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If you don’t have a pearl earrings, please don’t say that you are fashionable!

Girls are probably no resistance to exquisite and beautiful earrings. Seeing the cheap earrings on a certain treasure, you buy a drawer as soon as you buy. But look good and look good, most of them were idle after wearing it once or twice. Over time, it is a bit embarrassing to deform and fade again. In fact, it is better to choose some classic versatile and never outdated jewelry, the pearl is very good ~

The pearl is small but the finishing touch is full. A small pearl is embellished on the ears, which not only brings a gentle texture, but also adds countless points to the temperament. Moreover, the elegance of Pearl itself is incomparable. The classic is eternal and does not fade. Especially pearl ear decoration is a must -have item for jewelry control.



Joystone is the young line brand of Xi Yue Jewelery. The design style of each jewelry is very unique. It has the temperament of modern art and is very popular with young people today. especially

Baroque pearl ear decoration

The design breaks the restraint of pearl items.

Baroque’s original intention is “not rounded pearl”, and irregular Baroque pearls are difficult to obtain, so it is very rare. The unique shape creates the precious Baroque pearl, and many big -name jewelry design has been attracted by such alien pearl aesthetics.

Right: Simone Rocha Left: CĂ©line

Lu Jingshan’s same Joystone free Baroque pearl earrings, with a metallic luster with a little retro charm. Elegant literature and art, as if returning to the era of “Breakfast of Tiffany”. The round and clean shape of the pearl is very special. It is very special in shape. It completes the irreplaceable matching power in the ear. Especially in the early winter season, the coat, sweater dress with a Baroque pearl earrings, the monotonous feeling of black and white and gray disappears instantly, high -level fashionable wants to want It is difficult to not eye.

Girls who like long earrings can choose this JOYSTONE freshwater Baroque pearl long earrings. The golden line and pearl are connected. The perfect length above the clavicle below the chin can not only modify the face shape and not imbalance. The long earrings are not only suitable for daily commuting, but the party can be properly matched at the end of the year. Whether it is a basic shirt or an off -the -shoulder long skirt, a quiet and quiet posture shows elegant and gentle temperament.

JOYSTONE freshwater Baroque pearl earr

Value value: 750 yuan

JOYSTONE freshwater Baroque pearl long earrings



O.yang was founded in London and is a member of the British National Jewelry Association. Quality and design are loved by INS bloggers. The Grow Wild Natural Growth Series also uses Baroque Pearl as the raw material, and the natural texture texture gives this series of unique features.

This Baroque pearl vermiculite earrings, the overall shape is inspired by Zhianzhulan, which is very practical and matched. Whether it is long hair or LOB and short hair, it can make a different style.

Without carved texture, the shape of the entire earrings is retro and artistic. The luster of copper -plated gold is low -key and luxurious. The style of self -made factions can be gentle and elegant, fashionable and modern, and small earrings.

The pink irregular Baroque pearls are embellished with rose red gemstones, classic elegant, and the gentleness of temperament, especially suitable for attending grand occasions at the end of the year.

The fairy who likes the minimalist style, this natural water drop -type pearl earrings are also very good. The flower shape shows the lively and lively dynamic beauty.

Simple perforation design, fashionable and advanced, casual matching will make the overall look increase.

O.yang Baroque pearl vermiculite earrings

Value price: 780 yuan

O.yang natural water droplet pearl earrings

Value price: 680 yuan



Light luxury jewelry brand Fanlect, a girl -like light -like jewelry jewelry, with K gold, sterling silver, natural gemstones and pearls to mix and match, combining a sense of relaxed jewelry. The “F major concerto” series earrings are based on notes, which are mainly designed elements. They are unique and childlike.

Qi Wei is asymmetric pure silver pearl ear decoration, using international standards 925 silver, natural freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal. The unique spiral shape adds a trace of living fluctuations, smart and playful, and has a sense of styling and three -dimensional. The retro golden color and the bright luster of pearls exude a strong retro atmosphere. The quiet Swarovski Crystal was embellished, and it was even more shining. Even with basic clothes, it can be fashionable and full of texture.

I feel that the above little little fairy, this pearl earrings can definitely capture your heart, small and stylish and sweet. International standards 925 silver, not easy to fade. Silver ear blocked to prevent allergies. Natural freshwater pearls are delicate and soft.

In terms of practicality, the biggest advantage of earrings is that we will not be scraped, do not pick hairstyles or make makeup, small and exquisite beauty, and the usage rate will be greatly improved.

FANLECTION asymmetric pearl ear decoration

Original price: 920 yuan

Value price: 809 yuan


Original price: 499 yuan

Value price: 439 yuan



Annaya, a global new jewelry designer creative, is a fashionable, easy -to -match, and cost -effective light luxury jewelry brand. The most fashionable jewelry design elements at the moment can be found in Annaya. The colorful design of this season is based on the classical gorgeous golden tone, combining elegant pearls, and the geometric shape is full of artistic atmosphere.

Annaya Freshwater Pearl 14K Golden Ear, the classic triangle shape, has a three -dimensional sense. The classic triangle shape is very three -dimensional. The triangular part can be removed and used as a single pearl earline. The triangle part can also be used as a pendant, which is worn with a necklace. One is wearing more to meet the needs of different styling.

Simple lines highlight the gloss of pearls. The earrings are extended, and the face shape is more visually smaller. The long ears are swaying with every move.

Earrings look simple but have a strong sense of design. This 14K gold freshwater pearl earrings are combined with shiny freshwater pearls and shiny gemstones. They are delicate and gorgeous, full of feminine elegance.

Against the light, the softness of the pearl and the shining of the vermiculite, the two different lights, like high light hit the face, make the face more three -dimensional effect, light up your facial features.

Annaaya freshwater pearl 14K gold ear

Value value: 1110 yuan

Annaya 14K Gold Freshwater Pearl Vastel Earrings

Value Value: 730 yuan


Pearl Moments

Pearl Moments’ jewelery has undertaken many classic designs, from design to material selection. Especially in the selection of pearls, we strive to reach the standards of railment, strong light, and flawless. The gloss and wearing feel are very good, and the price of less than 1,000 yuan is also cost -effective.

This earrings are standard 925 silver plated 18K gold with freshwater pearls. In particular, there are many ways to match. You can remove the hollow earrings and wear pearl earrings directly. You can also try asymmetric rules, while earrings on the side of the earrings.

Value value -for -money is equivalent to buying one two. Each pearl is carefully selected, and the size is moderate. It can not only cooperate with the easy and casual shape, but also make your pearl earrings attract attention, and it will not be reduced to no discussion accessories.

The heart -shaped pearl earrings have a strong sense of shape, sweet and cute, and break through the inherent impression of pearls that give people mature. Not only will it not look too heavy, but it will make you playful. The size, higher flashing more attractive attention.

Pearl Moments, exquisitely wearing pearl earrings

Value price: 498 yuan

Pearl Moments Heart -shaped Pearl Earrings

Value price: 299 yuan

Pearl is definitely not the dusty jewelry of the grandmother’s era, and it is born with the elegance and coldness, and it can be used well to make good use of it. Use the elegant temperament of pearl earrings to create yourself, improve the taste ~

Value value: 750 yuan

The above is the introduction and description of Wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry custom women wedding zircon pearl necklace pendent, I hope it can be helpful to you.