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Author: cindy_0559

After a month, I wrote this article again, and the last time I was ready to write it together with the most beautiful dresser activity, I wrote a few lines, received an email from the boss, started to work, and was busy until the Qingming Festival hi pi and then came back to work, and now I can almost be idle for a few days. Then it was solved by the way.

I was the dividing line a month ago ******

Yesterday spent an afternoon to write the skin care article, as a patient with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, must write everything to smooth out the pimples in my heart, last night I began to see how I still did not pass the review, today I found out that I did not submit a submission. In order to complete it successfully, I must finish writing the makeup chapter today to soothe the grievances in my heart.

Makeup has been in contact since junior year, I don’t understand anything, only BB cream and lip gloss, fortunately, there are not many times of makeup, so I don’t ruin my face.

The makeup is basically on the small shelf on the table, and some of it is stored in the drawer without shooting, and it is generally divided into three parts: base makeup, lip makeup, and eyebrows. I studied science and engineering in a science and engineering school, and I have been staying for 6 years, and I remember that when I contacted my liberal arts classmates, the girls were fragrant and their faces were white. Being able to apply makeup is also a good technique. Now the makeup can occasionally be praised for the good color and good complexion of the lipstick.

(1) Base makeup

As the cheeks and eyes are extremely dry, the nose wings are easy to peel, and the forehead and nose are easy to oil when they are warm, because in the dry north, it is often a watery face when you go out, and it is dry after two hours, so the top priority of base makeup is moisturizing. I don’t wear makeup for a long time, so there are not many types of use of it, so I just write it out and see. The final step in skincare is sun protection. The foundation step after sun protection is before makeup-foundation-concealer-cushion BB (or loose powder), not a skilled hand, I have tried many times before or after foundation for concealer, and I feel that the skin will feel slightly better after the concealer.

Take a photo with foundation before makeup

Before makeup is RMK, there is only one point, moisturizing. This is just bought at the counter, less than 200RMB folded, when there was no primer before, it was mixed with foundation with the original solution, otherwise it would dry.

Japanese RMK Silk Barrier Cream 30ml Moisturizing Base Primer

Jingdong does not have its own operation, just put a global purchase link. Seeing this price, I felt that what I bought was not cheap, and I brought it back from thousands of miles. Sense of use: the fragrance is not heavy, no allergy, after pressing and coating a layer, a thin water film will be formed, not stuffy and very comfortable. When trying it directly at the counter, it is the driest position and will also have a moisturizing feeling. It’s very easy to use, but it is used quite quickly, probably with a big face. The only bad thing is the design of the bottle mouth, not a press-type pump head, but similar to lotion, which needs to be knocked out, and often pours too much. However, it feels good to use and should be repurchased.

The biggest difference between the use of cosmetics and skin care products is that skin care products need to gently circle to promote absorption, while cosmetics are best pressed to form a film, and the application method of sun protection is similar to cosmetics.

The foundation is now using the wonderful Paris foundation liquid, at that time, I read the reviews on Zhihu for a long time, and finally chose this, first, cost-effective; second, run; Third, there are only three shades, a good choice. I entered from the Tmall flagship store, which is about 150RMB.

【Pre-sale】Bourjois Wonderful Paris Sure Skin Gel Foundation Concealer Moisturizing Nude Makeup Foundation…

To the link to the flagship store, I chose ivory white, which itself should be regarded as a yellow skin tone, and the European and American base makeup will be slightly yellow, and the whitest is not white. Ivory white is painted in yellow tones, very close to my skin tone, the choice of foundation color should be consistent with my skin tone or slightly darker half a shade, so that there is a natural concealer effect and will not cause the color of the neck and face to be layered.

The brand Myo Paris is owned by Chanel and is known as the civilian version of Chanel. The first feature is that it is very moisturized, suitable for dry skin and dry areas, and does not jam. The second characteristic is that the oilier the more beautiful, when the nose and forehead are slightly oily, there will be glossy muscles. The third characteristic is fruity aroma. When I run out, I will consider whether I will buy back, because it is so slow.

