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Extraction tanks and degassers help the production of wheat winter beverages safely

With the advancement of the big health industry, many plant crops (with the same value of medicine and food) have been used in food and beverage production. Recently, Santai County, Sichuan signed 9 projects. Many of them revolve around wheat winter consumption. It is understood that some enterprises will build production lines for wheat winter beverages in the future and launch wheat winter beverage products, which is of great significance to the development of the food and drug health industry. The application of beverage machines will also help beverage production safety.

The author learned that wheat dong is a common medicinal material, which has the same value of medicine and food, and the health care effect of wheat dong has been confirmed by clinical practice in China for more than 2,000 years. The “Shennong Materia Medica” lists wheat dong as a top quality for nourishing the yin and moisturizing the lungs, saying that it “takes a long time and is light, not old and not hungry”. Wheat dong is mainly produced in Sichuan and Zhejiang. In addition to the northeast, most provinces and regions are distributed, such as Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places.

Obviously, the homologous characteristics of wheat dong are just in line with the development of the big health industry, and are also in line with China’s current new medical reform plan and the health development strategy of “Healthy China 2020”, elevating “healthy power” to the national strategic height. As mentioned above, the company is actively preparing to build a production line for wheat dong beverages and launch wheat dong beverage products, catering to the needs of the health development strategy and meeting consumers’ needs for healthy and nutritious beverage products.

So, how is the production process of wheat dong beverage, and what role does the beverage machinery and equipment involved play in production and processing? In fact, the production of wheat dong beverage is roughly the same as other beverage processing technology, which needs to go through several processes such as cleaning, color protection, crushing, leaching, coarse filtration, degassing, blending, fine filtration, filling, sterilization, and testing. The processing equipment involved is cleaning machine, pulverizer, extraction tank, filling machine, degassing machine, etc., taking the extraction tank and degassing machine as an example.

Since wheat dong is a kind of medicinal material, before entering the subsequent process, it needs to be cleaned, color protected and crushed, on the one hand, to remove the dirt and pesticide residues on the medicinal materials, on the other hand, to provide convenience for the subsequent extraction of active ingredients, because the active ingredients of wheat dong are extracted, so that the color, aroma, taste and quality of the product are harmonized and unified, and the taste is suitable, in order to better exert its medicinal and food homologous value.

And in the process of wheat dong crushing and extraction. Extraction tanks play an important role. Currently, on the market

TQ multifunctional extraction tank – food machinery and equipment network

The medicinal materials can be used as water or organic solvent as the medium, and the decoction, extraction and heat reflux extraction can be carried out in the stirring state, the extraction efficiency of the active ingredients of wheat dong is high, and the extraction of active ingredients is more sufficient, and the extract liquid contains a higher concentration of the required ingredients, so that wheat dong beverage products can well achieve medicinal effects.

In addition to the extraction tank, the role of degassing equipment cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, before sterilization, wheat winter feed liquid needs to remove the gas in the liquid to inhibit the oxidation of browning, pigment, vitamins, aroma and other substances to ensure the quality and safety of wheat winter. According to a manufacturer, the vacuum degassing machine uses vacuum suction to remove the non-condensable gas contained in the feed liquid, which can completely remove the gas in the feed liquid without destroying the nutrients.

There is no doubt that Mai Dong is a precious medicinal herb because of its roots, and it is also a raw material for a variety of proprietary Chinese medicines and health foods. The signing of the wheat dong beverage production project not only further develops the homologous value of wheat medicine and food, caters to the development trend of the big health industry, but also effectively promotes the development of the local wheat dong industry. In the production of wheat dong beverages, beverage processing equipment such as extraction tanks and degassers will also play an important role.

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