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Ten years ago, when electric clothes dryers began to become popular, many people would have doubts about this product. Compared with the traditional hardware clothes dryer, the electric clothes dryer brings users a subversive experience, so that many people can never go back after using it. Nowadays, the smart clothes dryer has gone a step further in experience design, making users’ home life more textured.

With the popularization of the concept of smart home, the smart clothes dryer has extended from a pure clothes drying tool to a broad extension of smart life. Gradually, from the initial optional products, smart clothes dryers have also become a rigid need. This transformation is like pulling users from the era of electric fans to the era of air conditioners. While many people think it is dispensable, it has quietly become a must-have home.

The reason why a smart clothes dryer can become the first choice for many people’s balcony drying is inseparable from the support of the scientific and technological forces behind it. As a clothes drying solution, what black technology does the smart clothes dryer hide? We take the products of the professional brand of smart clothes dryer Haoyidian as an example, and “Zhi Naer” will take you to take an inventory.


Ultraviolet sterilization

The sterilization function is the standard configuration of many smart clothes dryers. Nowadays, families pay more attention to health protection, and clothing, bedding, etc. that are in close contact with the body are actually a breeding place for many bacteria and fungi. Therefore, while drying clothes, it has a certain sterilization effect through light wave irradiation, which has become a selling point of intelligent clothes dryers.

Wait, since it is drying, can’t the sun be sterilized? Sure, but not enough. Different bands of light in sunlight, only ultraviolet rays in the band of 400~10nm have bactericidal effect, while ultraviolet rays only account for about 7% of sunlight. After the reflection of the glass, the proportion of ultraviolet rays that actually hit the clothing is lower. Moreover, the principle of exposure to clothing is mainly to prevent by quickly evaporating water and avoiding the humid environment where bacteria breed.

In the south, especially in the rainy season, many people’s clothes are “dry”, humid air will accelerate the reproduction of clothing colonies, when collecting clothes, often ask about a musty smell. At this time, the time-lapse wave sterilization function of the smart clothes dryer comes into play. Microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, coronaviruses, fungi, rickettsial and chlamydia, under ultraviolet radiation, their internal DNA structure is destroyed and becomes harmless.

For example, the H31S smart clothes dryer is equipped with a large-area UV germicidal lamp, which can sterilize clothes for 20 minutes on a regular basis. Many bacteria can be inactivated after a few seconds of irradiation, and 20 minutes can ensure a sterilization rate and mite removal rate of up to 99% without causing any damage to clothing.


Automatic tumble drying

Now many washing machines have a drying function, but the washed clothes have not been completely dried, and they still need to be dried before they can be worn. Therefore, whether it is machine washing or hand washing clothes, if it is possible to dry clothes thoroughly through the dryer, the drying efficiency can be greatly improved. Especially in wet weather, this property is very useful.

The drying of intelligent clothes dryers mainly includes three types: dual-machine drying, infrared drying and PTC drying. For example, the full range of dryers carried by the Yidian H31S intelligent dryer, it adopts twin turbo fans, through the design of Archimedes spiral air duct, under the support of double rail air duct, to ensure large air volume, high wind speed, long distance, so that the clothes can dry quickly in a short time.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a proprietary base drying patent, which puts the drying module down to the bottom of the laundry to dry, drying from top to bottom. This is because the humidity of the clothes flows from top to bottom, and the lower the humidity, the wetter it gets. So let the bottom dry first, you can use the siphon principle to speed up the water flow. At the same time, the potential danger of slippery water caused by water droplets in the clothing flow falling onto the balcony floor is avoided.


High performance motor

Smart clothes dryers have high requirements for the quality of motors. Laundry dryers not only have to withstand high frequency load fluctuations, but also take into account the influence of environmental variables. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out intelligent design of the motor and its control module. For example, the stop function, which requires the chip to monitor the reverse force and stop the motor from running. If the reverse force increases further, the motor should be reversed to allow the dryer to rise or fall.

Substituting into the actual site, when the clothes dryer is lowered, block it with your hand, and the machine stops running. Push the washing machine up and the washing machine will start running. Such a seemingly simple function requires the support of a strong technical foundation. When choosing a smart clothes dryer, you must also ask which product is combined with the motor. For example, the easy-point Carl Jacobi intelligent AC silent motor imported from Germany not only has super torque, speed, but also has excellent silent effect, only 38 decibels, even less than the sound of refrigerator operation. If a brand of smart dryer doesn’t offer the same 20-year warranty, take it easy and skip it.

In addition, Haoyidian’s products also adopt the German EüSUN TECH control system, which can collect environmental data and automatically open or close the corresponding procedures, so as to save time, effort, and health clothing.



The choice of smart clothes dryer, its hardware material is very important. For example, Easy Point uses an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material. What is aviation grade aluminum alloy? It’s not just a name. The fuselage and bar of Yidian intelligent clothes dryer are made of the same grade of aluminum alloy material as the aircraft and high-speed rail, which has high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance.

The reason why it is an aviation-grade aluminum alloy is because aluminum alloy is the lifeblood of the aviation manufacturing industry. Aluminum alloys are only one-third the density of steel, which helps them stay light. The proportion of magnesium, zinc, copper, silicon and other doped metals in aviation aluminum alloys has certain particularities, which is the result of decades of research in the aviation industry. It’s as if one kettle claims to be made of 304 stainless steel while another uses surgical-grade stainless steel.


Smart lighting

Compared with the traditional hardware clothes drying rack, the smart clothes dryer has a huge body that occupies the balcony of the original lighting intersection. Therefore, a dryer equipped with LED lights is also very necessary. However, when installing a light on a laundry dryer, there are many factors to consider.

First of all, the brightness should be uniform and soft, so that the user’s visual experience when in the air will be more comfortable. Secondly, to cooperate with wide-angle lighting, the exposure range is expanded, and the clothes below can also replace the original balcony lighting. Finally, the lighting should also pay attention to physical health at the beginning, and use a gradually brighter way to avoid the user entering the balcony, and the glasses are stimulated by the suddenly lit light.


The smart clothes dryer seems to only solve the drying problem, but it actually greatly enhances the user’s sense of life and happiness. Through the intelligent optimization of the entire drying process, not only time and effort are saved, but also health value is created. So, is the smart clothes dryer really just needed? This question is not important. The important thing is that after using it, you can never go back.

For example, fingerprint unlocking in smartphones is already very fast, and we don’t think there’s any other way. But after face recognition is popularized, it can automatically unlock your phone the moment you pick it up. The short step of pressing the fingerprint saved may be insensitive to the user, but it cannot go back to the past. It’s technology that changes lives.

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