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The “female craftsman” of the cast tank

Not long ago, the “International Military Competition -2020” came to an end. In this year’s competition, the team members of our army drove the domestic 96B tanks. They galloped all the way through obstacles such as the wading field, Tuling, Ruchi Bridge, etc., and scored 24 targets in the shooting session. Dozens of tons of tanks are galloping and a hundred steps of penetrating Yang’s picture, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

However, many people do not know that the domestic 96B tanks representing China, automatic loading the tail cabinet guide rail, the transmission system protection cap, and the casting of the loading wheels, all came from a female casting division.

The key castings on the modern tank, like the joints of the human body, tightly connect each part of the tank to enable it to withstand its own pressure and external impact. Teng Hong is the craftsman of the “joint” of the cast tank.

Iron smelting quench, hard sword cast shield. With the delicate and rigorous women’s unique and rigorous women, she changed the steel castings from drawings to reality, and pioneered a world in the field of military casting.

“We are building a big country, and the standards for process are not enough.”

When I first met Teng Hong, it was difficult to associate the “weak woman” wearing glasses and speaking softly with the high and powerful chariot. In fact, it is not only a tank, but also the high -precision castings designed by her, but also applied to cutting -edge weapons such as fighters and missiles.

In late July this year, the list of the fourth “Tianyang Cup” national outstanding casting engineer was announced. Teng Hong was one of only two of the 11 top casting talents in the country.

On the day of the list, Teng Hong first came to the office in the morning as usual. After the computer was turned on, she compared the size of the drawing in one hand, dragging the mouse adjustment parameters in one hand -I saw the red “steel liquid” slowly full of cavity.

“Casting is not as simple as clicking the mouse, fixed process, model, trial pouring, and lines … There are countless small processes behind these steps. If you encounter special castings, you must choose sand by yourself.” Teng Hong is like a few treasures.

What is the relationship between designers and casters?

Teng Hong made an image metaphor -as a tea tank, the designer draws the shape proportion of the tea tank. At this time, the tea tank is “lying” on the drawing; , Determine the wall thickness, inner and outer wall interval, casting process and other indicators, you must also check the production process to ensure that the process is qualified.

In Inner Mongolia’s First Machinery Group, anyone who is familiar with Teng Hong knows that her nickname is “on -site technician”. Although it is already a senior engineer, no matter whether it is a trial model or a production of castings, Teng Hong will keep it on the front line to close the quality.

Five years ago, a project led by Teng Hong was a combination of casting, and the process requirements were very high. Among them, the hoop casting is a typical thick large cast. It is difficult to achieve order solidification during metal liquid solidification and replenishment difficulty; Causes cracks and deformation of castings.

After the early stages, except for the slight deformation of the branches, and the value is within the standard range, other castings have been completed. However, Teng Hong stared at this defect and did not let go. Through software simulation analysis, the real reason for seeking slight deformation problems.

The time of delivery is getting closer and closer. Some people have suggested that anyway, it is already in line with the process requirements, and it may be delivered first.

“We are building a major country, and the standards of craftsmanship are not enough.” Teng Hong made up his mind to study solutions, leading technical personnel to carry out intellectuals and explore a variety of methods.

After 15 days of model trial production, they successfully solved the casting problem of the equipment.

“Turning the drawings in your hands into a first -class casting is the value of the spirit of craftsmen.”

The complex cavity ultra -fine and ultra -deep -hole cast steel parts are one of the most severe challenges that Teng Hong has faced since the casting work.

From the perspective of casting, the casting of the tank track cannot be separated from sand. The quality of sand determines the mobility and reliability of the tank.

The first step is to start with the choice of sand core. At first, high -end cast steel products were used for oil sand, and it was prone to problems such as broken core, sintering and sand cleansing.

In order to find the appropriate sand core, Teng Hong asked experts and visited seniors, and ran through the surrounding sand supply units and mastered the first -hand information.

The sand core source was found, and the next job was to measure various parameters. In order to collect accurate data, Teng Hong found the University of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, specializing in the development of a data collection device, and establishing a database based on the actual calculated information, providing accurate data support for subsequent development of similar products.

After countless comparisons, research, and experiments, she and the R & D team finally found an innovative solution. This not only fills a gap in my country’s casting technology, but also solves the problem of key casting of high -end equipment gearboxes.