Concealer originally wanted to buy IPSA’s three-color concealer, and also went to the reason for moisturizing, but I went to the counter to try it, and I felt that there was no difference from using CANMAKE, so I didn’t change it.

Japanese CANMAKE Ida Blush | Contour | Rouge Five-color eyeshadow Tri-color concealer No. 01 bright color…

Canmake is a very cost-effective Japanese affordable makeup, given my own skin, the main purpose of concealer is to cover spots, the focus is on the radiation spots under the eyes, sunburn with foundation is basically done, may be poor sleep quality, dark circles are also heavier. So the area that needs coverage is under the eyes. Concealer is used with natural colors and darker colors, that is, the darker two colors are mixed together, the concealer paste is thicker, and after covering with its own small brush, it will melt the edges with your fingers, so that it is slightly more natural and will not be like a patch. In terms of durability, if you don’t rub your eyes with your hands, you won’t have any problems at the end of the day. Such a beautiful price, I can afford better concealment.

The main role of the air cushion BB is to evenly balance concealer and foundation, and now Innisfree is used.

innisfree/innisfree watery moisturizing cushion powder gel 15g three-color optional moisturizing moisturizing concealer…

I am a natural color in the counter, a total of three colors, unless it is particularly white or particularly black with natural colors, although this is said to be watery, if not in the southern humid and hot environment, it will dry if it is wiped directly, especially the cheeks and nose. Generally, with a replacement package, a 15g air cushion can be used for one year, and then bought once can be used for two years. A single wipe is useless. There will be no repo.

Loose powder is sometimes used, basically it is very sweaty when the oil is outside, and it is used to touch up makeup, and now I use a small box with MUJI natural color. Let’s be honest! There is no difference between the powder use of the Hong Kong version and the mainland version, the difference is in the puff, the Hong Kong version of the puff will not leak, and the size of the box is the same; And the continental version will leak! Both versions are bought in MUJI stores, because they are not expensive and the price is not much different, the difference between 68HKD and 68RMB. I regret not buying two puffs to bring back. It just so happened that there was a box in the office, so I took a picture. THE PORT VERSION IS MADE IN JAPAN. The mainland version is a Chinese character, it should be made in CHINA…

There is no polishing effect when used, I am a yellow face, and my classmate’s white face does not have a polishing effect, but the oil control sweat absorption is very good. When you run out, you can go to MUJI to buy refills, which are cheap and easy to use, and will always be used. In my experience, loose powder on a brush works better than a puff, but the puff is easy to carry.

I like this transparent box the most, you can see how much is used, such a small box can be used for about a summer, basically only in the summer, the dark color on the puff is just after the foundation concealer mess glued on, well, it looks like it’s time to wash.

MUJI loose powder small

(2) Eye makeup

I have swollen eyelids and can’t apply eyeshadow, or I have crippled hands, so I don’t have eyeshadow. Eye makeup is only eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and eyebrow powder. There is mascara, but people’s eyelashes are long, it seems that they can’t be used, and they will be knotted when they are used.

When I don’t know what to buy for makeup and skin care and use it urgently, I go back to MUJI and get one, which is basically very cheap and will not be difficult to use. From left to right are KISS ME liquid eyeliner, MUJI black eyeliner, MUJI gray eyebrow pencil, just two days ago I removed Shiseido’s gray hexagonal eyebrow pencil, MUJI eyebrow pencil was abandoned by me. I only draw inner eyeliner, which is the kind that fills the gap between the eyelashes, does not draw extended eyeliner, its eyes are slightly uplifted, and the extension of the painting is not a serious reader. MUJI’s eyeliner will be dizzy, so it is only used once, and the eyeliner is best not to choose pure black, very strange, gray and brown are better choices, if you do not dye your hair, choose gray. KISS ME’s liquid eyeliner pen will not smudge, it is very fine and fine, but it should be slowly removed with a cotton swab dipped in the eye and lip makeup remover.

