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I choose the ingredients to make it simply at home. Have you ever seen the ice cream machine with fruit juice?

High temperature is coming to cool heat, and give everyone a summer dissolution artifact that daughter -in -law just bought. With it all year round, you can eat ice cream at home and drink fresh fruit juice at home. Healthy and safe, really realize the freedom of ice cream, no longer afraid of the “ice cream assassin” sneak attack. Come and see what flavors of ice cream have made with Jiuyang ice cream juice machine!

The packaging is very delicate, and there are foam grooves in the corrugated carton to carefully protect the safety in product transportation. First look at the family portrait, one host, one juice cup, one ice bucket, protect the cover, cover a dust cover, a stirring stick, one power cord, recipe and instruction manual.

Jiuyang ice cream juice machine can achieve two -machine use, which can not only play fruit juice, but also make ice cream and cold drinks. It is simple and very practical. The two pictures above are two forms. The capacity of the juice cup and ice bucket is 300ml. The main engine and the juice cup can be combined with fruit juice. The combination of the host and ice barrel can be used as ice cream and cold drinks. The effect is not bad.

When making ice cream, you need to freeze the ice bucket in the environment of -18 ~ -20 ° C for more than 12 hours. Generally, my daughter-in-law is cleaned and the refrigerator will be placed directly. use. The whole machine has IPX5 waterproof performance, which can be washed all over the body. It is convenient to clean.

The console of Jiuyang Ice Cream juice machine can be used in two -way, and one end is a high -speed end of the blade, which is used to make fruit juice; the other end is a low -speed mixing end, which is used to make ice cream or iconic cold drinks. When replacing the juice or ice cream function, you need to pay attention to the opposition logo at both ends. There are sealing circles at both ends. Do not worry about leakage during use.

In terms of battery life, there are two 1500mAh large -capacity batteries in Jiuyang Ice Cream Juice, which means that we can carry the juicer with us. The charging interface is designed for TYPE-C, which can be inserted in the positive and negative. It can be squeezed 15 ~ 20 glasses in the full power state, or made 3 times of ice cream (a single production takes 20 minutes. Work for 1 hour).

For the first time, the daughter -in -law made fire dragon fruits ice cream according to the recipe. The ingredients were simple, the taste was fresh and relieved. Let me share the process of making it. The ingredients are prepared for red heart dragon fruit, whipped cream, white sugar and milk. Put the corresponding ingredients into the juice cup according to the ingredient table for juice, and the juice that is made is still very delicate; then remove the frozen ice bucket and pour the squeezed ingredients; then put in the stirring rod and dust cover, turn the host to the host To the low -speed end, just install it in startup, it is simple enough.

The operation method is still very simple. Long press the key for 2 seconds to start. Double -click to start making ice cream. After 20 minutes, you can see the ice cream made. Looking forward to it!

After doing it, I dug it out with a spoon. Add a little candy and green leaf to dress up. The first time I did a bit sparse, but it was pretty ice and the taste was pretty good. It is recommended that you put it out for more than ten minutes before you do it, or it will be better to stir again. The advantage of making itself is that you can control the raw materials and give your children more assured.

Use ice cream powder for the second time, add milk and stir after mixing, pour directly into the ice bucket. The son ate a large cup in one breath. Ice cream made with Jiuyang Ice Cream Juice Machine do not have to worry about the children’s stomach uncomfortable. On the one hand, it is not so ice. On the other hand, the materials are bought by ourselves.

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Jiuyang (JOYOUNG) juicer ice cream machine ice cream machine ice cream house portable juice cup dish stir fruit milky millet smoothie lj580 ice cream juice machine

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I think if you want to give your child juice or make ice cream, you can try Jiuyang ice cream juice machine. It is very convenient to use it with a large -capacity battery. Now the labor class has been included in the teaching task. We can also take the children to make it by themselves. After doing it, it must be full of achievement and it is worth recommending!

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