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Walk in the forefront and open a new situation – a struggle report from the front line| Guangrao Rubber Industry Research Institute of Qingdao University of Science and Technology: to build an internationally leading rubber industry talent and technical highland

Dongying Daily/Ai Dongying News

The city’s science and technology innovation conference proposed to focus on building a high-energy innovation platform and strive to build a powerful engine for scientific and technological innovation. The science and technology innovation platform is a facility platform that aims to improve regional innovation capabilities, relies on innovation subjects such as production, education and research, gathers talents, funds, information and other types of innovation elements, and provides a series of scientific and technological services. Promoting the development of scientific and technological innovation platforms is not only a practical need to conform to the trend of scientific and technological development, improve innovation performance, and drive industrial upgrading, but also has great significance for improving regional innovation capabilities and achieving high-quality development.

Since its inauguration in November 2019, the Guangrao Rubber Industry Research Institute of Qingdao University of Science and Technology has always been positioned in the strategic idea of “extending the chain with the institute and strengthening the chain with the hospital”, serving the rubber industry industry chain, closely integrating the industry, building an internationally leading rubber industry talent and technology highland, and is committed to creating a development pattern of “based in Shandong, serving the whole country and radiating the world”. At present, the Institute has been selected as a provincial new research and development institution, a provincial dual-innovation demonstration unit, and a demonstration unit for the deep integration of Shandong chemical industry, education and research. The Institute actively integrates with the industry, leads the establishment of Dongying New Rubber Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, participates in the construction of 61 units, and integrates the seven elements of government, industry, education and research funds, and strives to create an interconnected and shared industrial ecology.

The rubber industry has the characteristics of complex process, huge system and long industrial chain. As a major rubber producer in China, with a market share of about 500 billion yuan, how to solve the common problems and key technologies in the industry, platform carrier construction is the key. At present, the institute has set up six research and development platforms of rubber new material research and development center, rubber intelligent equipment research and development center, waste rubber high-value recycling research and development center, factory environmental inspection and testing center, high-end rubber products research and development center, and industrial Internet laboratory, each platform operates independently and is interconnected at the same time, and realizes the construction of research and development platform for the whole industry chain of the rubber industry. At the same time, the platform relies on the academician team introduced by the research institute as the core, integrates industry experts in related fields, and conducts collaborative research on industry neck technology.

At present, 25 achievements such as “dual-power intelligent vulcanizing machine project” and “research and application of key technologies for the preparation of new materials for gas-induced liquid phase jet mixing rubber” have been transformed, and good social and economic benefits have been achieved.

Scientific and technological exchanges are one of the important means to promote scientific and technological progress. In order to promote the exchange of technical talents in the rubber industry, the Institute actively undertakes various scientific and technological activities, and has successively held more than 30 high-quality scientific and technological activities such as “Dongying New Rubber Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community Conference”, “The 10th and 11th China Chemical Industry Conference” and “The 8th, 9th and 10th National College Student Polymer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, invited more than 100 experts in the industry, participated in more than 5,000 people, and promoted more than 300 cooperation intentions. It has greatly promoted the exchange of technical talents in the rubber industry.

In order to promote the talent construction of the Institute, the Institute actively promotes the construction of expert think tanks, and gradually forms a multi-disciplinary and multi-level talent team. At present, the Institute has flexibly introduced 130 expert teams, including 6 academician teams. In addition, the Institute actively integrates master’s students as a scientific research force, and has provided consulting and technical support for more than 300 master’s students. In the future, the Institute will continue to play the role of a platform, attract talents, serve talents, and strive to build an international leading rubber industry talent highland. At the same time, the Institute also actively promotes the construction of the core technology patent database, and establishes a patent protection mechanism layout of the whole chain and the whole process guided by global competition. At present, the Institute has helped enterprises apply for more than 100 patents, including more than 10 neck technology patents in the rubber industry.

In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Institute will strengthen the construction of hardware conditions to provide a venue and operation foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship – on the basis of the current platform of 500 mu of Great Wall Innovation Port, through strategic cooperation with the Guangrao County Government, another 500 mu of innovation and entrepreneurship site will be built, further improve the public service institutions of the Institute, and strengthen the functional construction of innovation capabilities, testing and diagnosis services, intellectual property rights, certification, standard systems and other aspects. In terms of industry services, the Institute will strengthen innovation capabilities and the construction of public service system, and apply more innovative achievements and services to the industry – the community will apply the scientific and technological achievements, products and services of innovation and entrepreneurship to well-known domestic and foreign brand enterprises such as Sailun, Huasheng, Jinyu, Double Star, Michelin, etc., to provide technical and service support for the industry. In terms of operation mechanism, the Institute will further explore new innovation and entrepreneurship mechanisms, gradually use the advantages of policies and mechanisms, build the Institute into a technological and innovation highland in the rubber industry, and create a soft environment for attracting cutting-edge talents and technologies in the domestic and international new materials industry.

In the next step, the Guangrao Rubber Industry Research Institute of Qingdao University of Science and Technology will combine different innovation needs, different innovation activities and different innovation subjects to explore the construction of a diversified operation mode of “co-construction, co-governance, sharing and win-win”, form a benign interaction between the government-research institute-innovation and entrepreneurship, open up the effective tandem between innovation, capital, industry, service and policy, and improve the transformation efficiency of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, it is committed to building an open, inclusive and shared “government-industry-university-research fund” ecosystem, incubating leading technologies, building a technology research and development team in key technology directions, establishing an industry-university-research technology diagnosis service center, and striving to build an international leading industry technology highland.

(Reporter Zhang Jiasong)

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