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Chinese most used cooking method in daily life is stir-frying, because stir-frying takes a short time and makes dishes with good taste. However, not all pots are suitable for stir-frying, and it is important to choose the right pot if you want to stir-fry fragrantly.

Next, I recommend 4 domestic good pots suitable for stir-frying, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and stir-frying is more secure.

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Otherwise, half of the dish is lost when the pot is turned upside down


Subor | True stainless series FC34Y1

Heat evenly, Chinese cooking pot


Subor is the first listed company in the cookware industry, with five R&D and manufacturing bases, and its pressure cooker and frying wok market share ranks first. After being acquired by the world’s leading cookware enterprise Cyber Group, Subor introduced the patented technology of Fire Red Dot and used it as a brand main in frying pans.

This pot is one of Subor’s gift lines, which focuses on thick and large capacity, suitable for families of up to 8 people. The net weight of the pot is about 3 kg, and the feel is heavy, but the original function of the amphora pot is not designed for stir-frying. Made of high-quality pig iron, no coating, the middle of the pot will not arch after a long time, strong and wear-resistant, no spatula.

This model is sold on Jingdong and Tmall, priced at 160-250 yuan, and its material and performance are relatively excellent and cost-effective.


Sanhe | Thermostatic steel series CGF3200-1

Ceramic casting patent, hard and wear-resistant, no oil smoke



Emperor Jiao | Chinese amphora cast iron pot

Long service life, pig iron is cast in one piece


Founded in 1983, Cooker focuses on cookware production, and its online sales volume of frying wok is second only to Subor and Aishida. The simple appearance and affordable price make it synonymous with a cost-effective frying pan suitable for daily use.

This pot is cast from pig iron, and the body of the pot is very heavy, full of 7 kg, which can be used by a family of 4-6 people. The bottom of the pot is thick and tough, and long-term high-temperature cooking is not easy to cause the middle bulge to deform, and the service life is long. The surface is uncoated, which is healthier and more secure, but at the same time the non-stick performance is relatively poor.

The matching log pot lid is also very grounded, fire process treatment, no paint and no wax, clear wood grain, but in the wet weather back south is still easy to mold, need to pay attention to ventilation.

The price is between 280-380 yuan, both the appearance design and the performance have the taste of the traditional large iron pot, the only deficiency is that the ears are not insulated, the temperature in the pot may be transmitted to the handle of the ears when cooking, and attention should be paid to avoid burns when using.

Founded in 2004, Sanhe focuses on kitchen supplies, its independent research and development of composite pot bottom and spraying melting technology, obtained a number of invention patents, is a licensed manufacturer of DuPont and Huafu Paint in the United States, and is also one of the OEM manufacturers of WMF and Thermos.

CGF series as a stir-fry pot, the whole body is made of stainless steel, the pot surface is patented ceramic casting plasma design, the active bioceramics are melted into polythermal steel, forming a hard and thick ceramic film, so that the product conducts heat uniformly, hard and wear-resistant, and the bottom of the pot is not easy to deform.

This model is sold on Tmall, the price is about 500 yuan, although the price is not dominant, but the product performance is good, the quality is guaranteed, and the quality can be comparable to the international first-line brand domestic wok products.


Astar | Rust can not rust series CF36B1Q

Induction cooker is suitable for flat-bottomed cast iron pans


Astar ranks second in the domestic cookware market, is the first enterprise to manufacture non-stick pans in China, and is also a well-known Chinese cookware brand.

This is a cast iron pot, which is more sturdy and durable, the iron pan has a thick bottom and thin wall, which can efficiently conduct heat, and the pot body weighs up to 2 kg, which is not easy to hold and flip. The bottom of the pot is Aishida’s signature cyclone pot bottom, which gathers temperature quickly and has higher frying efficiency. In addition, the details of the pot body are designed in place, and there is an oil scale in the pot, and the desired amount of oil can be poured after tilting the pot body by 45° and aligning with the scale.

The price of the rusty series is 400-500 yuan. It should be noted that the iron pot of this series is not cast with pig iron, the bottom of the pot is not tough, and the middle part of the bottom of the pot may be uneven upwards when used, resulting in appearance and meat slices, but it will not cause health risks.