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Recently, I often hear conversations like this:

Prospective newcomers:

“I want this wedding effect, how much is your offer?” (pointing to a photo or scene)”

Wedding Planner:

“4w or more.”

“This scene arrangement is just a few scenes, my friend can have this effect in 3w blocks, and there are more than 100 lighting arrangements, including the wedding car. Why are you so expensive and less stuff? ”

Wedding Planner (Professional Answer):

“Does your friend’s 3w include all wedding expenses?” It should just be the wedding decoration on the spot, lighting fees, emcee, photography and videography, makeup, floral arrangements are not included… The effect of a beautiful photo requires a team of wedding professionals to work together, especially the position of the light, brightness and so on. ”

After summarizing Bengbu Le Marriage Network, it was found that:

Regarding wedding lighting, prospective couples may not be the first to notice at the wedding, are not within the budget, or even have been ignored; But when it really comes to the wedding day, the prospective couple will suddenly find that the lighting is incomparably important.


It’s not a concert,

It’s a waltz party of love!!

If the lighting effect is not ideal, the photos taken may make us shiitake mushrooms blue and thin, or even collapse ~~

Did the bride’s shiny teeth use Black Sister toothpaste?

The face is so dark, you haven’t washed your face, right?

The bride and groom have such a white face, what about their facial features?

Seeing such a situation, presumably newcomers will decide that this is obviously not enough exposure, this is the photographer is not professional!

Judging from the experience of participating in thousands of performances in Bengbu Le Marriage Network, I really can’t blame the photographer this time.

Wedding lighting is different from the lighting we usually eat in restaurants, it requires professionals to be responsible, and different effect lights need to be used according to different weddings.

In fact, in the end, everyone knows too little about wedding lighting!

First of all, light cannot exist independently

Just like people wear clothes, someone must first have the right clothes, and the lighting is this clothes, which must match the design of the scene. For example, the overall color of the dress is red (the overall color of the wedding is dreamy purple), and then the whole dress has a highlight (the highlight of the wedding is where the chasing light hits).

Secondly, the light should be called a light system

The cooperation between each lamp, the different role of each lamp (such as face light to illuminate the couple’s face, imaging lamp to illuminate the fixed point object, how to lay the pattern of the pattern lamp, etc.).

Moreover, the basic function of the lamp is lighting

Wedding lighting is paramount to ensure that the couple’s face is well lit on the ceremony stage.

Many scenes may appear in a similar situation, dozens of beam lights plus dozens of moving head lights, so many lights, but the newcomer’s face has never been taken care of by half a lamp, always red, black, like a monster in a pansilk hole.

Then, if you want to be able to render when static, you can bring visual impact when you are dynamic; Simply what are the wedding lights?

Moving head lights create a dynamic effect for the stage

The function of the moving head lamp is to shake in the air, and various patterns are made on the walls and ceiling, creating a dynamic effect on the stage.

(Moving headlights must be hung up, not blocked, according to the color system of the wedding to match, in order to highlight the wedding theme)

Follow the beautiful bride with the chasing light

“Chase” — it means to follow a newcomer. When the whole scene is dimmed, the chasing light is aimed at the bride, and a bright area is formed within 2-3 meters around the bride, enjoying the happiness that is in the spotlight ~~ (envious face)

(Generally, chasing lights use even numbers, and if you use singular units, it is easy to form the so-called yin and yang face)

PA lamp mainly makes stage background light

PA lamps are soft, non-changeable, and are mostly used as background lights for the stage. Whether it is when the hall is lit or when the scene is dark and the chasing light is used, the light of the PA lamp can soften the overall contrast of the stage without a very abrupt feeling. It is recommended to use it with dye lamps to create different atmospheres with different colors.

Backlight face fill light is softer

Backlighting, also known as movie lights, is mainly used as a fill light for the face to make people look softer. Compared with PA lamps, back lights can change color, and sometimes in order to save wedding costs, back lights can be used instead of PA lamps and dyed lamps.

Then the prospective couple may ask, do you need to find an additional lighting team for the wedding?

Very few prospective couples find a wedding lighting team alone, generally after the wedding team gives a wedding planning plan, the lighting team will match the lights according to the plan to achieve the final effect.

In terms of lighting budget, the wedding company generally gives the total budget, including the basic wedding lighting budget. (For special effects, additional money is required)

Wedding lighting designers can be 1-2 people, which is convenient for coordination and communication, and saves costs; It’s basically a penny, a penny.

The right amount of light is enough, the most important thing is brightness, color temperature, location, and good position design can avoid the horror of shooting ghost movies.

☆Ordinary wedding: lighting arrangement costs 3000~1w yuan, mainly standard ordinary lights, such as par lamps, chasing lights, and then equipped with a small number of LED dyed lights, the lighting effect is enough to render the atmosphere.

☆Custom wedding: the lighting arrangement needs to be at least 1.3W, if you are pursuing a cooler effect, the cost of 3W and 5W should also be considered; Moving head beam, moving head lamp, LED dyed light are rendered in the whole scene, equipped with professional light stands, presenting endless changing lighting dance effects, becoming a highly visible lighting feast.

Some couples may find the lighting effect too expensive, accounting for almost 25% of the wedding budget.

In fact, it mainly depends on the grade chosen. Just like buying fruit, the same is 100 yuan to buy imported fruit, A sells you half a catty, B sells you 2 catties, C sells you 7 catties, who would you want to buy? Xiaoxi naturally wondered if the fruits of the C family were imported; In the same way, the lighting at the wedding is the same logic of thinking!!

Each couple has their own spending focus, and they can allocate the proportion of the cost at will, and can choose the appropriate lighting venue effect according to their own needs. The more lighting is not the better, mainly depending on the overall effect, how the overall effect is determined, it is recommended to listen to the opinions of the wedding planner. Wedding day lighting matters Is your wedding money being spent on a knife’s edge?

Prospective newcomers: