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Which navel wear PK is stronger?

Wear recommendation 1: crop top sweatshirt + Leggings

The characteristic of the Legging pieces is to highlight the curves. This “tight up and loose” shape visually modifies the leg length, naturally also brings a slimming effect, although the tight sweatpants are mostly black, but the MM attempt with thick legs or leg shape defects must be cautious. Zhang Lanxin wears a Are You Am I black cropped crop top sweater, a black bucket bag on the shoulders, a black lace-up high-waisted tight Legging underneath, black sports on the feet, a small dew of the vest line, and a cool sports style.

The same cropped crop top sweater, Alina Bakuva continues the usual minimalist style, stepping on the sports fashionable style red mesh lazy shoes, transforming into a fashion icon in a second.

What makes Gigi Hadid’s overall black look special is the stitched gauze at the legs, which is careful and cool, wearing a black printed long-sleeved hoodie and black lace-up Stella McCartney sneakers, which can be salted or sweet.

In addition to the simplest pure black color scheme, the classic and not simple black and white combination is also excellent. Black and white high-contrast outfits are simple and practical for novice matchmakers, and most importantly: no mistakes!

Recommended outfit 2: crop top sweatshirt + jeans

When paired with a crop top sweatshirt, wear the lower body to a high waist and avoid a low waist. The high-waist design can lengthen the waistline without leaving a trace, so that the upper and lower proportions are coordinated, and the sense of déjà vu of “the chest down is the legs” is worn in minutes.

Zhou Dongyu walked the street casual style, choosing the Vetements x Juicy Couture dark blue velvet cropped crop topper with a waist closure design, the loose crop top sweatshirt was “fit and fit”, and the Loewe dark blue high-waisted color-block striped jeans were worn underneath, which did not look fat at all, but lively and lightweight.

And Xi Mengyao is an avid pursuer of navel dressing. The success of the first set of wearing styles lies in the V detail design of the lower denim, the V design of the pull-down will cause a visual deviation of “waistline misalignment”, the denim edge extending upward on both sides makes its overall waistline move, and the upper wear of the Nike red logo print cropped crop topper, supplemented by the Gucci black velvet belt bag to distinguish the styling layer, giving people confidence and elegance without losing fresh vitality.

Wearing the second set of the same type, Xi Mengyao chose Fenty x Puma by Rihanna blue banded and bordered navel hooded sweatshirt to expose the best (thin) waistline position, that is, about 3cm above the belly button, with a hollow mesh shirt inside, and a washed denim skinny pencil pants underneath, showing off the belly and youth.

Wear recommendation 3: crop top sweatshirt + school uniform pants

One sexy and one casual, with a temperament difference of 108,000 miles, they are the CP that does the best secrecy work in the fashion industry. Casual retro school uniform pants can also wear the wisdom and ability of strong women, and it is okay to cope with the hot and cold weather in May!

Wear recommendation 4: Navel suit

The slightly exaggerated printed crop top sweatshirt will give us a certain visual impact visually, and can also play a finishing touch in the shape. Gigi Hadid wears a high-combed ponytail, Le Specs x Adam Selman mirrored cat-eye sunglasses, a Cotton Citizen green tie-dye print crop suit and dark green suede carved flat mules.

Wear 5: crop top sweatshirt + hip skirt

There’s no denying that the tension that the crop top sweatshirt brings to the look should not be underestimated. Whether it’s a casual leggings or a feminine hip-wrapped skirt, it’s perfect for handling.

Navel sweatshirt as a sharp weapon to show long legs and visually raise the body, come to one?

Written by: Xiaoyu