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The problem of “one bottle difficult” of anti -killing supplies has been significantly relieved

Foreign Exchange Sky Eye APP News: Since the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, many netizens have reported that they “cannot buy anti -killing products”, that is, medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, etc. In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on February 24 that it is giving full play to the advantages of e -commerce platform coverage and strong distribution, actively promoting the docking of e -commerce and manufacturing enterprises, and urgently coordinating the blue moon (China), Naisius For key manufacturers such as the Group, Shanghai Likang, Shandong Haiyan, Shandong Huashi, and Luo Xin Pharmaceutical in Shandong, they continue to supply and kill products for Tmall,, Suning, and Netease Yanxuan.

At present, related products have been shipped one after another. By the end of February, a total of 758,000 bottles (460 tons), 500 boxes (1 tons) of hand -washing and disinfection can be provided to e -commerce. 50,000 bottles of alcohol disinfection spray There are 20 million slices (200,000 boxes) and 200,000 bottles (20 tons) of chlorine dioxide.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also urged enterprises that have the ability to produce products such as alcohol cotton pads, small -capacity alcohol spray and other products to accelerate production and increase online and offline guarantee.

After a period of time after the Spring Festival, due to the difficulty of re -production and resumption of production, traffic and logistics, and the public purchase of the masses, the disinfection products such as medical alcohol and 84 disinfection were short of stock.

To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology strengthened the guidance of key provinces and backbone enterprises, actively helped enterprises to coordinate and solve problems, raw materials, epidemic prevention and other problems, increase temporary production capacity, and increase the output of disinfecting supplies rapidly.

As of February 20, the daily output of 84 disinfection, free -to -hand disinfection, and alcoholic products increased by 207%, 151%, and 270%respectively compared with the end of January. From the perspective of total amount, the contradiction between supply and demand in the early stage has been clearly relieved.

Taking alcohol as an example, as alcohol companies have resumed work one after another, and some grain wineries and chemical plants are transferred, local areas have even provided over -demand phenomena. Some companies have begun to reduce production load due to more inventory.

However, many people do not know that the important reason for the “one bottle of hardship” for anti -killing products is packaging. Because the production enterprises of disinfecting products mainly produce large packaging (> 5L) products, but major e -commerce platforms and family individuals have a large demand for small packaging and disinfecting products (100ml, 500ml, etc.). Due to the lack of various specifications of plastic bottles, pump heads, labels, cartons and other packaging materials, small bottles of alcohol for alcohol, especially the people who are more willing to accept the alcohol dispel products below 100 ml.

In order to strengthen the guarantee of the anti -killing product, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has included the production enterprise of the production and disinfecting products into the unified management of the material guarantee information monitoring platform, and at the same time strengthen the management of the entire industry chain. As of now, there have been more than 480 product manufacturers in Kukuka. At the same time, the packaging auxiliary materials coordination group is also set up to master the supply of plastic bottles (barrels), glass bottle (barrel), carton, extrusion pumps, labels and other supply to guide enterprises to speed up small packaging (mainly 500 ml and below products). Production, coordinate solving the problems required by Beijing green umbrellas, Yangtze River veins and other enterprises to produce 84 disinfectant, tags, and pump heads required for hand -washing and disinfection.

According to reports, in response to the rapid growth of the demand for elimination of supplies after re -production and production, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology coordinated key manufacturers with e -commerce platforms such as Ali, Jingdong, and Suning to increase the mass sales channels and meet the needs of social purchase. In order to fully tap the supply side potential, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also encourages the e -commerce platform enterprise to mobilize the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises to transfer production lines to the production area near raw materials to improve the supply capacity.

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