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Mysterious Sea: Treasure makes people crazy

Movie: “Mystery Sea”

Type: action, adventure

Recommended star: Samsung

Film quotes: Trust your companion a paradise and a hell.

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“Mysterious Sea” is adapted from Sony’s game “Mysterious Sea: Captain Drake’s Treasure”. The film was released in the United States on February 18, 2022, and was released in mainland China on March 14, 2022. The film tells the young The treasure hunt, Natson Drake and the treasure hunting, changed from a competitor to the best partner, and embarked on the treasure hunting journey side by side. The two found the story of the treasure through a thrilling exploration.

“Mysterious Sea” is an adventure movie adapted from classic games. For players who have not played games, the scenes of this movie, the action, and special effects are very high, and for gamers Crisis settings are scribbled than games. But after all, this is adapted from the game. There is still a gap between the producers in the game and the reality, so this movie is only good to see the action.

The same type of film is the same type of “National Treasure” and “Tomb Raiders”. Those who are interested in the treasure hunting journey around the treasure can be collected and watched.

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The text starts (spoiler content)

The film opened in danger and was extremely thrilling. In the audience, the male lead was hanging in the plane warehouse pendant into the luggage. When he was shocked, the camera turned to talk about the male lead with his brother. Magellan’s navigation map, and wants to get map research to find Magellan treasure.

But when the male lead was discovered by the security guard and was twisted by the police back to the repair court when they took the map. Seeing things.

In a blink of an eye, the male lead who was flowing with treasure hunting blood grew up in a bar as a waitress and by the way the passengers did not pay attention to the pair of valuables to sell money by themselves. His Sulvan deliberately said that he had broken and stole his bracelets to lead him to his residence and deliberately let the man see the map.

He also told him all the details of the treasure, inadvertently revealed his brother Sam, took the opportunity to seduce him to explore the treasure with himself and find his brother.

The male lead was taking a photo with his brother when he was a child and took out the postcard of his brother to the postcard sent by his brother. He made up his mind to call Su Liwin and promised him and asked about the specific action time.

Su Liva was determined that he was willing to go to the bar together to find a treasure. He had to find the treasure keys to tell him and told him that the key key was preparing to be auctioned as an item. After mixing it, then they should be responsible for attracting the sight to secretly take the key according to the previous discussion. After getting it, they retreated together.

In the venue, they encountered Sulin’s deadly opposite Joan Bladaq, because she was like a treasure hunt as Sulvin, they were familiar with each other’s routine. Joan Bladaq has been staring at them at the venue.

After seeing the male lead sneak away alone, he sent someone to follow him. Naturally, he found that the male lead wanted to cut off the power and stopped it very smoothly.

The male lead and their plans also wanted to grab the male lead and fight with the male lead, which caused a mess on the scene. When Sulvin saw that this method couldn’t work, he put on security clothes as soon as he had a clever machine, and took it from the security of the security.

Ready to go first, regardless of the male lead, so when the male lead and him talked, he just returned a sentence and prepared to leave from the channel. Regardless of the situation of the male lead, he left the male lead who fought alone. , But he has not been too smooth.

He was chased and threatened to hand over the key, and when he was chased out when he was a knife rack around his neck, he saw Su Liwen in security clothes and thought that the staff of the venue took him to turn to Su Livvin’s and Su Liwin’s. The opponent hit.

Let her escape smoothly and saw the male lead he was left in the car, and followed him with his sophistry male lead and went to the next place with him.

In the film, there was no introduction of how the male lead escaped in the case of siege on all sides, and Su Liwin just changed the person in his clothes to see that he and the male lead were a group? Could it be blind.

They went to the next place to find another person who took the key by the way. The man who took the key in his hand did not know that the original opening of the treasure needed two keys, and these Su Livv did not tell him (from here to see Su Sugen (from here, he can see that Su Su shows that Su Su shows that Su Su shows that Su Su shows that Su Su shows that Su Su shows Su Liwen’s caution and distrust of the male lead), they abolished greatly to persuade this person to act with them and Joosteak on the other side did not give up wealth.

He also came to the church and secretly followed the male lead. The result was found by the male lead and then pursued fiercely. They had the technology and lost the male lead. They were successfully obtained by the male lead. The concealment in front of Liwen. He deliberately did not help. He was trapped by his teammates and fainted and took the drawings and keys to the boss of Sulvan’s deadly opponent.

They secretly observed in the dark and took the plane to the treasure place together while they didn’t pay attention to the head of the red car. They only took the map and the key.

On the other side, inner Dou Qione Bladack killed his boss and then prepared to kill the partner who betrayed the male lead. Leave the male lead and the former partner to fight together.

Just as the male lead pays attention to the opposite person, he should pay attention to the luggage that comes from the flying. The red car rushed out of the cabin was hit by the car that was hit by the sedan in the air. The front.

At the crisis, their partners let the man jump and she jumped on the cargo with parachutes on the male lead on a rapidly declining car for a while and jumped down and fell into the water by the way. (The male lead still trusts people)

After the male lead and the former partner were rescued, he deliberately gave the wrong address. He came to the right treasured land and met Su Liwen here. The people sent by Johbladack caught up and prepared to pack them with a helicopter.

I certainly do n’t agree with the hard work of the hard work to find others, and then the work clearly starts to grab the treasure. Su Liwin is responsible for controlling the helicopter and the male lead is responsible for fighting with the fighter on the boat. In a fierce fight, the male lead Get a brief victory.

When the other party couldn’t see, he wanted to use Yinzhao to hit the helicopter of Su Liwen’s driving. At the crisis, the male lead used the explosives on the boat to bomb the opponent’s helicopter and let them fall.

And no one of them did not notice Joablaida jumping on the treasure ship and put down the anchor to increase the purpose of the hull to achieve the purpose of the helicopter. Through the results.

When she was climbing with the male lead, she was smashed down by Su Liwen with the gold that was not easy to remove on the machine, and finally was smashed by the falling hull and the male lead was full of trust when the sail was slowly falling. Deepeningly was rescued by Sulvonra helicopter.

This movie is basically over here, and the main film tells the story of the male lead and Su Liwen’s trust around the treasure.

As for the treasure? Except for the male lead, the rest of the ship had been salvaged by the Philippines as the ship sank into the sea. This is not what we worry about. At the end of the film, the appearance of the male leader foreshadows the second part.

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