area of ​​the steel wire tape of each vertical increase is different. Therefore, when each rope is in a load state, the elastic extension is different, and the tension is different.

5. Skin -tape self -weighing system failure

The vertical promotioner is equipped with an automatic balance suspension device in the shell and weight, respectively, and the tension of the wire rope is unbalanced. When the device fails, it will not be able to automatically balance the scaling of the wire rope, which will cause the wire rope to be unbalanced.