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When I saw such a table for the first time, I was affordable and upper -level. The neighbor squeezed it up and asked where I bought it.

The restaurant is an indispensable part of life, and the dining table is also the same. The dining table is where we have three meals a day. Whether it is relatives, friends or colleagues to visit, everyone must communicate with each other on the table. With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for material life are getting higher and higher. For example, the dining table now has a variety of materials, and different materials show the different character of the owner. So how do you buy a table that suits you?

1. What material is good for the family dining table?

1. Marble material

The marble desktop is equipped with leather seats, and the hard texture of marble with the soft texture of leather seats gives people a sense of perseverance and softness. The indifference of marble, the delicate texture of the leather is warm, and the leather is portrayed by the sharp portrait. Regrets, marble pens are compensated. The smoothness of marble and the unique luster of leather all reveals noble temperament. The wooden table and metal chair legs make the whole dining table and chairs look too heavy.

2. Materials of mahogany

If you are also a person who is very particular about life, then you are definitely worth having a unique mahogany dining table. If you talk about what materials are good for the dining table, the mahogany is an indispensable option. The appearance is particular, exuding the ancient and deep smell, with everyone’s style, such a set of dining tables and chairs must be bright; even in the modern family of fashion strikers, it will definitely attract a lot of appreciation. Nowadays, the mahogany dining table is mixed. To buy a mahogany dining table, you must find a regular manufacturer to sell!

3. Glass material

When it comes to glass material furniture products, we should use the coffee table the most. Under the good topic of what material is the table today, the glass table is also one of the protagonists today. The glass dining table can form an outstanding allocation combination with other various types of family privately. The concise and clear lines and transparent visual effects make it outstanding and not obtrusive. There is no ingenuity in the bush, flashing with bright light.

4. Stainless steel

Stainless steel tables are not currently used in a lot of use, but the stainless steel dining table is more fashionable and trendy, and the product is strong and durable. It is a very strong and durable table type!

2. How do the restaurant choose the shape of the dining table?

First of all, we have to spend the area of ​​the space. If the area is small, then choose a rectangular table! In this way, it will not feel like a lot of space. If the space of your home is relatively large, you can choose a round table for a long time, so that the whole space will be very atmospheric!

Secondly, choosing can be selected according to personal preferences, but in this editor, I remind everyone that even if you like it, you must match your decoration style!

However, in other words, the round table is still better. No matter from the perspective, the round table is still relatively popular!

1. From the perspective of meaning, Yuan represents reunion! So the round table is still better!

2. For guests, the round table looks more comfortable to sit, and the placement of the dishes will not be said to have enough situations!

3. From a security perspective, the round table is relatively safe, without so -called edges! It is very suitable for families with children at home!

How to buy a dining table?

1. Workman

First of all, let’s see how it works. Its workmanship should be fine, especially the tempered glass. The desktop is best with glass with a thickness of more than 8 mm. In this way, it can have strong high temperature resistance, and its pressure resistance can also be enhanced. Its surface should be smooth and flat, without prominent hard objects. The corner of the dining table should also be polished to avoid injury to our skin, and we can also care for the safety of our family. The desktop corner is selected as stainless steel as much as possible, which is clean and not easy to rust.

2. Style

Any furniture cannot be “self -contained”, but should be in line with the style of the living room. Therefore, the dining table should also choose the style that fits the room decoration style. For example, the family is a rural style. We can choose some white tables without choosing a heavy marble table.

3. The color of the dining table should be neutral

The color of the dining table is generally neutral, and you should try to avoid using too bright and dazzling colors. Try to make good stable colors such as natural wood, brown, black, etc., but modern and popular glass tables are fully transparent. For older friends, they do not think that feng shui is not good, then you can choose tea colors or translucent ones. The problem is not big.

The article is the relevant knowledge about the purchase skills of the dining table introduced by Xiaobian. The dining table is exquisite in shape and material. Everyone must buy according to the actual situation of the family. In addition to paying attention to product quality, we also need to determine whether the table we choose meets the size of the room, which will affect the overall decoration style of the family.

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