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Event track announced! Three places in Hebei urgently searched for people

Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City

Zhengding County

Announcement on the publication of the activity trajectory of close contacts


At 0:16 on August 7, 2021, our county received a collaborative investigation information sent by the Shijiazhuang CDC: a close contact of a family of four stayed in Zhengding County for one night on the way back to Qinhuangdao by car. After epidemiological investigation, the travel trajectories of the four close contacts were announced as follows:

At 17:00 on August 1st, from the Zhengding Exit Expressway (ETC Passage) of the Singapore Yuan Expressway, at 17:49, I checked into Zhengding Huazhu Tanyuan Tangquan Boutique B&B. At 18:27, walk to Wangquan Street Xiaowang beef noodles for dinner. At 18:41, the family of four went to the roadside table of Chen Ozi Dumpling Noodles to eat, during which they went across the road to buy sour jujube juice. After eating, the four of them walked north to Zhengding Museum Square at the intersection of the south end of Wangquan Street. At 19:30, take the electric toy car for about 5 minutes and play badminton in the square. Afterwards walk back to the homestay.

Between 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. on August 2, one person walked to the square in front of Rongguo Mansion for morning exercise. Check out at 8:31 and drive to the Singyuan Expressway Zhengdingkou Expressway (ETC passage) to leave.

At 0:18 on August 9, 2021, our county received the information forwarded by the Shijiazhuang CDC for the assistance of the Changchun CDC: a close contact changed planes at Zhengding Airport, and after epidemiological investigation, the person’s travel trajectory at the airport was as follows:

He took flight JD5809 from Guilin (back seat) to Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport at 20:33 at 18:15 on July 30, and transferred to flight KY8249 (seat number 11A) from Shijiazhuang to Changchun at 21:55 on the same day. During their stay at the airport, they used toilets, hot water, and vending machines near Gate 210 to buy instant noodles.

Please report to the local township, neighborhood office or local CDC in a timely manner for those who have activity experience during the above time period and location, and the CDC will determine the type of personnel and implement corresponding control measures in accordance with relevant regulations.

Please do not panic, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, always enhance personal protection awareness, achieve good living habits such as “wearing masks, one-meter line, frequent ventilation, frequent hand washing, not gathering, and using chopsticks”, take the initiative to vaccinate against the new crown, and protect the health of themselves and their families.

Zhengding County Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tel: 0311-88016261

Zhengding County responded to the new coronavirus pneumonia

Office of the Epidemic Work Leading Group

Shuangluan District, Chengde City

Notice on the movement trajectory of Wu Moumou, a close contact of the confirmed new crown case from Chengde CDC to Gucheng County, in Shuangluan District

On August 9, 2021, the Shuangluan District CDC received the “Notification Letter on Pushing the Activity Trajectory of Close Contact Wu Moumou and Tracking and Controlling Sub-close Contacts and Other Personnel” transmitted by the Chengde CDC to Gucheng County, and now announces the movement trajectory of Wu Moumou in Chengde City and Shuangluan District as follows (the content of the notice is learned after epidemiological investigation):

Wu took the T50 train (4 cars and 49 seats) from Jingmen, Hubei Province to Beijing at 21:00 on August 2, 2021.

On August 3, arrive at Beijing West Railway Station at 14:00, and take train K7752 (3 cars and 16 seats) to Chengde at 23:30.

Arrived at Chengde Station at 6:50 a.m. on August 4, but due to poor mobile phone network signal, there was a delay of more than ten minutes when presenting the health code and itinerary code at the exit gate. 7:18 from the railway station take the K1 bus to Shuangluan District of Chengde City, get off at the No. 3 Kindergarten Station of Shuangluan District at about 8:30, walk and follow the navigation from the station along Binhe Avenue to Huitong Road, turn right to Huitong Road at the intersection of Binhe Avenue and Huitong Road, continue along Huitong Road to the intersection of Huitong Road and Zhongxin Street turn right to Zhongxin Street, go along Zhongxin Street to Yudao Commercial Street and turn right, arrive at the Ping An Community Vaccination Clinic at about 9:00, and then queue up to prepare for vaccination, Leave the vaccination clinic at 10:00, walk along Yudao Commercial Street to Zhongxin Street, turn left, follow Zhongxin Street to the bus court stop, and take bus 25 at Shuangluan Court stop at 10:37 to Chengde Railway Station. Arrive at Chengde Railway Station at about 11:30, eat at Lanzhou Ramen at No. 29-6 Station Road, Shuangqiao District at 11:37, buy a travel bag at the small supermarket next to the exit of the railway station at 11:47, enter the waiting hall, and take the Y514 train (5 cars and 16 seats) to Beijing at 13:00. Take the D717 train (9 cars and 4F seats) at Beijing West Railway Station at 19:19, arrive at Dezhou Station at 22:21, and then take a taxi back home.

Please report to the street community or CDC in time for those who coincide with Wu’s itinerary trajectory within the same time above, cooperate with relevant departments to accept community health monitoring, and do a good job in nucleic acid testing, medical observation and other relevant prevention and control measures.

Please consciously abide by laws and regulations, actively support and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, implement personal health protection measures, wear masks, wash hands frequently, get vaccinated, and maintain social distance!

Contact number: 0314-4042112

Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Shuangluan District

Office of the Leading Group for Prevention and Control

August 10, 2021

Botou City

Notice on the epidemiological investigation of participants of the Xushui Dawu International Hotel in Botou City

At 18:35 on August 9, 2021, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention received a letter of assistance from the Cangzhou CDC, which informed that on July 25, 2021, Beijing Aiglu Company held a big planter club activity at the Dawu International Hotel in Xushui District, Baoding City, and one of the participants was a close contact of the confirmed case, and 16 people in our city participated in the meeting.

