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FAW-Volkswagen Side Squading Team won the honorary title of “National Workers Pioneer” in 2022

On the eve of the May 1st Labor Day, at the “2022 Celebration of the May 1st International Labor Day and the National May Day Labor Award and the National Workers Pioneer Commendation Conference” held by the National Federation of Trade Unions of China, FAW-Volkswagen Changchun produced a vehicle to create a welding installation The Audiq5L area of ​​the Audiq5L area was awarded the title of “National Workers Pioneer” in 2022. The acquisition of this honor is not only the recognition and affirmation of the team, but also the award and encouragement of FAW-Volkswagen’s courage to innovate and adhere to ingenuity.

FAW-Volkswagen Changchun produces a vehicle to manufacture a welding of a workshop Audiq5L area side circumference team (photographed in 2021)

FAW-Volkswagen Changchun produced a vehicle for the “National Workers Pioneer” title to create a welding one-sides of the Audiq5L area on the side of the AUDI Q5L car series SUV and coupe dual-model outer board Assembly production. Over the years, the team has advocated the spirit of “adherence to ingenuity, pursuing excellence”, based on the independent innovation of the post, and achieved outstanding results in the application of new technology and the construction of new projects.

Autonomous attacks and break the problem, improve innovation and bravery responsibility

FAW-Volkswagen Changchun produces a vehicle to manufacture a welding of a workshop AudiQ5L area side surrounding team to be good at identifying and grasping the potential points in the work, and use collective power to self-tackle. As the dual -model flippacking platform is put into use, it brings the process waiting during switching. As the output rises, it has become a potential “bottleneck”. The team decided to “grab it back” by themselves. Everyone clearly divided the labor, observed the operating status from different angles, disassembled the action timing of each part, and concentrated the force to optimize the clamping method of some fixtures. Paying parallel, thereby effectively reducing the preparation time of the model when the model switching, increasing production efficiency by 20%, and demonstrating the wisdom and strength of the front -line employees.

Discovery from details, improved from practice. The team effectively implements the improvement of human -machine projects and solves the high load problem brought by high yields. The original glue method of the team is that the employee holds 5 kg of glue equipment on 20 grams of parts. By reverse thinking, the team converts the fixed parts of the hand -held rubber gun into a handheld parts fixing the rubber gun mode, and breaks through the walking switch instead of the manual switch. Through the design and transformation of themselves, the employee only needs to hold 20 grams of parts to complete the operation. The labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the quality has also been improved.

Nuzhi can be able to mention quality, adhere to ingenuity for excellence

The team can achieve today’s achievements, which is inseparable from the persistence and practice of the “excellent welding and excellent team” culture of FAW-Volkswagen’s welding workshop. The collective power is powerful. If the target group is not giving up, the group can be opened. After the CMT process is first applied to the mixed production of dual models, after the quality fluctuations occurred during the merger of the coupe model, everyone knew that whether it was the knowledge accumulation at the time or the depth of the process of crafts, it was not enough to solve this problem, but no one person was alone. Want to give up easily. On the one hand, the team contacted the in -depth training of resource organizations, and on the other hand, it was difficult to record the quality of the quality state.

With the successive application of virtual simulation, trajectory correction, zero -point correction, etc., after more than 100 debugging and verification, the application of this process is finally achieved. Under the control of full digitalization Get up, ensure the stability of the welding quality, and play an important role in the 4 weeks of the coupe project.

The title of “National Workers’ Pioneer” this time is not only a prize for FAW-Volkswagen, but also the affirmation of FAW-Volkswagen’s emphasis on talent training and promoting the “craftsmanship spirit”. FAW-Volkswagen has always been committed to optimization and innovation of talent training mechanisms, cultivating a large number of core talent teams that pursue excellence, superb skills, and courage to innovate, and provide a solid talent foundation for the company’s innovation and development, transformation and change. FAW-Volkswagen will take this opportunity to continue to vigorously promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmanship in the company, and provide solid talent guarantee for FAW-Volkswagen to achieve high-quality development in the year of the “public”, and create for the majority of users. More high -quality automobile products have made greater contributions to the development of China’s automobile industry!

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