Dreaming flowers can only bloom gorgeously by hard work; a happy stairs must be built with struggle to reach the peak.

Since his youth, Teng Hong has a power to lose. When she graduated from the technical school, Teng Hong’s first job was an electrician, but she was unwilling to work only for a lifetime, so she worked, studied, and improved.

Occasionally, she was transferred to the technical room to engage in the processing process of casting. In the eyes of the master Wu Yuping, Teng Hong is a “love” person. She often chases her old technicians and keeps asking, and she is always rushing to work.

Once, the unit received the casting task of a type of tank comprehensive transmission system shell. This is a complicated overall casting, with large weight, large oil channels, and high heat resistance requirements.

The traditional casting method is difficult to mold. At that time, there was no computer drawing software, and it was necessary to draw it on the picture board. Many people retired.

“No matter how difficult it is to overcome it.” Teng Hong took the initiative to ask for, fighting for the front line for more than ten consecutive days, and drawing the picture 3 days in advance. After repeated experiments, she finally determined the method of three core cross -combined machining methods, and installed the casting on the tank as scheduled.

For more than 30 years, Teng Hong has devoted all his energy to the casting armored vehicle. Asked what the value of the craftsman is? Teng Hong replied: “Turning the drawings in the hand into a first -class casting is the value of the artisan spirit.”

“For weapons and equipment, there is no good or bad, only success or failure.”

Teng Hong recognizes a sentence in “Unbearable Life”. It is only once in a person’s life. You can’t finish all the possibilities, and then choose the most perfect road.

“For weapons and equipment, there is no good or bad, only success or failure.” Teng Hong often warned himself, “We made not only molds and metal castings, but also the ‘screw’ formed the heavy weapon of the country.”

On Tenghong’s desk, there was a micro -carving craft with only fingers -an ancient sailing boat. This is a gift brought by a colleague on a business trip. Looking at the magnifying glass, the carved beams and paintings in the cabin, pushing cups between characters and changing cups, portrait.

In Teng Hong’s view, this is the manifestation of the ingenuity. Military casting has stricter requirements for craftsmanship than micro -carving. It is necessary to sink and carefully crafted, practice the process to the extreme, but also aim at high -precision technology to make the technological content of casting get higher and higher.

In the summer, Teng Hong received a casting task of a type of missile in a missile combat department. The size of the casting is very long, and the existing casting equipment cannot be effectively processed; the wall thickness is ultra -thin, the structural process is poor, and the casting is difficult; the technical indicators are high, and the casting should be detected in 3 ways. And penetrating defects. In addition to this “three super”, the working hours are only 2 months.

As soon as the trial system started, Teng Hong encountered “down the horse”. Because the size of the casting is too long and the workers are limited, she cannot “stand” as usual, and can only be “lying” processing. The huge tensile stress produced between the four outputs, resulting in obvious cracks in the casting. The development of the development was in a bottleneck, and the casters were unsatisfactory.

One night, Tenghong, who was about to get off work, turned on his mobile phone. A domestic enterprise used 3D printing technology to solve the news of manufacturing problems.

“Can you print the sand core 3D?” Teng Hong was determined to be the first person to eat crabs. On the hot summer, she shuttled back and forth between various departments, coordinated the purchase of equipment, organized technical force, and studied 3D printing technology.

Due to the unfamiliar use of the device, the sand core printed at the beginning does not meet the standard. Teng Hong led the technicians to carefully record the data, carefully resumed the trial production process, held a technical analysis meeting many times, and finally created a qualified casting.

Subsequently, they hit the iron while they were hot, explored the system’s 3D printing and casting process design methods and process parameters, and refined the process specifications of 3D printing special steel casting steel parts.

“As long as you dare to try, there is no ‘Kan” who can’t go through. “Teng Hong, who has passed the destiny years, is leading the team to overcome difficulties and climb to the next highland of serving the strong army.

Figure ①: “International Military Competition -2020” Chinese participating team participated in the “Tank Two” project bicycle races. Xinhua News Agency

Figure ②: Teng Hong tested products in the workshop.

Photo confession

Figure: Hou Jichao

Source: PLA Daily

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