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The opening of the Mengshan Sports Festival and the 2nd Linyi Mengshan International Tent Festival

“Goddess of Fire” goes to the bonfire scene with the collected fire

Langya News Network, May 22 (Reporter He Jinzheng Correspondent Zang De San) At night, watching Mengshan, looking up at the sky of the sky, joining the carnival, and sharing the rural breeze slowly … From May 20th to 22nd, “In love in Mengshan “The second Mengshan International Tent Festival, the theme, was held in Yunmeng Scenic Area (Mengshan National Forest Park) in Yimengshan Tourism Area. More than 4,000 outdoor sports enthusiasts from home and abroad signed up for the event.

Tourists from all over the country sing and dance around the bonfire

This tent festival is one of the important parts of the Mengshan Sports Festival in China. During the period, the scenic area also launched the opening ceremony of the Mengshan Sports Festival in China. The event was sponsored by the Linyi Sports Bureau, the Mengshan Tourism District Management Committee, and the Shandong Mengshan Tourism Group. Enjoy carnival.

A couple who participated in the Mengshan International Tent Festival stayed in the Yunmeng Scenic Area in Yimengshan Tourism Area.

In order to highlight the theme of “Love in Mengshan”, the Mengshan International Tent Festival is scheduled to be on May 20th. As a result, this event attracted many couples and husbands to participate. Under the moon, next to the green pine, a tent created a different romantic night for the lover and family couple.

Two children participating in the Mengshan International Tent Festival play in the tent

At the event, the scenic spot carefully set up four relatively concentrated tent camping venues, snack areas, cooking areas, bonfire areas and open -air theaters. Small the mountains, enjoy delicious snacks, and watch open -air movies. Outdoor love sports enthusiasts in the South China Sea gathered together, cutting skills, lingering and forgetting.

Tourists ignite each other, and the bonfire was opened to open the carnival night.

The highlight of the tent festival is the invitation of the tent, and the culture is intoxicating. Large -scale music carnival activities made the tent festival climaxed. Excited music, colorful tents, the goddess of the Holy Fire came to the fire, the enthusiastic bonfire reflected the pleasant smiley face, the aroma of the beer barbecue was filled with the entire venue …

Visitors organize wonderful tug of war in accordance with the principle of voluntary registration.

As one of the birthplaces of Dongyi Culture, Mengshan had a context of the ancestors here 5,000 years ago.

Mengshan is now known as “natural oxygen bar” and “super clean areas”, and its forest coverage rate is as high as 95%. The Mathematical and Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences monitors the highest value of negative oxygen ion content in the air in the scenic area to 85,4167 per cubic centimeters, ranking first in the country. Such a high oxygen ion content makes Mengshan the first choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Turn tents make outdoor enthusiasts in various places show their skills.

According to the “government -led, policy support, and market operation” model, the Mengshan tourist area has increased the brand awareness of Mengshan Sports Health by organizing sports events, and has also opened a new model of leisure tourism in Mengshan+Sports.

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