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Thank you for this goodie of less than a hundred dollars that saved my skin

Good evening! Dear sisters!

Unconsciously, flying to Yunnan side of life for almost a month, the weather here is really good, every day as if the air conditioner is turned on, compared to staying in the air-conditioned room in Chongqing every day, the natural air conditioning in Yunnan is much more comfortable.

Mengzi Nanhu Park

There is also the most pleasant thing every day, that is, after the sun goes down, the whole family rides an electric car to go for a ride, to Nanhu Park, to Mixian Town, to the night market, to Xiaozhai Reservoir, to explore the food beauty here, and to play until 10 o’clock every day to go home.

Mengzi crossed the bridge rice line

The wind blowing here is really comfortable, and I enjoy the feeling of this wind blowing every day, until last week I found myself taking a shower every day, but I still had the feeling of rubbing mud

Comfortable winds can also put a lot of burden on the skin.

1. What causes skin mudding?

The wind gently blows the skin, it is easy to take away the moisture of the skin, this is similar to when we stay in the air-conditioned room, the skin will dry and lack of water, lack of water will lead to fine lines on the skin, and then fine lines will hide ash, so repeatedly, the skin will become rough.

When I was in Chongqing, I blew the air conditioner indoors, there was no sweat and I didn’t absorb much dust, but I enjoyed the natural air conditioning in Yunnan, the air was inevitably mixed with dust and sand, and I could feel the graininess when I washed my face every day, and I felt mud rubbing when I took a bath.

Sure enough, everything is at a cost, and enjoying the comfort of the wind will inevitably bear the damage caused by the wind, but this is not difficult for me, because I already know the cause of the problem, so the next step is only to take targeted rescue measures.

Second, save the skin battle

Since the wind will take away the moisture of the skin, then I need to build a protective barrier for the skin, there is no body lotion around, so I am a little extravagant, replace it with a lotion that rubs my face, the effect is not bad, and at night there is no feeling of mud rubbing on my arms.

However, the rest of the body is not taken care of,

The mud and roughness of the skin make my heart hairy

, How long has it been here, it is rough like this, what if I live here for a long time, my heart became anxious, quickly went to the beauty store, bought a bottle of body milk, I didn’t have the habit of using body milk before, I looked at the packaging and bought a bottle.

After taking it home, I quickly used it, the effect was not bad, the body had the moisturizing lotion, it was indeed not so dry, but the position of the elbows and the position of the knees, ankles, and heels, no matter how much body milk was applied, it was still a very rough feeling. Thinking about it, I felt that I should be missing a bottle of scrub, because

When skin care products are not well absorbed, it is mostly because the stratum corneum of the skin is too thick.

3. Meet RASI verbena sea salt scrub

Just as the so-called heart can do what you want, you can come to whatever you want, I am in a WeChat group is recruiting scrub experience officers, you say coincidentally, I hurriedly used the fastest speed to seize the experience place, but I didn’t expect to really let me grab it, yay! A few days later, I received a sample from Beijing.

It is said to be a sample, but it is completely beyond my imagination, a large can full, how big the outer packaging is, how big the inner bottle is. Unlike some skin care products, the packaging is large, it feels very cost-effective, and the inner body is very small after opening. Rasi is really a conscientious seller, very real, and I got a crush on it before I even started using it.

Open the bottle again, the white flowers in it are a bit like lard, it won’t be very greasy, I buckled a little with my fingers, tried it on my arm, I could clearly feel the presence of sea salt, push it away hard, oh it hurts. Forgive me for using the scrub before is dry, in reading the instructions, want

Wipe it off when wet

, quickly got some water, and the result is

It’s so comfortable, it’s so slippery

I originally thought that such a small point was only enough for the back of the hand, but I didn’t expect that after the wet water, it could be enough for two hands, which was really pleasantly surprised.

Recently, I was chasing “I Really Love You”, and the doctor in it said a sentence to the effect that although it was something used on the skin, there would be nothing bad at that time, but there was an incubation period, so I quickly went online to check whether her ingredients were safe.

Most of the ingredients come from plants, so I am more at ease, especially papain, which is a good thing to make the body fragrant, personally feel ha, because I have used it before

Papaya skin care products, the sweat that comes out is fragrant

Fourth, my use of the feelings

OK, I don’t know what to figure out, and in the evening I went up and tried it, and after bathing, while there were water droplets on my body, I took out the scrub and used it in places with thicker stratum corneum, such as elbows, knees, ankles, heels, and other places by the way, that

Smooth feeling

It was simply amazing and enjoyed the feeling, it was like doing a SPA.

After a few minutes of massage, rinse with clean water,

Good rinse

, A few clicks to get clean, I have used some slippery products before, I feel that they are not very good to rinse, her family does not have to worry about this at all. After drying the moisture, I deliberately rubbed the body lotion after a while, the purpose is to check whether the skin will lack water after use, but I didn’t expect to worry about it is also superfluous,

There is no feeling of dryness at all


Then in order to quickly return the skin to its previous state, I basically used it once every other day, without any uncomfortable feeling, nor did I feel that there was an extra bathing procedure and trouble, but I felt that I was getting more and more delicate and feminine,

I love every inch of my skin

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