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If the cooling liquid temperature of the diesel generator set is too high, there may be these risks

Diesel generator sets

It is mainly composed of engines, generators, heat dissipation systems, and public bases. Some are also equipped with mute boxes, mobile trailers, and Huaquanyun intelligence control systems. Each component is equipped with each other to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set. If an abnormality occurs, we should find the cause in time and eliminate the failure to avoid affecting normal use.

Let’s take a look below

Causes and processing methods for the temperature of the cooling solution of the diesel generator set:

1. Insufficient coolant in the diesel generator set. Cooling should be added at this time.

2. The unit radiator and heat sink block. Please look for the reason for the blocking and clean the radiator.

3. The radiator of the generator set is poorly ventilated. Please increase the effective area of ​​ventilation according to the installation requirements to ensure smooth ventilation.

4. Unit cooling fans running abnormally. Please check the tightness of the fan belt, and change the belt if necessary.

5. The fan of the diesel generator set is damaged. Please repair or replace.

6. The pump of the generator set is damaged. Please repair or replace in time.

7. The thermostat of the diesel generator set failed. Please replace it in time.

8. The temperature of the diesel generator set (air intake) is too high. Please keep the machine room ventilation and reasonably reduce the temperature of the computer room.

9. Diesel generator set is seriously overloaded. Please control the load and prohibit the operation of the crew overloaded for a long time.

10. The cooling solution alarm switch (sensor) or instrument failure of the generator set. Please repair or replace.

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