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The attic apartment is too strange to know how to decorate is the reason why many people choose to give up the top floor, although there are many cases of changing the cloakroom and bedroom on the market, but when I think of many irregular spaces above, I feel that the utilization rate is too low and hesitate, how can you be willing not to want it in such a beautiful small space? Move a desk and a chair, isn’t there a study office area?

Now that city life is noisy, it should be a simple happiness to have such a quiet small space! In such an irregular and small space, it is inevitable to feel depressed, especially for office and study, you need a more comfortable space, try to open a small window on the wall, which can not only breathe the wind but also receive some light, making the space more spacious.

Since you want to do the study office area, then storage must be an indispensable demand, the following will provide you with 2 loft office area storage methods:

Make a storage cabinet under the skylight

Since you need a table, why not choose a table with a gathering storage capacity, for a large attic space, you can make a desk under the skylight, “one” or “U” shape on both sides as a storage cabinet, the middle height of the place as a standing area, the small height of the place as a storage area.

Make shelves on the wall

If the attic space is too small, you can use the horizontal space of the attic, make a dual-purpose cabinet around the skylight, in order to better integrate with the attic space, you can make this triangle + rectangular design, perfect fit the attic space, the upper half of the storage space can be used exclusively as a bookcase.

In fact, if the storage demand is not high, you can also choose this simple bar table, directly next to the wall to make a floating long table, using the slope wall of the attic to directly open a small skylight on the side, good looking and easy to use, bright and sufficient, plus a chair, a simple office area is built.

No matter which one you choose, no matter what you change the attic to, you must pay attention to some things when remodeling:

(1) The connection and dredging of waterways and circuits should be designed in advance, otherwise the secondary transformation in the later stage will be very troublesome;

(2) If it is used as a common functional area, it must be well insulated and waterproof, whether it is office or study, a stable and comfortable environment is needed;

(3) It can make its own transformation according to its own spatial structure characteristics and advantages, but it cannot destroy its own structure.

Many owners suffer from not having an independent office area, and some owners hope to give their children a quiet and comfortable learning environment, this way of doing office space in the attic can solve your troubles, and there is no need to worry about external interference from studying or working.

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