MUJI eyebrow pencil is easier to use than eyeliner, it will not faint, and it basically needs to be removed in the morning and evening. Gray is more natural, and it is also used as a function to fill the gap between the eyebrows, and when I was a child, there was a scar on the naughty eyebrows, and the eyebrows did not grow. Now there is eyebrow pencil, not afraid of not afraid. MUJI eyebrow pencil has good coloring, soft refill, and thicker nib, suitable for coloring large areas. Shiseido hexagonal eyebrow pencil is very sharp and hard, if you have time, you can carefully draw it in the direction of eyebrow growth, it looks like it is real, it will be very natural.

Here are a number of links.

MUJI Wooden Shaft Eyeliner MUJI Wooden Shaft Eyebrow Pencil kiss me Eyeliner Waterproof and non-smudging Japanese Liquid Eyeliner Pen Very Fine Eyeliner Does Not Smudge Long-lasting…

The price of kiss me is 1000 yen, which is almost less than 65RMB, it is best not to consider.

Free shipping Japan Shiseido hexagonal eyebrow pencil Waterproof sweatproof hard head 2 pieces of the same color…

Hexagonal eyebrow pencil in Japan buy discount RMB10 or so, cheap and durable.

The eyebrow powder is KATE-EX5, but in fact, it is still light, probably because the neon country is basically dyed yellow. Light nose shadow fabulous.

KATE/Kaiduo three-color eyebrow powder natural waterproof and sweatproof three-in-one eyebrow powder does not smudge Genuine …

If there is a flagship store, it is good to stare at the flagship store to buy, unless there is a particularly reliable purchasing.

(3) Lip makeup

Lipstick is never too much, the first one I started with was YSL’s square tube 52, and now I give it to my sister, because I don’t wear makeup often, let me be so wasteful, so expensive to make the most of it. The first half of the real beast bar, color 52 is a very magical color, different people rub different colors, specific should be classified as coral powder with fluorescence. My lips are darker, and it doesn’t feel like a star, but it’s pretty good-looking.

YSL Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick/Lipstick Square Tube Lipstick 52# Coral From Star Jun Ji Hyun…

I found a daigou 275, official website 300, just buy the official website directly, this color number is relatively hot.

Below are the lipsticks that are currently in use, all of which are affordable student lipsticks.

From left to right are too cool for school’s orange lip color, CANMAKE high moisture lipstick 09 color, Lu Xiaomi 15 color, Lu Xiaomi 01 color, CANMKE high moisture lip balm 10 color.

The condition of the lips is also relatively dry, and you can’t wear lipstick if you don’t wear the bottom, so the ones you choose are moist.

Lip dye is a combination of lip balm after rubbing. I won’t tell you that I saved more than a dozen lip balms.

Too Cool for School bought a set, three colors, in the end I could only use orange, the other two colors were bloody mouthfuls, and I gave them all.

Korea Too Cool for School Lipstick, Milk Dyeing, Moisturizing Lip Gloss Lip Dye, Waterproof Genuine …

Chop girl bought it in the cosme store, about 40 one? I don’t remember exactly. I only took 09 colors, my sister gave me 08 and 10 colors. 09 is autumn and winter brick red, 08 and 10 are purple, to be honest not suitable for yellow skin, I gave one to my classmates, classmates said that it is easy to use as a blush. Commonly used 09 colors, now when it is hot, I will use 10 colors, light rubbing is quite a woman, thick coating is yellow-faced mother.

Free shipping Japan CANMAKE Ida High moisturizing sunscreen long-lasting moisturizing lipstick 3g Lip line modification…

Lu Xiaomi was looking for a daigou, and originally wanted to buy it from Meiya, but it took a month to arrive, so she couldn’t wait. This one should have been discontinued by now. Choose carefully. 015 is pure orange, big hot color number, when I go out to play, I am praised for the color is good, I think it is too orange. The 01 color is a dark bean paste color, very similar to my own lip color, and it is intellectual. Both are the taste of honey. Very moist without bottoming, no lip lines, easy to show color, very easy to fall off.

This is a mixture of 10 colors of CANMAKE and 15 colors of Dew Xiaomi, and the orange base is wiped off with a paper towel, and then lightly painted with 10 colors.

At present, I also fancy the 03 and 06 colors of CANMAKE, and I will buy them when I send money!

Last week, the school cherry blossoms were just right, and it was nice to feel as if I was still eighteen.