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Summer weight loss variety, is meal replacement enzyme useful?

In summer, in order to wear beautiful clothes, many beauty-loving ladies are seizing time to lose weight. All kinds of meal replacement foods and enzymes are also sold very well in the market. Are these products really useful? Can it be “delicious” and “healthy” as advertised?

The reporter searched for “meal replacement” on Taobao and found that some of the best-selling products are three meals a day for consumers, taking a “21-day meal replacement” priced at 1419 yuan as an example, a day’s meal replacement includes: milkshakes, red dates and black rice rings, porridge, vegetables, chicken patties, vermicelli, etc., various foods are packaged in categories, a total of 21 days. There are also foods labeled with meal replacement functions, such as meal replacement shakes, meal replacement cereals, meal replacement biscuits, etc. Nutritionists told reporters that, in theory, eating qualified meal replacements can indeed achieve weight loss.

Chen Xiaotian, deputy chief physician of the Department of Clinical Nutrition of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, said: “Meal replacements control energy intake through low sugar and low fat, and consume foods rich in dietary fiber, or directly add dietary fiber to increase satiety, so that you are not easy to be hungry.” Other nutrients are added to meal replacement products, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. Overall, it is a passive diet. ”

However, at present, the country does not have a unified standard for meal replacement foods, and meal replacement products are uneven. Some meal replacement products may not add enough nutrients, and long-term consumption will lead to nutritional imbalance and affect physical health. There are also some so-called “meal replacement” products, which are actually just gimmicks promoted by merchants and do not have meal replacement functions at all. When purchasing, consumers must buy meal replacement foods produced by regular manufacturers and read the ingredient list clearly.

Chen Xiaotian said: “First of all, a meal contains about 500 to 600 calories of energy, and the meal replacement must be lower than this energy. It is generally controlled in half, such as 250 kcal. I take this as an example, protein generally has to reach or exceed 30% to meet the amount of protein required for a meal, that is, 250 kcal products, at least 20 grams of protein, and about 10 grams of dietary fiber, such products are relatively speaking, in the three major energy control aspects are conducive to weight loss. ”

The reporter observed that there are also many fruit and vegetable enzymes on the Internet that sell well, nutritionists told reporters that enzymes are actually a plant enzyme, and the main role of these enzymes is to promote self-metabolism, that is, plant metabolism. Plant enzymes enter the body and become inactivated. The essence of plant enzymes is protein, and the egg protein and meat protein eaten are a kind of protein, which is digested and decomposed by our digestive enzymes and cannot play a role in the body, from this point of view, plant enzymes can not promote the metabolism of the human body.

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