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How to choose a blender? Sales data for January-September 2021 released! Which brand is worth buying?

Online blender recommendations, blender shopping guides, blender shopping strategies are flying all over the world, but there are few reliable ones!

Are you still confused: how to choose a blender? Which brand of meat grinder is better? Which blender product is worth buying?

Dry goods are coming, 5 major e-commerce platforms, cooking machine sales data from January to September 2021 are out!

Top ten best-selling brands of blenders, TOP50 popular models, average product transaction prices, product selection strategies, all data are presented!

I believe that after reading this article, whether you are a shopping consumer or a market practitioner, you will definitely have a new understanding of the brand pattern and product trend of the blender!

▶ Industry sales data interpretation

The following data is derived from the total sales data of Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao,, Gome Online, and the blender category from January to September 2021.

From January to September 2021, the sales volume of the five major online channel blenders was 4.4 billion yuan, with sales volume of 25.43 million units, down 17.29% year-on-year sales and 24.67% in sales volume, and the average price of products was 174 yuan, up 15 yuan year-on-year.

According to the product composition, the development trend of the blender to the higher-end wall breaker is obvious. From January to September 2021, the sales proportion of the sub-category of blenders was 58.91% for wall breakers and 41.09% for mixers.

From the perspective of price range, below 180 yuan, 200-399 yuan, 400-599 yuan, are the three most dominant price segments of this period of the blender, accounting for 34.19%, 30.31% and 9.87% of sales, respectively.

From January to September 2021, on the list of TOP10 brands of blenders, Joyoung ranked first in sales volume, and Subor, Midea, Xiaoxiong, Oaks, Mofei, Chigo, Bugoo, Mijia, and Rongshida ranked 2nd-10th in the sales list.

In the sales list of the TOP50 best-selling models of this blender, Jiuyang has 19 models on the list, 10 are Subor, 9 are Midea, 2 are Xiaoxiong, 2 are Mofei, and 8 are other brands.

▶ List of popular brand explosive products

Dry goods are coming, directly on the picture, take a closer look!

From January to September 2021, 5 major online channels, the TOP10 list of hot-selling brands of blenders and the TOP50 list of hot-selling products will be revealed for you one by one.

This may be the most complete, objective and reliable top ten brands of blenders on the whole network, and the list of popular products of blenders! You deserve it!

▍ Reading tips

1. The data chart in this article is taken from the “AVC Home Appliance Pocket Compass”.

2. In the list of hot-selling products, the blue background products are the new shortlisted models in this issue.

The data of more than 40 other home appliances, the article has been published, please pay attention to my homepage to browse.

▶ The difference between various types of food processors

Regarding the difference between juicer, juicer, blender, and wall breaker, many people are confused and often confused and stupid.

Below, I have made a difference chart, so you can easily distinguish these products in a simple and clear way.

In a word, the juicer is a machine that can extract pure juice, and the essence of the original juice machine is a low-speed juicer; The blender is a mixer for juice fusion, and the wall breaker is a high-speed mixer, some with heating function.

As for who is better for nutritional preservation, whether it is the low speed cold pressing nutrient loss, or the high speed of breaking the wall of nutrition preservation more, there is currently no authoritative scientific data judgment, are all concept gimmicks hype of different camp businesses, you don’t have to be too entangled.

For the taste, due to the different needs of different people, if you pursue the original pure juice, the original juice machine/juicer is the first choice; If you’re after different patterns and flavors, smoothies, rice cereals, ground meat, milled flour, smoothies… If you want to do it, a wall breaker/blender is the best choice.

▶ Which brands of products are worth buying

How to choose a blender, online shopping guides and shopping guides about the blender can be found everywhere, and the recommended products are also varied.

In fact, when buying home appliances, the most reliable shopping strategy is one move: choose a professional brand in the sub-category, or a well-known brand with the category as the core business.

Based on the comprehensive consideration of 5 indicators of professionalism, quality, word of mouth, product cost performance and market performance, for the blender, I recommend these 5 brands to everyone: Jiuyang, Mofei, Subor, Xiaoxiong, Midea.

As for product recommendations, the inspector has selected several of the most worthwhile blender and meat grinder products, netizens in need, please see my top reply message.

All recommended products are derived from the official self-operated flagship stores of Jingdong and Tmall to ensure authenticity, and the inspector has carried out price comparison, so that you can save worry and effort.

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