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40 years of Rongguang style | Since the reform and opening up, our military uniform development

2018-08-22 15:44:33 Source: China Military Network (Beijing) Report

(Original title: 40 years of uniform style | Since the development of our military uniforms since the reform and opening up)

Military uniforms are an important manifestation of an external image of a country and the army, and it is also an important part of the regularization of the army. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, with the improvement of economic conditions and the needs of military construction, our army has made several adjustments to the military uniforms and achieved remarkable achievements. At present Comprehensive, standardized, the overall equipment level is close and part of the international advanced level.

The 78 -style military uniform is mainly to reduce the load of single soldiers and expand the use of chemical fiber in military uniform materials

In the late 1970s, our army carried out clothing reforms with the main purpose of reducing weight. The clothing reform plan was produced in 1978, named 78 -type military uniforms, and 21 varieties that improved and increased. All of them have been equipped with troops from 1979 and completed in 1983.

In the 1970s, our army’s single -soldier load in winter

The characteristics of this clothing reform are to further expand the use of chemical fiber and cotton mixed textiles, increase the variety of clothing, and improve production technology. It has also made great improvements in the supporting and carrying regulations of winter clothing. Mainly change the winter clothes, cotton clothes and coat fabrics to polyester cards; chemical fibers are expanded to polyester, nylon, Qinglun, Velun, and Parion; Veltic vests, cadre leather shoes, etc. are served as a variety; leather caps and fur coats are produced in new processes, and the weight of the cover is reduced; the warrior military uniforms and female soldiers have strengthened their waist. The Air Force is unified as a hidden blue.

Type 78 Army cadres and warriors’ polyester cards.

Generally speaking, the 78 -style military uniform has not changed in clothing style and color. Therefore, the outside world does not know much about the 78 -style military uniform, and ordinary people don’t care much about this clothing reform. However, the 78 -style clothing still has an important position in the history of our military uniforms. It not only saves a large amount of cotton for the country, but also has greatly improved because of its excellent mechanical properties, anti -wrinkle performance and anti -mildew -resistant function of military uniforms, especially because of chemical fiber The small gravity is small, which reduces the weight of our army’s winter service to a certain extent. The 78 -type clothing equipment was equipped with the entire army, which reduced the load of single soldiers in winter; the cold zone was reduced by 15.6%, the warm zone was reduced by 12.6%, and the hot zone was reduced by 19.2%; the summer march load was reduced by 19.5%. It has also effectively improved the appearance of military uniforms.

The female soldiers wore a dual -purpose shirt that can be worn in the hot zone troops.

The 85 -style military uniform reflecting the results of reform and opening up is like a long drought in the history of our military uniform.

After a few years of reform and opening up, with the improvement of my country’s comprehensive national strength, the reform of our military system is single, rigid, and backward fabrics. The Central Military Commission approved the clothing reform plan in January 1984. It plans to restore the military title and equipment forces in 1985, so it is named 85 -style military uniforms. Later, due to the streamlined troops and other issues, the recovery of the military title system was postponed to 1988. The original planning photos are taken as usual, but we do not wear military rank identification signs for the time being.

85 -type land, sea, air and air cadres Xia Chang serving

In the National Day in 1984, Beijing Tiananmen Square held a grand parade of the 35th anniversary of National Day. The troops were in the new military uniform through the Tiananmen Square. Seeing the long -lost big brim hat, shoulder chapter, wool suit, etc., the whole army was excited! But it was not until May 1, 1985 that the whole army was equipped with new clothing, ending the history of 65 -style military uniforms for 20 years.

The 35th anniversary of the National Day parade wearing 85 -style military uniforms.

The main features of 85 -type clothing are the cancellation of the red collar seal and the red pentagram haze emblem, and restore the round hat emblem with the “August 1” military emblem. Cadres and soldiers wear large brims, wearing shoulder chapters and collar chapters with nails. Shirts, cadres above the group send wool clothing, and change the clothing number from the positive number to three types of each number. At that time, it played a positive role in improving military capacity, improving the right body rate, and increasing military uniform regulation. Especially after 20 years after the single -style 65 -style military uniform, the 85 -style military uniform equipment really feels like “long drought and Ganlin”, which greatly inspired morale, and also laid a good foundation for the development of 87 -type military uniforms. However, as a transitional clothing, 85 -style military uniforms are not unusual, dresses, and there is no system training suit. It is still a single military uniform system.

