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“Dong Wa said to decoction” Issue 3: The operation process of the decoction machine SOP

As the general integrated integrator of the domestic professional smart Chinese medicine house solutions, Hangzhou Tanggu Information Technology Co., Ltd. has some talents who are proficient in various decoction issues. For example, Dong worker, a person who has been in the centers or Chinese medicine rooms of various customers all year round, has experienced numerous decoction problems to torture, and practiced a “soft” and “hard” work.

In the previous period, Dong worker shared the installation and debugging of the decoction machine with us. In this issue, Dong workers will make new sharing around the “operating process of decoction machines”. If you have any questions about decoction, please leave a message in the comment area.

The operation process of the decoction machine is roughly divided into nine steps:

01 Chef up before booting

You can use the “Three Questions” to check before booting: Is the power cord connected? Is the pot cleaned? Is the liquid valve closed?

02 boot

Open the power switch.

03 settings

Generally, the cooking time, temperature and squeezing times should be set. Some decoction machines are distinguished from Wenhuo and Wuhuo, and the time of Wenhuo and Wuhuo need to set up a separate fire and fire.

04 medicine

Chinese medicine drinks need to be soaked before cooking. Put the soaked pills in the soaked water when putting the medicine, and then pour the soaked water into the pot.

05 add water

There is a related calculation formula in the amount of water, but it will be simplified when practical. Generally, the amount of water added is the amount of solution that needs to be fried+1000ml. According to the corresponding adjustment according to different medicinal materials, the maximum water loading cannot exceed 2/3 of the pot capacity. Tang Gu Smart Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Fragrance System has a built -in water adding module, which can automatically calculate the reference water increase. The operator only needs to add water and water according to the reference of the prescription.

06 Start frying

After the lid is covered, lock the handle and close the exhaust valve. Then start the frying switch on the control board, and then wait for the decoction machine to end the frying automatically according to the set time.

07 concentration

After the frying is over, if there is too much medicinal solution, you need to be concentrated. Although some packagers have concentrated functions, the efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, the general decoction center is equipped with a special concentrated pot. After pouring the medicinal solution to the concentrated pot, it is concentrated to the specified amount with martial arts.

08 Differential irrigation

After the frying, if you do not need to be concentrated, open the main valve and drain valve directly, and discharge all the medicinal solution into the clean container. Set the number of packaging bags and weights per bag on the packaging control panel, and then start packaging and label. Tang Gu Smart Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula System can control the automatic printing label and automatic labeling of the packaging equipment to save manpower and time.

09 cleaning

Take out the pill bag in the boiled pot, rinse the inner wall with clean water and rags, then turn off the main valve and water outlet valve, cover the pot, and wait for the next frying.

During the operation of the decoction machine, the following matters need to be paid attention to:

1. After the lid is covered, the handle of the lock of the lid must be pushed in place.

2. Keep a distance from the ground to the ground to prevent the sewage from being inhaled into the pot to cause pollution.

3. Bringing up the fried bag should be tied high to ensure that the decoction of Chinese medicine is evenly cooked, and the pipeline is blocked while leaking.

4. After the decoction machine is cooked, it must be washed with a sufficient amount of water in time to prevent the pipeline from blocking the pipeline.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Roundness Spherical Concentrating Machine for Pharmaceutical, hope it can help you.