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In 1955, René Bannwart, with his extensive experience from various top watch houses, and his uncle Gaston Ries founded CORUM in the La Chaux-de-Fonds region, the center of Swiss watchmaking, and propelled the brand to the pinnacle of the watchmaking industry and became the representative brand of Swiss Haute Horlogerie.

“CORUM” is derived from the Latin word “quorum”, which means “the minimum quorum of an organization”. Mr. René Bannwart liked this word so much that he simplified it to “CORUM” in French to name his brand, which means that CORUM will start from the basics and eventually stand at the forefront of the Swiss watch industry. He also embraces a key to the sky as the brand’s logo, symbolizing understanding the mysteries, solving unknown mysteries, exploring new frontiers, and relentless innovation. It also represents the creativity, tenacity and courage required to fully grasp the mysteries of time.

In 1956, the brand launched its first Kunlun watch, and in the process of development, it has become the most innovative brand in the industry with abundant creativity and imagination, as well as innovative concepts never seen before in the Swiss watch industry. To date, the brand’s current three pillars – Admiral’s Cup, Golden Bridge and Heritage Classic – are the culmination of half a century of craftsmanship and innovative design, as well as classics in Swiss watchmaking.

Admiral’s Cup Series of Admiral’s Cup

In 1960, the brand introduced the first Admiral’s Cup watch with a square case, which was a great success. In 1983, the collection was reintroduced with a completely new design. The twelve international nautical flags served as hour gauges, the twelve arched dials, and the admiral’s cup sailing motif and lettering engraved on the back, which became the iconic design of the series and is still used today. In 2015, in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of CORUM, the brand launched the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 60th anniversary watch, once again demonstrating the brand’s infinite sense of innovation and exquisite watchmaking skills.

A 1983 Admiral’s Cup watch

2015 Admiral’s Cup Legend 42

60th anniversary watch

GoldenBridge series

As the brand’s flagship complex collection, since its birth in 1980, the Golden Bridge watch has dominated the watch world with its unique rectangular movement, becoming a masterpiece that shows the brand’s creativity and extraordinary strength. In the subsequent development, the brand also used excellent watchmaking skills to match the Golden Bridge with a linear rotor automatic winding and the world’s smallest silicon escapement tourbillon device, showing the brand’s amazing technical strength.

The first GoldenBridge watch in 1980

A newly designed Golden Bridge watch in 2005

Heritage Classics

The Classic Collection brings together the brand’s creativity and artistry since its inception in 1955 to create exquisite watches including enamel dials, miniature paintings, various gem-setting and hand-engraving. Every year, new styles are released and fresh themes and patterns are sought out to highlight the brand’s deep heritage.

The Coin Watch gold coin watch launched in 1964

The Feather Feather watch launched in 1970

The Meteorite meteorite watch launched in 1986