The second set of military clothing -87 -style military uniforms take a big step towards clothing series

While the Central Military Commission approved the “85” clothing in 1984, it decided that “our clothing should gradually implement a dress, regular clothes, and training clothes series.” In August 1987, the new clothing plan was officially shaped and put into production, called 87 series clothing.

The main features of type 87 clothing: First, the military uniform series is relatively complete. Establish a series of military dresses, military uniforms, training clothes and work clothes to meet the requirements of soldiers to perform different tasks. The second is to improve the style of regular service. Xia Changyi changed from the stand -up collar to a lapel, and the closed neckline, which was closed for decades, finally opened. Third, the military uniform is novel. According to clothing purposes and costume occasions, the military uniforms are divided into two series: type 5 and No. 5 type 3. Fourth, the quality of military uniforms has improved. Officer Xia Changfu, non -commissioned officer and student Xia Chang service, all wool fabrics. Fifth, the arms shoulder seal logo is clear, the grading is obvious, and the military symbols are symbolic.

Wearing the 87 -type land, sea, air force Xia Chang’s three armies and soldiers.

On October 1, 1988, in order to cooperate with the implementation of the military rank system, the 87 -style military uniform was officially equipped with the army. The 87 -style military uniform has established and improved our military uniform series, and achieved the matching, varieties and number series of military clothing, which has improved the structure, quality and supply of our military uniforms significantly. However, due to the constraints of the national economic construction level, many varieties of 87 military uniforms have not been in place. Since the early 1990s, the 87 -type clothing has been supplemented and improved. Such as 87 -type shirt, 87 -type soldier winter uniforms, 87 -style school official coats, 87 -type summer training uniforms, 87 -style winter training uniforms, 87 -style camouflage training uniforms, 87 -style captain winter uniforms, 87 -type soldier imitation summer uniforms Wait, they have been equipped in the early 1990s. However, most of the 87 -style dresses are not equipped in place, and they are only equipped with military officers in foreign countries. In fact, the general army is generally equipped with regular clothes and training clothes.

Female text cadres who have just equipped with 92 -style cultural cadres’ clothing are reviewed.

Welcome to Hong Kong and Macau Return to Ceremony.

Since 1993, our army has focused on the new requirements of revolutionary modernization, and began to develop a new generation of military uniforms facing the 21st century, in line with advanced national military uniforms, and decided that when Hong Kong returned in 1997 Called as 97 -style military uniforms. In 1997 and 1999, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong and the Macau forces, equipped with 97 -style military uniforms.

The army of the army stationed in Hong Kong was reviewed.

The 97 -style military uniform retains the advantages of the 87 -style military uniform, and has absorbed the strengths of the world’s advanced national military uniforms. Compared with the 87 -style military uniform, it has improved the structure, materials, colors, clothing and supporting facilities, especially styles and style and style. The color is more beautiful, generous, and coordinated, and the army has formed the three army uniforms of the three army uniforms with brown -green as the main color, the navy’s white and Tibetan cyan as the main color, and the air force.

The 97 -style military uniform mainly designed four series of dresses, regular clothes, training uniforms and work clothes. It is divided into 9 parts of dresses, spring and autumn uniforms, summer uniforms, hair (velvet) clothes, coats, training clothes, physical training clothes and its supporting military shoes (boots) and clothing. Moreover, many varieties such as Breda hat, hair (velvet) clothes, combat boots, clothing, physical training clothing, etc. are the first time that our army is equipped.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army stationed in Australia

The 97 -style military uniform adapts to the development trend of the world’s military uniforms. The military uniforms are more abundant. The military uniforms can wear surnames, military chest, annual, level qualifications and merit, as well as ribbon, armbands and other clothing signs. The 97 -style military uniform better shows the masculinity of soldiers and the group beauty of the army, and has a positive effect on fully demonstrating the image of the mighty division and the image of a civilized division.

Several local adjustments to military uniforms at the beginning of the century

After 2000, it has been equipped with some new military uniforms in the army.

