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The cost-effective idou mask – innisfree volcano colorful clay mask launched in July, is very attractive, divided according to the facial skin, and really helps everyone solve a variety of skin problems. This set of volcanic colorful clay mask has a total of 7 colors, each of which takes care of everyone’s different needs, so you can choose according to your skin needs!

Purifying black mud:

If you have blackheads and want to deeply cleanse, the sea silt component of black mud must be the first choice!

Soothing purple mud:

The panthenol ingredients in purple mud can play a soothing effect on the reddened skin after outdoor activities~

Moisture Blue Mud:

Mainly hydrating effect, it is used on the cheeks, forehead, chin and other areas that are prone to dryness.

Raw Sludge:

The pomegranate seed oil component in the powder mud, the whole person will look much more energetic~

Bright yellow mud:

Yellow mud helps brighten the complexion, preferably around the eyes or forehead and other areas that need to be brightened.

Tender white clay:

White clay is mainly tender and smooth, which can relieve frizz, and babies who need a keratin treatment can start!

Shinyeon Green Mud:

Acne scar repair is of course the best at green clay ~ can be on the chin that is most prone to acne outbreak ~

The texture of the volcanic mud is very comfortable and it is easy to push away! And the drying is very fast Oh~ also added a variety of ingredients, after drying will not be dry or tight, in the skin care at the same time will not lead to skin moisture loss ~ after water is also very simple to clean ~ black mud and white mud is mud into a cleansing texture, very convenient to wash clean. Other muds need to be carefully cleaned without any residue! The upper face is directly according to the needs of each area, and it can be put on the face! The colorful colors are particularly beautiful, and it is like drawing on the face, and you can also play with a mask to play a variety of tricks! Not only can it target problem skin, but also apply high value~