After receiving the letter, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention quickly carried out an epidemiological investigation. After investigation, it was confirmed that the 16 were close contacts of close contacts (sub-close contacts). In accordance with the working procedures, the Municipal Prevention and Control Office immediately implemented the closed-loop transport centralized isolation medical observation and control measures for 16 people, and collected nucleic acid for testing, and the results were all negative. At the same time, the townships and streets involved overnight all implemented the “five packs and one” home isolation medical observation measures for 40 close contacts overnight. Fifteen of the 16 people were found to have been fully vaccinated and 1 person has completed the first dose (less than 21 days after the second dose).

Please do not panic, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, strictly implement the city’s epidemic prevention and control measures, always enhance personal protection awareness, do a good job in personal protection, complete vaccination as soon as possible according to procedures, standardize the wearing of masks, and maintain reasonable social distance.

Botou City responded to the new coronavirus pneumonia

Poor prevention and control! 3 Internet cafes in Shijiazhuang Xinle City were shut down and closed!

At present, the situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic outside the country, inside and outside the province is becoming more severe and complex, and the number of people returning from medium and high-risk areas in Xinle City is increasing, and the risk of epidemic transmission is increasing. In order to block the spread of the epidemic, strictly prevent importation, strictly prevent proliferation, and effectively protect the life, health and safety of the people, on August 10, the Xinle City Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Sports and Tourism implemented the closure and rectification of Internet cafes lacking epidemic prevention and control measures (after the problem rectification and acceptance will be carried out after the business is qualified), which is now exposed, I hope that all businesses will take warning!

There are 3 Internet cafes that were shut down, namely: Today Network City, Red, Blue and Orange Network City, and Star Domain Time and Space Network Club.

Notice from many places in Hebei: suspension and closure

Handan has many places and departments

The opening of cultural tourism service venues will be suspended

At present, the national epidemic prevention and control situation is grim, and the task of “foreign input and internal prevention and rebound” is arduous. Many places and departments in Handan City issued announcements suspending the opening of cultural tourism service venues such as tourist attractions and Internet cafes.

As of 18:00 on August 10, Cixian, Linzhang, Wu’an, Quzhou and other places issued announcements to temporarily close cultural tourism service venues such as tourist attractions, Internet cafes, KTV, game halls, mahjong halls, museums, libraries, and cinemas in their jurisdictions to prevent the spread of the epidemic caused by the gathering of people. Guantao County Museum, Library and Cultural Center are temporarily closed.

The Market Supervision Administration of Yongnian District of Handan City requires catering service units in the district to suspend the undertaking of gathering dining activities, and suspend the undertaking of gathering dining activities such as red and white happy events, company celebrations, festival dinners, birthday banquets, wedding banquets, full moon banquets, housewarming banquets, etc. Undertaking family private gatherings, dinners, etc. should be limited to less than 10 people.

The Office of the Leading Group for Promoting Funeral Reform in Yongnian District requested that all centralized sacrifices and mourning activities be suspended. The cremation site and all cemeteries and columbariums in the region have suspended ritual cleaning and mourning services, and strict restrictions on the number of people handling ashes storage and burial business have been implemented, and family members are strictly prohibited from gathering for sacrifices. Shorten the time of funeral, and the time of mourning is recommended to be 1 day, and the maximum is not more than 3 days. To cremate the remains at the crematorium, only 3 vehicles are allowed to enter, and the number of immediate family members is limited to 10 people.

These theaters in Zhuozhou are temporarily closed

The recovery time will be notified separately

Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, in order to actively respond to the government’s epidemic prevention measures, Zhuozhou Pengrun Film Distribution and Screening Co., Ltd. has now decided that all its movie theaters: New Fanyang Cinema Huijin Store, New Fanyang Cinema Waterfront Store and Orange Sky International Cinema Development Zone Store will be temporarily closed from August 10, 2021.

Nanpi County novel coronavirus pneumonia

Office of the Emergency Command for Epidemic Prevention and Control

Notice on the temporary closure of various rural markets throughout the county

Residents and market stall owners: In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, block the transmission route of the virus to the greatest extent, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic, and ensure the health and life safety of the people, from August 10, 2021, all kinds of rural markets in the county will be temporarily closed and resumed after the epidemic prevention and control situation improves. I sincerely ask the broad masses of the people to understand, support, and cooperate.

Just now, Beijing held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control

This afternoon (11th), Beijing held the 238th regular press conference on epidemic prevention and control to report on the epidemic.

A confirmed case in Beijing connected 1,751 people in close contact

Beijing epidemic prevention and control work press conference notice: Previously, the confirmed cases in Beijing Changping (2 confirmed cases related to Beijing notified on July 29, both returned to Beijing from Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province) before arriving in Beijing, because they did not know that they had been to the epidemic risk area, so they did not report to their communities, except for those who had close contacts on the high-speed train returning to Beijing, 1,751 close contacts in Beijing were currently judged, and 14 related points such as work, medical treatment, residence and surrounding communities of confirmed cases were sealed and controlled. Remind again: Before entering (returning) to Beijing, personnel entering (returning) to Beijing should take the initiative to log in to the Beijing Health Treasure and Beijing Heart Help Mini Program, fill in personal information accurately and completely, and do a good job in personal protection!

Primary and secondary schools in Beijing colleges and universities started on time

In response to a reporter’s question, Li Yi, spokesman for the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, pointed out that according to the overall arrangement, not only primary and secondary schools, but also all colleges and universities in Beijing have opened normally according to the established start time. Primary and secondary schools are making preparations for the official opening of school on September 1. If there is an unexpected change, it will be announced to the society, parents, and school as soon as possible.

Li Yi also said that Beijing kindergartens should implement closed management after the opening of kindergartens, and do not carry out open days for parents.

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