Type 99 summer service

Type 99 summer clothes mainly include land, sea, air forces, men and women long -sleeved summer clothes, men’s and women’s eggplant (short -sleeved) summer clothes and 92-1 men’s and women’s summer pants, as well as berets.

Type 99 summer clothing (shirt) style is designed with waist type, eggplant type, switch collar and other designs. Wearing tie ties and large brim hats in important occasions is more solemn; usually wearing a beret. The 99 -type summer service is light brown green; the navy is white; the Air Force is light blue. The material of the land and the air force summer service is multi -polyester -cotton -shaped woven; 92-1 men’s and women’s summer pants use polyester long silk to imitate the Maojun port. The color army is dark brown green; the sea and the air force are deeply hidden blue.

The Beretic style adopts the world’s universal style; the army is dark brown green, the navy is hidden in blue, and the Air Force is dark blue; Mao gauze knitted fabrics are shrinking.

The three military and air officers wearing the 99 -type summer service.

Female soldiers wearing 99 Beret.

04 Type Soldiers Frequent Services

On December 1, 2004, the soldiers of the whole army were uniformly renewed with the 04 -type winter usage made of imitation fabrics. In May 2005, the soldiers of the whole army were replaced with the same material.

The style of the 04 -type soldiers is the same as the 87 -type regular service. The clothing board has a certain improvement, and the waist is relatively obvious. There are 6 soldiers summer uniforms, soldiers winter uniforms, waterman clothes, soldier big brim hat, waterman hat, and winter hat. Variety.

In order to cooperate with the 04 -type soldiers, our army was for the first time to distribute the 02 -type soldier leather shoes for the navy Haiqin and the soldiers in Hong Kong and Macau.

The soldiers who just changed the 04 -style military uniform were reviewed.

05 -style Air Force Customs Server

Since the winter of 2005, the Air Force renovated new clothing. The costumes replaced by the Air Force this time are called “05 -style regular clothes”. The color is blue -gray, which is based on blue, which is consistent with the color of the international pass. Show the characteristics of my country’s Air Force.

The official equipment of the 05 -type Air Force regular service marks the self -contained series of the Air Force clothing color of our army, which has changed the color of brown green and hidden green colors that have been maintained for 55 years.

Air Force soldiers wearing a 05 -type regular service for military parade.

Air Force female students in the 05 -style regular service.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the army, the entire army equipment 07 -style military uniform

Since the troops stationed in Hong Kong in 1997 have equipped the 97 -style military uniform, the generals of the entire army waited, hoping to put on a new generation of military uniforms as soon as possible. Originally planned around 2000, the entire army gradually replaced the new military uniform. However, due to funding and other reasons, after 2000, it has been equipped with 99 summer services, 04 soldiers, and 05 air force services.

Beginning in April 2005, based on Type 97 clothing, it systematically organized the overall demonstration of military uniform reform. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Army in 2007, the entire army finally equipped the new generation military uniform -107 -style military uniform. The 07 -style military uniform is the improvement and improvement of the 97 -style military uniform. Compared with the 87 -style military uniform, the color of the three military clothing has been adjusted, the clothing style structure has been greatly improved, the quality and production process of materials are significantly improved. Function, science to determine the warmth of winter clothes and military uniforms.

07 -style land, sea and air officers of the three military officers in spring and autumn.

07 -style Army female officer dress.

The 07 -style military uniform has 644 varieties: dresses, frequent clothes, training clothes, and logo clothing. The series is more complete and supporting. This time, the dressing was for the first time to distribute a dress for the military officers, a training coat for the soldiers, and added a dress with a dress with a dress and a regular suit. In addition, the officers also issued a variety such as underwear, socks, and regular clothes. After all the new military uniforms were distributed, the officers and soldiers were all pre -clothing from top to bottom, from the inside out, and could no longer wear self -purchased clothing.

Female officers of the Three Army, short -sleeved summer service

Type 16 summer suits

The equipment of the 07 -style military uniform has further reduced the gap between the level of our military clothing and the military clothing of the developed countries. At the same time, the development of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s clothing will actively adapt to the trend of new military changes in the world, strengthen overall planning and comprehensive demonstration, further develop in the direction of series and functionalization, reflect the style of our army in the new period, adapt to the military struggle and military construction in the new situation in the new situation. The need.

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